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Driftaway Coffee Review

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We already know that coffee grows on trees, but we also know that it doesn’t just fall out of the sky or appear out of nowhere. But, it can be delivered. What if you could have delicious, exotic coffee from around the world delivered straight to your home?

Let us introduce Driftaway Coffee. Lately, Driftaway Coffee has been stealing the spotlight on the coffee scene. With the company’s exceptional coffee subscription and delivery service, they’ve received much attention. We’re taking a close look at Driftaway to find out if all of the rave is worth the reward in the long run.  

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driftaway coffee subscription

For the sake of full disclosure, I’ve bought Driftaway Coffee as a gift for several times and I’ve also received free samples from Driftaway so we could review the product. 

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The Details Of Driftaway

Driftaway is a coffee subscription service that allows customers to try out authentically grown single-origin coffees from around the world. They roast coffee beans from a wide variety of farms and coffee farmers, each one ensuring that the healthiest beans make it from their farm to your front door. 

Driftaway also roasts all of the coffee out of their roastery in Brooklyn, NY before it is shipped. This ensures that it will reach you while it’s still fresh and ready to be brewed. Driftaway believes that in order to fully invest in the creative process behind the coffee delivery service, they should also roast the beans. 

With recognition from The Wall Street Journal, Buzzfeed, CNN, Food Network, and of course our very own list of the best coffee subscriptions, Driftaway has received much notoriety due to the convenience and accessibility to coffee that it gives to consumers. Not only this, but it allows consumers to discover unique coffee flavor profiles and also meet the farmers who are behind the cultivation of the coffee. 

Dating Back In Time…

Created by Anu Menon and Suyog Mody, the co-owners of Driftaway were inspired to begin a coffee delivery service out of a desire to have a creative outlet, while sharing that desire with others. Shortly after they were married, the couple received an espresso machine and a grinder. This began fueling their coffee addiction, allowing them to make it in the comfort of their own home.

Ever since then, they’ve been inspired to create a method for other coffee consumers to easily access delicious and authentic coffee from around the world, as well as establishing a platform for small-scale farmers in the coffee market. Voila! Driftaway coffee was born.

The motto behind Driftaway, “to fuel good work,” reflects the simplicity and efficiency of the company. Likewise, Driftaway has been putting work into their outstanding services while striving to make one-of-a-kind products. Obsessing over every detail, from roasting techniques to safe shipping, Driftaway’s goal is to never settle for sub-par quality of products or services, which is something we can get behind. 

How To Do A Driftaway Subscription

So how does it work? If you’re new to using a coffee delivery service, it can be a little intimidating at first. But have no fear! We’ll walk you through all of the details on Driftaway. There are four primary steps to navigating the Driftaway process: tasting, rating, renewing, and reviewing.

Step One: Receiving A Tasting Kit

When ordering coffee from Driftaway, the first step is going to be receiving a tasting kit of four different kinds of roasts. You can try each one and then choose which ones you prefer. The best way to decide if you enjoy a coffee is by brewing and tasting it. So, each Driftaway tasting kit will start with four 2 oz. bags of fresh and robust single-origin coffees.

Tasting Kit Bag - Driftaway Coffee

All of their roasts have the options of whole bean and coffee grounds, allowing anyone to give it a try, regardless of whether you have a grinder at home or not. You can either brew these four blends back-to-back to taste them, or just try them at your own pace. You’ll be surprised at the differences in notes of flavor between these coffees, and all you have to do is choose your favorites, and Driftaway will match your future shipments to your preferred tastes.

And what are these roasts? There’s a choice for everyone in Driftaway’s tasting kit: Fruity, Classic, Balanced, and Bold.


The lightest roast that Driftaway offers, the Fruity blend originates from coffee farmers usually located in African countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, and Rwanda. This single origin roast is preferred by many due to its vibrant tasting notes of citrus, florals, and honey/vanilla.


Driftaway’s medium roast, the Classic roast is smooth and savory. Coming from South American countries like Columbia and Brazil, these beans have notes of nuts and cocoa, making it a perfect choice for those coffee drinkers who like a sweeter flavor.


The third roast on our list, the Balanced blend is exactly like its name: balanced. A light-medium roast, the Balanced roast has beans that are grown in Central American countries such as Guatemala and Nicaragua. This blend has a delicious flavor combination of citrus notes like orange, as well as sweeter notes from chocolate.


The darkest roast Driftaway has to offer, the Bold blend’s beans originate from a variety of countries such as Peru, Uganda, and Papua New Guinea. Even though they come from many different places, they are always dark roasted. The flavors you can expect in the Bold roast are chocolate, nuts, and sweeter fruity flavors.

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Step Two: Rating Different Coffees

Once you’ve tasted all of these delicious roasts, you can rate the coffees from your tasting kit in your Driftaway account. You can do this either by providing an in-depth description of your likes and dislikes or just do a quick “yay or nay” kind of approach to keep things simple.

Step Three: Renewing Your Coffee

After you’ve tasted and decided which roast or roasts you prefer, Driftaway will begin sending you your preferred roasts in set intervals for anywhere from a few months to an entire year. It’s important for us to mention here that Driftaway is not a coffee sampling service. After you choose your favorite roasts from the tasting kit, Driftaway will begin to send you full bags of that specific coffee.

Driftaway Coffee Tasting Kit

Perhaps one of the greatest things about Driftaway is though you may keep the same kind of roasting technique for your coffee beans, they tend to switch up the kinds of beans every now and then. By doing this, you’re getting a consistent roasting technique, but you’re experiencing that technique with coffee beans from different coffee farmers.

This will give you a slight change in flavor to experiment with, as well as grant you access to many hard-working small scale farmers from around the globe.

Step Four: Reviewing Your Beans

As you receive a variety of new blends from global small-scale farmers, you can also rate the beans themselves. This way you can order more of the coffee beans you love, as well as develop a bond and appreciation for the farmers who cultivate them.

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What About Cold Brewing?

Not a fan of hot coffee? Driftaway also offers cold brewing kits! Very similar to the hot brewing subscription service, Driftaway has customized cold brewing tasting kits to try at home. With three blends instead of four, all of these blends have been carefully crafted in order to provide a unique taste that can be coaxed out during the cold brewing process.

Cold Brew Kit Subscriptoin

Along with your cold brewing kit, Driftaway will also provide you with a mesh bag to brew with. All you have to do is pour water over the coffee, steep for 16 hours, and place in the fridge when done. This is an easy-breezy brew that will stay fresh in your fridge for up to a week.

When it comes to ordering Driftaway cold brew, the primary steps to setting up your subscription are relatively the same. These steps include starting with a tasting kit, rating the cold brews, and setting up a continuous shipping plan (ranging from once a week to once a month) with sizes ranging from 7 cups to 20 cups per shipment.

The Cold Brew Tasting Kit

Each tasting kit comes with three different flavor profiles for you to try and choose from. These three flavor options are Bright, Balanced, and Bold.

The Bright blend usually consists of African coffee beans that possess fruity and floral notes of flavor, giving you a tasty refreshing sip. Those who favor the Bright blend usually suggest enjoying it on a hot, sunny afternoon.

On the other hand, the Balanced profile is a nice medium balance between flavor profiles. Usually, the Balanced profile is a light-medium roast consisting of beans from Central America and packing savory flavors like citrus and chocolate.

And last but certainly not least, the Bold cold brew flavor profile is from a variety of different locations, with flavor notes of dark chocolate and cocoa. Many Bold lovers suggest sipping this blend with milk and/or sweetener.

Other Driftway Deals

In addition to making coffee subscriptions, Driftaway also has options for gifting these subscriptions to friends and family. All you have to do is set the shipment details and choose how much coffee they’ll receive, as well as how often. You also have the option to choose whether they can receive a shipment of whole beans or coffee grounds every two weeks or month. Furthermore, you can also choose if they receive this subscription for three months, six months, or even one year.

And since you can make customizable gifts for your friends and loved ones, you can also choose to order coffee for an office or workplace setting. You can order both single-origin coffee as well as cold brew coffee, and there’s even a decaf option for those coworkers who don’t enjoy the jitters that sometimes accompany caffeine consumption.

Things We Like

There are several qualities of Driftaway that we enjoy. Driftaway has won us over with their dedication to simplicity, and efficiency, doing all of the hard work for you so that you can brew and enjoy your coffee with ease. Driftaway takes a large burden off of the consumer while giving them access to freshly roasted coffee beans and flavors they may not be able to try on their own.

Helping out the little man

Furthermore, we also enjoy Driftaway because they provide a platform for small, local farmers on larger scale international markets. Every shipment of beans comes with a brief description of the origin story of the beans and information about the coffee farmer. This allows each buyer of Driftaway coffee to meet the individuals who cultivated the beans that they are about to enjoy. 

Giving back globally

In addition to helping out small scale farmers, Driftaway gives back on a much larger scale. The company donates five cents for every pound of coffee purchased towards World Coffee Research. With such a wide variety of coffee from a variety of these small farmers, you’ll never get bored, and you’ll be able to sip your coffee while knowing you contributed to a good cause. 


Likewise, all of Driftaway’s coffees are single-origin and are roasted every Sunday, ensuring you receive freshly roasted coffee with every shipment. That way you can enjoy fresh aroma and flavor with each cup of coffee from Driftaway.


When it comes to cost, Driftaway is one of the more affordable coffee subscription options out there on the market today. From cheapest to the most expensive, and this depends on how much and how often you are ordering coffee, Dritaway’s subscription services can cost anywhere from $12-$35 a bag, and can be more expensive depending on how often you order it. 

Environmental Perks

To complement their exceptional services, Driftaway also does its best to eliminate any negative influences on the environment. The company implements strategies like eco-friendly packaging, shipping out all of their coffee in biodegradable plastic-free material. Furthermore, Driftaway also makes sure to eradicate as much of their carbon footprint as possible by utilizing carbon-friendly operations by investing in offsets. 

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Things To Improve

No matter how great a thing is, there are always areas to improve it. Though Driftaway coffee has an outstanding product to give to its customers, there are a few things that can be tweaked.

No decaf for hot brewing subscriptions

Though there is a choice of roasts, there isn’t a decaf option in the regular subscription option for those who drink it out of preference or for a medical reason. This slight downside can prevent many users from being able to subscribe to Driftaway’s subscription service, limiting the number of coffee drinkers who are able to enjoy the coffee delivery service.

No blends of beans

In addition to the lack of a decaf option, there are no blends of coffee beans, only single-origin beans. Likewise, there’s no roaster variety to experiment with, so all of the tasting notes tend to be relatively the same. With the lack of roasting varieties, the available flavors of coffee are limited.

Things To Consider Before Buying

A coffee subscription is a commitment. However, if you are still not sure that a coffee subscription such as Driftaway is a good fit for you, here are some important questions to ask yourself before you start a subscription. The answers to these questions will help you determine if a coffee service such as Driftaway would best suit you.

  • How often do you drink coffee at home?
  • Is it convenient for your lifestyle to have coffee automatically shipped to you over a certain period of time?  
  • What kinds/roasts of coffee do you prefer?
  • What kinds/roasts does the coffee subscription service offer? 
  • Do they have options for both whole bean and ground coffee?
  • How many coffees can you choose from?

The Verdict

Though it may not be the best option for the strict decaf drinkers or those who enjoy coffee blends, there are still many perks to this coffee consumption method. At the end of the day, we think Driftaway coffee is a great option for homebrewers looking for fresh coffee to try out.

With the ability to be customizable as well as convenient, this subscription service is among the best on the market today and is definitely worth the try. For those who love back coffee, or even for the coffee lovers with the rookie palates who want to understand more about flavor profiling, Driftaway is a great outlet to experiment with.

Save 50% On Your First Tasting Box – use code “ROASTY50” at checkout.  Click here to get started

Happy caffeinating!

Driftaway Coffee Subscription Review: Worth The Dollar, Or Total Drag?
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Driftaway is one of the most popular coffee subscription services out there, and if you're considering getting a subscription of your own, there are some important things you should know. Make sure to read our review of Driftaway, right here.

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