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The Best Glass Coffee Mugs Available (+ Related FAQs)

While Zwilling’s Sorrento Plus is Roasty’s pick for the best glass coffee mug, there are plenty of other quality options from which coffee (and tea!) lovers can sip their beverages. Keep reading for our reccomendations!

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Did you know the kind of mug you sip your coffee from matters almost as much as the method you used to brew it? Believe it or not, factors like cup material, shape, and color impact how you experience your beloved brew’s flavor.

While there are plenty of coffee mugs for you to choose from, we’re focusing specifically on glass cups. We’ll unpack a few reasons coffee drinkers pick this material, share a few of its pros and cons, plus give you our picks for the best glass coffee mugs on the market!

At a Glance: Best Glass Coffee Mugs  

Best Glass Coffee Mugs

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Quick Summary: Best Glass Coffee Mugs

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels Coffee Mug 2 Piece, ClearZwilling Sorrento Plus Glass Mug
  • 12 Fluid Ounces
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Dishwasher Safe
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Mfacoy Glass Coffee Mugs Set of 4, Clear Large Coffee Mug 15 Oz With Handles for Hot Beverages,...Mfacoy Glass Coffee Mug Set
  • Generous 15 oz Capacity
  • Comfortable Grip, Stable Hold
  • Safe, Durable Glass
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Mfacoy Vintage Coffee Mugs Set of 2, 14 oz Embossed Glass Cups with Handle, Clear Cups for...Mfacoy Vintage Glass Mugs
  • Stylish and Durable Glass Mugs
  • Versatile and Convenient for Various Beverages
  • Great Gift Choice for Any Occasion
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Combler Glass Coffee Mugs, Espresso Cups for Coffee Bar Accessories, Clear Coffee Mug Set of 2, 11oz...Combler Lidded Coffee Cups
  • Stylish and Sustainable Glass Cups Set
  • Heat-Resistant Borosilicate Glass Keeps Drinks Hot and Hands Cool
  • Versatile and Durable Coffee Mugs
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Bodum Bistro Double-Wall Insulated Mug, Borosilicate Glass, 10 Oz., Set of 6, ClearBodum Bistro Double-Wall Glass Mugs
  • Versatile 6-Piece Cup Set
  • Double-Wall Construction for Temperature Retention
  • Durable and Dishwasher Safe
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Libbey Kona Glass Coffee Mugs, 16-ounce, Set of 6Libbey Kona Glass Coffee Mugs
  • Clear and Comfortable 100% Glass Mugs
  • Showcases Rich Colors of Beverages
  • Durable and Dishwasher-Safe for Easy Cleanup
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rc2-table__imageWilliams Sonoma Tall Glass Mug
  • Double-Walled Design Maintains Drink Temperature
  • Crystal Clear and Durable Glass
  • Easy to Clean With Dishwasher-Safe Convenience
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Personalized Coffee Mug Engraved with Your Custom TextGlass With a Twist Engravable Glass Coffee Mug
  • Personalized and Unique Engraved Coffee Mugs
  • Quick and Convenient Ordering Process
  • Versatile Gift Option for Any Occasion
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JoyJolt Aroma Disney Mickey and Pluto 13.5oz Glass Cups Set. 2 Insulated Double Wall Glass Coffee...JoyJolt Aroma Disney Coffee Mug Set
  • Unique and Joyful Disney-Themed Coffee Cups
  • Perfect Size for Espresso and Comfortable to Hold
  • Double Wall Glass Keeps Drinks Hot and Hands Cool
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JoyJolt Cadus Glass Coffee Cups Double Wall Insulated Mugs Set of 2 Latte Glasses, 16-Ounces.JoyJolt Cadus Glass Coffee Cup
  • Unique Design, Durable, and Temperature Control
  • No Condensation and Cool to Touch
  • Elegant Gift Packaging, 1-Year Guarantee
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How to Choose the Best Glass Coffee Mug

Remember these three factors while shopping for your new favorite glass mug:

  • Material. You might shrug and say, “Glass is glass.” But there are different kinds of it, and not all are created equal. Heat-resistant borosilicate is best for a coffee mug. Bonus points if it’s double-walled.
  • Size. Think about the kind of coffee drinks you usually enjoy. Someone who almost exclusively sips cappuccinos will likely fare just fine with a set of six-ounce cappuccino cups. However, if you typically start your day with an extra-large latte or serving of drip, you’ll be better off buying a product with a larger capacity.
  • Design. A coffee mug’s shape plays a role in how it fits into your hand, so think about what’s comfortable for you — cupping a vessel with two hands, wrapping your fingers around a handle, etc. — and look for a product that will accommodate such preferences. Other design elements — color, engravings, etc. — usually won’t impact how the contents of your cup taste, but they still matter. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and since you’ll be holding the mug, you should like its general appearance.

Roasty Rankings: Our Top Picks for the Best Glass Coffee Mugs

Roasty’s product recommendations are below. Read on — you might find your perfect glass coffee mug among our top 10 items!

Zwilling Sorrento Plus Glass Mug

On Sale

Zwilling designed the Sorrento Plus glass mug to keep hot liquids hot (or cold liquids cold) and your hands from getting burned. With their double-walled construction and simple yet trendy design, these glasses were mouth-blown by artisans.

Borosilicate glass makes them super-durable, so you’ll be sipping cups of coffee from these mugs for years to come.

Find these glasses in packs of two, four, or eight, and celebrate that they’re easy to clean; once you’ve finished your morning cup, pop the mug into the dishwasher and let the appliance do its thing.

Each clear glass mug holds 12 ounces of fluid, has a sturdy and easy-to-hold handle, and is microwave- and freezer-safe!

Mfacoy Glass Coffee Mug Set

On Sale

If you’re all about value and getting the most bang for your buck, check out Mfacoy’s clear mug set. These reasonably priced cups come in sets of four or six, so entire households can upgrade their beverage-sipping experiences without breaking the bank.

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We know what you’re thinking: how does a mug make a beverage more enjoyable? Well, for starters, these babies have a 15-ounce capacity, meaning you can have a generous amount of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or whatever you pour into it.

Mfacoy used BPA-free, food-grade, heat- and scratch-resistant glass to make them. Additionally, these mugs have a rounded shape and large handle, both of which make them easy to hold — even the littlest hands in your house can hold them with ease!

Mfacoy Vintage Glass Mugs

We were first drawn to Mfacoy’s vintage glass mugs by their appearance. The grooves and embossing make it look more like a piece of art than a drinking vessel — what sounds better than pouring your coffee into something pretty every morning?

These elegant, vintage-style beauties are a generous size; they can hold 14 ounces of hot or cold liquid. At just under three inches tall and four inches wide, they’re not too big or bulky to comfortably hold. 

Also, don’t let their dainty appearance fool you- these dishwasher-safe mugs aren’t as delicate as they look. Yes, they’re made of glass, so don’t throw them around or anything, but they’re thick, sturdy, and even scratch resistant!

Combler Lidded Coffee Cups

Combler’s glass coffee mugs have plenty of noteworthy qualities — a stylish ribbed design, easy-grip handles, and an 11-ounce capacity. However, we thought the included bamboo lid was the most appealing feature.

You didn’t finish your morning cup before it was time to go? No worries! Seal your coffee drink with the lid and take it with you. It won’t spill in your cup holder. Plus, you don’t have to pour it into a travel mug and dirty another dish.

As well, you can use these cups for more than just coffee. They also make convenient vessels for overnight oats, smoothies, or cocktails — the included golden spoons only add to their versatility!

Bodum Bistro Double-Wall Glass Mugs

On Sale

You’ll find Bodum gear in many cafes and the homes of coffee enthusiasts globally. It’s a trustworthy brand, so we feel good about including Bodum’s double-walled glass coffee mugs in this buying guide.

The Bodum Bistro mug is perfect for coffee lovers — or tea, juice, and water drinkers! You have several capacity options with this vessel — five, 10, or 15 ounces — and thanks to its double-walled design, whatever you’re drinking stays at the perfect temperature until it’s gone. Hot coffee stays warm and cozy, and iced tea remains cool and refreshing.

Oh, and did we mention these mugs are safe to put in microwaves, dishwashers, and ovens 350 degrees or cooler? Talk about getting a good bang for your buck!

Libbey Kona Glass Coffee Mugs

Libbey’s Kona glass mugs don’t have the double-walled insulation other brands’ products do, but they’re still worthy of your consideration. These elegant mugs hold 16 ounces of liquid and have a shape that’s not only aesthetically pleasing but also comfortable to hold.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the Kona glass’s elegant shape. No, the mug’s rounded body and foot don’t do anything to keep your beverage hot. However, these features make them nice enough to pull out when guests are over — or when you want to bring a more upscale vibe to your morning routine.

These mugs aren’t just pretty; they’re also durable and dishwasher-safe. If you purchase these, follow Libbey’s care and cleaning instructions for the Kona glasses to ensure their use for a good, long time!

Williams Sonoma Tall Glass Mug

WILLIAMS SONOMA Double Wall Glass Tall Coffee Mugs
WILLIAMS SONOMA Double-Wall Glass Tall Coffee Mugs

Beverages seem to float within William-Sonoma’s sleek double-walled coffee cups – a neat effect that serves a practical purpose. The two seamless walls of borosilicate glass create an insulating layer of air, so coffee and tea stay piping hot and delicious yet the cup always feels cool to the touch.


These Williams Sonoma mugs are taller than traditional coffee mugs, which means they can also hold more hot or cold brew than their smaller counterparts. The average coffee mug has an eight- or 10-ounce capacity, but these can hold around 15 ounces of your favorite beverage.

These mugs, available in a set of four, are expertly crafted from mouth-blown borosilicate glass that won’t cloud over time. Since they’re double-walled, they keep your drink at its preferred temperature for longer than regular glass mugs.

Plus, the outside stays cool with hot beverages and won’t sweat with cold drinks. You can wash them in the dishwasher for your convenience — delicate cycle only, please! — but washing them by hand is preferred.

Glass With a Twist Engravable Glass Coffee Mug

Nothing says, “Keep your mitts off my cup of coffee” like sipping it from a mug with your name written across the front.

Protect what’s yours by getting your name etched onto one of these Glass with a Twist mugs, or make a fellow java enthusiast’s day by gifting them marked with their name or favorite phrase.

These cups won’t give you the same coffee experience as a double-walled mug — your coffee won’t be hot as long — but we like them for a few reasons.

First, they hold 13 ounces of joe. Second, the etching on the vessel, done via sandblasting technique, can be done in one of nine different fonts; you’re sure to find something that fits you or your giftee’s style.

Whatever design you choose comes in a natural frosted white color; we like that these mugs add a unique touch to your morning cup in a neutral, understated way.

JoyJolt Aroma Disney Coffee Mug Set

On Sale

These aren’t your everyday double-walled glass mugs. Sure, they keep your coffee hot as long as your similar counterparts do. But one crucial detail separates them from the rest: images of beloved Disney characters Mickey and Pluto!

The continuous line art draws espresso-loving Disney fans in, but the vessel’s characteristics keep them satisfied.

These cups, made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, stand at a little over four inches tall; a height like that means you won’t have any trouble fitting it under the spout of any single-serve drip coffee maker. Plus, they are shatter-resistant and safe for use in a microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.

The insulated glass coffee mug keeps whatever you’re drinking at the optimal temperature; iced coffee stays cool, and hot joe stays hot.

Find these Disney-themed cups in two sizes: a 5.4-ounce espresso cup or a 13.5-ounce mug.

JoyJolt Cadus Glass Coffee Cup

On Sale

Since we’re talking about mugs with attractive designs, meet JoyJolt’s Cadus glass mug. JoyJolt is the same brand that brings you the Disney character-adorned cup listed above.

Though these cups don’t have any images of classic characters on them, they are still unique, thanks to the shape of the inner layer of borosilicate glass.

Attractiveness isn’t all that JoyJolt Cadus has to offer. The cup has a generous 16-ounce capacity and a smooth, crystal-clear appearance that won’t cloud after years of use.

There’s a large handle, making it comfortable for coffee drinkers to hold, and you can safely put it in a dishwasher, freezer, microwave, or oven, as long as it’s not hotter than 350 degrees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better- glass or ceramic?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask — everyone has their preferences — but they are a few factors to consider as you decide for yourself.

Neither material retains heat well (double-walled glass is the exception), but ceramic outperforms regular glass in keeping beverages warm. 

Also, since it weighs less, it’s cheaper to ship ceramic products than glass ones; buying a ceramic mug online will probably put a less significant dent in your budget.

For those reasons, one might declare ceramic the winner here. However, others are on Team Glass because it’s the more environmentally friendly choice, as glass is recyclable; ceramic is not. Plus, you can be almost certain any glass product you buy is lead-free. The same can’t always be said of ceramics unless you get them tested — and that’s not cheap!

Here at Roasty, we tend to favor glass mugs. They’re better for the environment, aesthetically pleasing, and timeless; the plain glass vessel in your cabinet won’t ever go out of style, but you’ll probably grow bored of the ceramic souvenir cup next to it in a few years.

What are the advantages of glass mugs?

Glass mugs have become popular for several reasons, but a few of the most common are listed below:

  • Glass mugs don’t hold flavors from their previous contents. You’ll only taste your Colombian coffee’s sweet flavors and nutty undertones, not the green tea you had yesterday.
  • Glass doesn’t conduct heat like metal does. A metal mug steals heat from your joe, meaning it gets cold more quickly — and you’ll probably burn your hand while holding it. You won’t run into those issues with glass.
  • Glass mugs look good. What’s the point of mastering latte art if you don’t show it off on social media? That means you’ll need an Instagram-worthy mug, and nine times out of ten, vessels made of glass fit the bill since they let you see everything in the cup.
  • Glass is recyclable. Yay, sustainability!

Why choose a double-walled coffee mug?

Insulation is the biggest benefit of double-wall glass coffee mugs. Both cold and hot drinks maintain their temperatures longer than in a single-walled vessel.

Durability is the double-walled glass’s next perk. Double-walled products are usually crafted from sturdy borosilicate glass, and well, you know what they say: two is better than one. One layer of borosilicate glass is already pretty durable, but adding another only makes things stronger.

Glass or Pass?

The bottom line: glass coffee mugs have their pros and cons, and only you and your preferences can determine which outweighs the other.

If you decide to make room for mugs made of this material in your kitchen cabinet, we advise opting for double-walled borosilicate glass; those keep both hot and cool drinks at optimal sipping temperature.

Double-walled coffee mugs are usually pretty durable, too — that’s a plus for sure.

Happy Caffeinating!

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