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AeroPress Go Review

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Aeropress Go Review

Finding a good coffee press can be a challenging task. How do you know it works? Is it durable? Will it correctly brew your favorite coffee style?

While there are numerous options for you to choose from, one to consider is AeroPress Go. This post will explore more about this model and who it’s ideal for.

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Things to Consider Before Buying a Travel Coffee Press

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind before buying a travel coffee press.

Its Size

One aspect to consider is the appliance’s size. Standard coffee presses will usually hold anywhere from 3-12 cups. Travel-size ones will typically hold 1-2 cups.

It’s a good idea to consider how many people will use the appliance so you can determine the best size. Otherwise, you might end up having to do multiple brews.

The Brewing Styles

Most coffee presses are versatile, so they can brew many types of coffee. However, not all are. If you want variety with your coffee, make sure that the coffee press can handle different requests.

How Fast it Works

Another important thing to check is how quickly the coffee press works. Most will do their job within four minutes, but some might take a bit longer. If you want rapid results, see how fast it will brew.

Its Durability

You’ll also want to check the durability. Since you are planning to travel with it, it needs to withstand rough trips. One way to ensure the coffee press is durable is by checking its materials.

The materials will vary, but most are either metal or plastic. Both of these work well, but for extensive trips, a thick plastic option is usually favored. It tends to be more durable and doesn’t dent as easily.

A Quick Look at the AeroPress Go

AeroPress Go is a small coffee press designed for portability. It can brew up to 8 ounces of coffee at once or three espresso shots.

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This lightweight model only weighs 11.5 ounces and comes with plenty of accessories, like filters and a strainer. Constructed out of BPA-free gray plastic, AeroPress Go takes less than a minute to make a cup of coffee.

Things We Like

  • It’s durable and compact.
  • The main filter is reusable.
  • It’s affordable.

Room for Improvement

  • The device can be difficult to clean.
  • If you’re not quick, the coffee can get cold fast.
  • The filter cap can sometimes be a bit finicky.

Features & Benefits

AeroPress Go has an impressive amount of features and benefits, some of which are listed below. 

It’s Compact and Lightweight

AEROPRESS GO Packs Up Neatly in Its Own Mug

One of the best benefits of AeroPress Go is that it’s compact. You can easily slide it into a pocket or slip it into a travel bag.

Despite its already small size, if you need it to be smaller, you can disassemble it. While you’ll need to keep track of the pieces, they’re simple to store and won’t get in the way.

AeroPress Go weighs less than a pound, so you’ll barely notice you’re toting it. This weight makes it perfect for those who plan to go camping or hiking for long distances.

It Brews Four Coffee Styles

AEROPRESS GO Cold Brew Coffee in Just Two Minutes

To do this, stir the contents for 10 seconds if you plan to do a regular brew or one minute if you want a cold brew. Then, press its plunger into the top, flip it over, and remove the cap. You can then adjust the water as needed depending on the style you want.

This aspect can be a little difficult to understand, even for the most experienced coffee lover. AeroPress Go comes with a guide you can reference to assist with this. It will describe how long to stir the grounds and how much water to add to its mug.

It Has Two Brewing Settings

You can make one of this utensil’s four coffee styles with the help of two brewing settings. These are classic and inverted.

For a classic brew, you make it how you would with a traditional coffee maker. You grind the beans, pour them into the coffee press, and then cover them with hot water.

For the inverted brew, you repeat this process, but instead, do it upside down. You’ll have to stir the mixture and then slowly press its plunger up. This process might sound strange, but it surprisingly stops wasteful coffee drips.

There Are Extra Accessories

You’ll also find that AeroPress Go comes with a few accessories. Some it includes are a filter holder, micro-filters, plunger, stirrer, and scoop. This way, you can instantly start using your device rather than having to purchase additional items.

Because it’s a travel coffee press, it comes with a special cup. This cup is what you’ll press the coffee into. While you don’t have to use it, the cup is designed to ensure you get prime results.

The Filters Are Strong

Nothing is worse than sipping a fresh cup of coffee and getting a mouthful of grounds. One thing that makes AeroPress Go stand out is its powerful filters.

Because they’re microfilters, they have small openings. This design prevents coffee grounds from sneaking into your cup. It will also boost the flavor because it will encourage the water to seep through the filter better.

This product comes with a filter holder and 350 paper filters. These biodegradable filters are easy to use. You can also recycle them when you’re done.

It’s Durable

When most people hear an appliance is made of plastic, they usually think of it as cheap. However, this isn’t the case with AeroPress Go.

Despite being molded out of plastic, it’s incredibly durable. The plastic is thick and made to last for years.

It’s Easy to Use

Sometimes, coffee presses can be temperamental. This can be aggravating, especially if you’re a beginner. The good news is AeroPress Go is easy to use.

You can quickly attach it and make coffee within minutes! This characteristic makes it ideal for those new to the coffee press world.

If you have more questions about it, you can use its manual. The guide provides visual step-by-step instructions and brewing tips.

It’s Affordable

Coffee presses can be expensive. This can be daunting, especially if you need something economical.

AeroPress Go is an affordable model that will fit most budgets. Despite this low price, it’s still well-built and comes with a variety of features. This price almost makes it a steal.

It Works Perfectly With Warm Water

For most coffee, you need to make sure the water temperature is at least 195℉. If you’re traveling, it can be challenging to find a hot water source.

With AeroPress Go, you don’t have to worry about this. As long as the water is somewhat warm, it will still make a delicious cup of coffee.

Also, stir rapidly! Otherwise, the coffee grounds won’t flavor the lukewarm water well.

To ensure that you squeeze the flavor out of the beans, its plunger will tightly press against them. This way, it will infuse the grounds with warm water for an optimum taste.

Make sure to rinse the plunger off after each use. If coffee grounds are left behind, they could mix with the fresh batch. This could affect its taste.

It Lowers the Acidity

A common complaint about coffee is its acidity. This problem is mainly due to compounds that are released as the coffee beans are grounded. 

AeroPress Go can be equipped with a grinder that finely cuts the beans. By doing so, it will remove a lot of the acidity by quickening the extraction time.

If you prefer to reduce the acidity even more, you can put more water through AeroPress Go. It will filter through the grounds again and make a lighter and less acidic batch.

To Wrap Things Up

AeroPress Go is a great option for those who want something simple that provides excellent results. It’s packed with features and is quite versatile. Unlike many travel coffee presses, it reduces the grains that slip through. This detail gives you a smooth and rich flavor.

While it’s a well-built product, it might not be ideal for everyone. If you prefer something a bit more upscale, consider the Wolecok Silicone Collapsible Pour Over. Just as with the AeroPress Go, you can easily slip it into a backpack. It’s heat-resistant, so you won’t burn your hands. It also has a large carafe, so you can brew a large cup.

If you need a larger amount of coffee, a regular AeroPress might be best. It comes with many of the same features but can brew more coffee. It’s also much easier to clean. Keep in mind it’s bigger than the AeroPress Go, so it could take up some room in your bag.

No matter which one you decide to purchase, you can be sure it will brew you a mouthwatering batch of coffee.

Happy Caffeinating!

AeroPress Go Review: Portable, Compact, And Lightweight Coffee Press
Aeropress Go Review

A simple, yet very effective, travel coffee maker for on the (AeroPress) go! Make coffee in minutes and then stuff it away in your backpack!

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