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What Are the 9 Best Coffee Samplers? (Our Top Picks)

Coffee samplers are a great way to break out of the monotony of the same coffee. If you’re looking for a great place to start, check out Atlas Coffee Club to find a new range of roasts.

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Our morning or mid-afternoon coffee is a sacred and vital moment in our hectic day-to-day routine. We all love to savor a delicious cup of caffeinated fuel from our coffee makers to give us that boost we need to continue with the day’s tasks.

Many of us have one favorite hot coffee blend at the local coffee shop that we stick to without ever branching out, for fear that we may not like a new blend. We don’t want to buy a whole bag of something we don’t like, as that would be a waste of money and coffee.

At a Glance: Best Coffee Samplers

Coffee roasters have the perfect solution to help you try different blends: the coffee sampler. Coffee samplers offer a taste of diverse blends and a variety of flavors, letting you try each one in small batches without committing to whole bags of beans.


Quick Summary: Best Coffee Samplers

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What to Look For in a Coffee Sampler

Before we list our favorite coffee sampler brands, it’s important to know what to look for in a coffee sampler.

Let’s break down what to look for so you can make the most informed decision when you’re ready to shop for yourself or to give the perfect gift.


Diversity is undoubtedly the most important thing to look for when buying a sampler. After all, you are tasting coffee to expose yourself to new flavors, artfully-crafted blends, and coffee types, in addition to traditional flavors.

The greater the variety of blends and collaborating coffee roasters a sampler draws from, the better! So, look for ones that use a wide variety of artisan coffee blends from different regions, roasters, and roast types.

Support Local

Samplers from brands that deliberately work with local roasters are always a better choice in terms of sustainability and freshness. The brand itself could be from a local roasting company, which is even better.

Local roasters are usually small, independent businesses that emphasize quality. They often use small-batch roasting techniques that further each blend’s quality control, guaranteeing the best package of freshly-roasted whole bean coffee for your tasting pleasure.

By buying locally, you’re also reducing the carbon footprint involved in receiving the sampler by cutting out shipping distances and the pollutants that fuel the various modes of transportation to bring the coffee to you.


Certain regions around the globe are known for cultivating the best coffee beans. Look for the following origin countries or regions to ensure the highest quality blends:

Central and South America

  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Nicaragua
  • Guatemala
  • Mexico


  • Ethiopia
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Burundi


  • Indonesia-Sumatra, Java

Additionally, you can pay attention to whether coffee beans are single-origin or multiple-origin blends.

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Another great indicator of quality and integrity in a coffee sampler is the number of certifications the roasters or beans have.

Numerous certifications ensure that coffee beans are organic, non-GMO, sustainably cultivated, or fair trade.

Roast Types

It’s important to look for a variety of roast types in your coffee sampler. Coffee roasters have three main roast levels:

  • light roast – high acidity, bright, and fruity flavor
  • medium roast – balanced and full-bodied, oily
  • dark roast – low acidity, strong, bold flavor

How to Make the Most of Your Sampler

Once you receive your sampler, here’s how to ensure you get the freshest, most flavorful cups of coffee from each batch:

Grind Your Own Beans

Grinding your own coffee beans will give you the best-tasting cup of coffee beans. As you grind the beans, you unleash the flavorful oils and chemical compounds that give coffee its taste.

Doing the grinding right before you brew will provide the freshest, most abundant flavor profile and will take your coffee game to the next level.

Whatever brewing method you choose, freshly ground beans will amplify the flavors, bringing you the best possible cup of coffee every time.

Roasting Date

You should make sure that the coffee blends are roasted within two weeks of your receipt and brewing so you will get the freshest coffee possible at its peak flavor. The longer you wait to brew from the roasting date, the less flavorful your cup of coffee will be.

Best Coffee Samplers

We have compiled a list of the nine eclectic and tasty coffee samplers that make great gifts for the coffee lover in your family or personal splurges to broaden your caffeinated horizons and find your new favorite blend.

Atlas Coffee

The Atlas Coffee Club World of Coffee Sampler is a great place to start if you’re just starting your coffee journey or looking for a gift for the coffee lover in your life.

This sampler comes with four or eight 1.8 oz bags so you can have the choice of how much you want to receive based on your coffee consumption. Each bag is the perfect amount for a pour-over, Chemex, or any single-serving method you choose.

These single-origin coffees come straight to your door from all over the world. Each box comes with postcards of the beautiful landscape from where the coffee of that region is grown.

These postcards include tasting notes for each coffee, which is a wonderful tool to help you build your platelet while you enjoy your brew.

If you find that you’re left wanting more of these coffees long after you’ve finished the sampler, you’re in luck. Atlas also offers a subscription service (need aff link) to keep those single-origin coffees flowing.

With the subscription, you have a plethora of options (based on roast preference) to help you find coffee that is just right for you.

It’s hard not to find something to love about Atlas, and it’s even easier to see why it’s our top pick when it comes to coffee samplers.

Trade Coffee

Trade Celebration Gift Box
Trade Coffee’s Celebration Box
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Treat them to a flight of specialty coffee with a festive gift box of three coffees, plus a fourth bag matched to their taste.

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While we love the ease of having something delivered directly to our door, we always want to try to support local roasters as well.

Trade Coffee feels the same way, working with 55+ indie roasters from around the U.S., in an attempt to bring you the best they have to offer.

Trade Coffee’s Celebration box allows you to try these coffees with 3 different options from one of these selected roasters.

These three bags are curated by an in-house expert to bring you the best that this roaster has to offer.

As well, you’ll receive a gift code for a fourth bag so you can choose something that sounds tasty to you.

Trade coffee’s celebration box is a great chance to learn more about the different small roasters out there and try something you might not have thought of. If you find the one you really like, you have the gift code to get another.

Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler

Bean Box is a Seattle Coffee company specializing in small-batch blend samplers. They even have an expert coffee taster act as a “coffee curator” to choose the very best coffee beans from local award-winning roasters.

The Bean Box Gourmet Coffee Sampler is a gift box of four blends that you can choose from over ten local roasters. Additionally, you can select the types of coffee that fit your tastes.

You can also leave it up to Bean Box to choose a different roast from each category if you want a more eclectic sampling. Coffee drinkers can trust Bean Box to curate the perfect coffee box.

They even include roaster profiles and tasting notes to better inform you of your selection.

If you want a more extensive gourmet sampler basket, Bean Box has a 16-bag World Tour sampler and other specialty samplers with coffees from a distinct origin or region.

Red Bay 3-Pack Whole Coffee Bean Sampler

This delicious three-pack sampler from Red Bay offers you a veritable world tour of artisanal coffee blends.

You will receive three different specialty coffee blends with completely distinct flavor profiles from different regions of the world.

Along with their promise to uphold fair, direct trade with coffee farmers, Red Bay is also a certified Black-owned coffee company dedicated to inclusivity and accessibility for all colors, creeds, and cultures to enjoy the same treatment and coffee product.

Death Wish Coffee Company: Valhalla Java Bundle

Death Wish Coffee is a popular coffee company that prides itself on delivering the world’s strongest coffee beans for the boldest flavor to wake you up and fuel your day.

This bundle comes with two of their signature medium and dark roast blends of arabica and robusta coffee beans sourced from organic coffee farms around the globe.

Their coffee is both USDA organic and certified fair-trade coffee. If you love darker roasts, this could be your new favorite.

Keurig Coffee Lovers’ Collection

If you’re looking for a coffee sampler for the K-cup lover in your life, then the Keurig Coffee Lovers’ collection is right up your alley. This sampler comes with 40 different K-cups with some fan-favorite coffees inside.

Some of these coffees like Caribou and Green Mountain options can even be found on our Best K-cup list.

This is the largest range of options in a single sampler on our list, making this a perfect choice for someone that likes to be adventurous with their morning brew.

Bones Coffee World Tour Sample Pack

Bones Coffee World Tour coffee sampler pack gives you a veritable world tour coffee tasting experience, with five different single-origin coffee packages from a wide selection of distinct, world-renowned coffee regions, including:

  • Sumatra
  • Costa Rica
  • Colombia
  • Kenya
  • Guatemala

Bones is a specialty roaster, roasting in small batches to order, so you get the freshest beans in your sampler.

Each bag is resealable for further freshness, so you can enjoy each sample over multiple brews without worrying about flavor loss.

Driftaway Coffee World Coffee Sampler

The Driftaway Coffee company is all about sustainability, both environmental and economic.

Their world coffee sampler offers four different blends that they differentiate by flavor profile and roast type.

Not only does each single-origin package of coffee beans come with a description of the coffee’s characteristics, but they also have an attached notecard introducing you to the specific coffee farmer who cultivated the beans.

They also donate a fraction of every pound of coffee sold to World Coffee Research, an organization that studies, educates, and advocates for sustainable cultivation practices and fair wages for coffee farmers.

Cooper’s Bourbon, Whiskey, & Rum Barrel-Aged Coffee

This artisan treat takes the hangover out of the “hair of the dog” spiked coffee cocktail. Cooper’s coffee is small-batch artisanal coffee beans aged inside bourbon, whiskey, and rum barrels for the most unique flavor profile you can imagine.

Don’t worry, this coffee is alcohol-free! The technique of aging the coffee beans inside of alcohol barrels infuses the beans with their respective spirit’s flavors for a distinct finishing flavor note.

They use only the highest quality coffee beans from Sumatra, Rwanda, Colombia, and Ethiopia to age in malt whiskey, rye whiskey, rum, and bourbon barrels.

Each package gives you a thorough breakdown of the tasting notes and food pairing recommendations.


What are the best things to look for in a coffee sampler?

The best things to look for in a coffee sampler are a diverse array of coffee beans, roast types, and rich flavor profiles, so you can expand your palette and explore new coffee tastes and brands.

Are single-origin or multiple-origin coffee beans better?

You will either see coffee beans labeled as single-origin or multiple-origin blends on the sampler packages. Single-origin means they come from a single producer, farm, or region in one country. Blends combine coffee beans from various regions or countries.

We don’t think one is better than the other, but with single-origin, you’ll get a purer, more concentrated flavor characteristic of the region in which it’s cultivated. Blends combine various beans to create a balanced mixture of coffee flavors.


Coffee samplers provide an excellent opportunity to explore new brands, coffee flavors, and roasts to discover new favorites and diversify your coffee rotation. They make great gifts for coffee lovers.

We hope this article has given you the knowledge you need to choose the best coffee sampler for you or that special coffee lover in your life!

Happy Caffeinating! 

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