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The 5 Best Office Espresso Machines for Coffee Lovers

The right office espresso machine can keep everyone in your workplace energized and morale high. While there are many factors to consider, our top recommendation is the Nespresso Momento 200, especially for busy workplaces.

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Everyone in the office looks forward to a coffee break, whether it’s first thing in the morning to start the day right or mid-afternoon to recharge their batteries.

At a Glance: Best Office Espresso Machines

But why not make that coffee break something really special? Toss that old, stained, coffeepot that has been holding the same java for hours and consider an espresso machine for the office instead!

Just like at home or the coffee shop, a good espresso machine for the workplace will produce aromatic, flavorful espresso that gives you a revitalizing burst of energy.

Best Office Espresso Machines

Quick Summary: Best Office Espresso Machines

rc2-table__imageNespresso Momento 200
  • Ideal for High Coffee Consumption in Self-Served Environment
  • Modular Design Allowing Faster Repair and Minimized Downtime
  • Simple Interface With Touch Screen Display
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rc2-table__imageRocket Espresso Appartamento
  • 1.8 Litter Copper Boiler
  • 2-Hole Steam Tip Wand
  • Cup Warmer with Removable Plastic Cup Guard
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Jura 15145 Automatic Coffee Machine WE8, Chrome, 101 ozJura WE8
  • Ideal for Small Offices and Self-Serve Coffee Bars
  • 101 Ounce Water Tank
  • Fast and Precise AromaG3 Grinder Grinds Whole Beans to the Optimum Fineness
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Breville Oracle Touch Espresso Machine BES990BSS, Brushed Stainless SteelBreville Oracle Touch
  • Espresso Machine With Precise Water Temperature
  • Optimal Water Pressure
  • Microfoam Milk Texturing
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Miele CM 7550 CoffeeSelect Automatic Coffee Machine - OneTouch for Two, AromaticSystem, 10...Miele CM 7750 CoffeeSelect
  • From Coffee to Cappuccino
  • OneTouch for Two
  • Convenient Coffee-Making
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Best Office Espresso Machines: Our Top Picks

Unlike on a lazy weekend at home, though, the workday comes with a long to-do list, so an office espresso maker also should be convenient, easy to use, and quick to clean and maintain.

We’ve found several options that hit all of the marks; some favor total ease of use, while others ask for just a little more labor in return for a more perfect cup of coffee.

When it comes to an office pick-me-up, it’s important to have the right equipment. Take a look at our favorite choices for in-office espresso machines, with options to suit any workplace.

Nespresso Momento 200: Our Top Pick For Large Offices

Nespresso Momento 200
Nespresso Momento 200
Our rating:

Modern & timeless design – rewarded by the iF Design Award 2019. Easy to use: Elegant and simple display to guide consumers step by step to brew a coffee or conduct machine daily operations

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While it’s no secret that pod or capsule-based brewing systems aren’t our top recommendation for home use, we think their convenience, speed, and ease of use and cleaning can be a real asset in the workplace.

The Nespresso Momento 200 is a pod brewer designed for the office. It’s made with large workplaces in mind, with a 202 oz water tank, 80-serving used pod capacity, and the ability to brew up to 140 coffees per hour.

Offices can also choose to plumb water directly into the machine – no more worrying about filling the water tank.

This machine has two separate extraction heads that can be operated simultaneously, great for busy workplaces where the coffee station is always in high demand. It also has a modular construction, so repairing or replacing broken parts is easy.

It can be operated with an intuitive touchscreen, but can also be used through a smartphone app or even programmed to automatically brew through a touchless, wave-of-the-hand process.

The Nespresso Momento 200 brews ristretto, espresso, lungo (long coffee), Americano, and large Americano. Latte lovers will miss the inclusion of a milk frother, but brewing black coffee does make for easier cleanup.

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What We Like:

  • Built to keep up with high-volume use
  • Brewing is extremely easy and can even be touch-free
  • No loose coffee grounds to deal with

What We Don’t:

  • Capsuled espresso doesn’t taste as flavorful as freshly ground
  • Pods are not eco-friendy
  • No milk-based beverage options

Rocket Espresso Appartamento: The Best High-End Option

Rocket Espresso Appartamento
Rocket Espresso Appartamento
Our rating:

The Rocket Espresso Appartamento provides café-grade drinks and uses commercial-grade components in a compact 304 stainless steel design, making it ideal for creating a perfect espresso at home.

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If you’re looking for an espresso machine that can perform just like a cafe machine, with both single and dual spout portafilter options, a nice steam wand, and complete drink control, then look no further than the Rocket Espresso Appartamento.

Rocket Espresso Appartamento Review

This machine is on the pricier side, but it’s well worth it. Made up of a 304 stainless steel body with commercial-grade internal brass components, a brass/copper boiler, and an E61 group head for temperature stability, the Rocket Appartamento produces delicious cafe-quality drinks.

It’s a beautiful and compact machine design that saves on counter space but also performs flawlessly. If you plan on turning your machine off after every use, it is important to note that there’s a 10-15 minute window of heating up time before you can brew up a shot of espresso.

collage of 4 Rocket Espresso Appartamento images close up

Since this hand-built Italian machine can last for up to 15 years, it’s the perfect option for your office as it can stand up to frequent daily use. However, in order to keep this longevity, it’s important that the machine is frequently cleaned and kept clean after each use.

What We Like:

  • Fast and perfect steaming
  • Cafe-quality espresso
  • Beautiful, compact design

What We Don’t:

  • Takes a while to heat up
  • Frequent cleaning required

Jura WE8: Our Top Pick For Small Offices

On Sale

The Jura WE8 is a super-automatic espresso machine designed specifically for the commercial setting by Jura, which is a well-respected company that manufactures only espresso machines.

This is a bean-to-cup coffee machine, which can be both good and bad news in the office setting. On one hand, it allows for fresh, great-tasting espresso. On the other hand, it is less convenient than a pod or capsule machine and will require someone in the office to fill the beans and dump the spent grounds.

The Jura WE8 has a built-in milk frother, which allows it to make 12 different specialty beverages at the push of a button, including milk-based drinks like lattes. No need for anyone in the office to make a trip to the coffee shop – this machine can make everyone’s favorites.

If there’s no refrigerator nearby, it’s no problem – Jura sells a “Cool Control” milk container that will keep the milk at the ideal temperature.

This espresso maker has a 101 oz water tank, a 17.6 oz container for coffee beans, and can hold 25 pucks of spent coffee grounds. This makes it a good choice for offices where around 30 espressos per day are made.

What We Like:

  • Freshly ground, flavorful espresso
  • One-button brewing and cleaning make it easy for everyone to use
  • Can brew milk-based beverages like lattes and cappuccinos
  • Programming can be locked down so that no accidental changes are made by users

What We Don’t Like:

  • The loose grounds are more work to clean out than used plastic pods
  • Can’t be plumbed to a water source, so the water tank must be filled manually

Breville Oracle Touch: Our Top Portafilter Pick

On Sale

The Breville Oracle Touch is a “best of both worlds” semi-automatic espresso machine that has an externally attached portafilter basket.

This machine is suitable for just about anyone because the machine automatically handles key variables such as grinding, tamping, pressure, and water temperature. It’s also possible to get more involved and adjust these settings if you so choose.

The steps for brewing espresso are displayed on the touchscreen, so even a beginner barista can follow along and produce authentic, portafilter espresso.

The Oracle Touch can also serve up coffee shop favorites like a flat white – you’ll just need to place a pitcher of milk under the automatic frother. In the office setting, this probably means that a refrigerator would need to be nearby in order to keep the milk cool enough.

Since the portafilter will need to be cleaned out after each use, this machine is best suited for a smaller office where people are willing to dedicate a bit of time to making excellent coffee.

What We Like:

  • Easy to use, even for a beginner
  • Authentic espresso brewed through a portafilter
  • Built-in grinder and milk frother

What We Don’t:

  • Cleaning is more involved and every user needs to be willing to clean out their grounds from the portafilter after use
  • Nearby refrigeration is necessary if you want to use milk

Miele CM 7750 CoffeeSelect: Great For Multiple Fresh Options

The Miele CM 7750 CoffeeSelect is a super-automatic espresso machine designed for home use, but we think that this high-quality machine is also appropriate for an office setting.

This machine has a built-in grinder with three bean containers, which makes it an excellent choice for satisfying a wide variety of coffee lovers. Stock a few different roasts or even keep decaf in one!

The CoffeeSelect can produce multiple specialty drinks, including water at the appropriate temperature for various teas. It has a built-in milk frother and draws up the milk from an attached container.

It also has 10 programmable user profiles, so up to 10 different users can customize their brew’s strength, volume, amount of milk, and temperature to just the way they like it and save those settings.

This model can also produce up to 8 cups of coffee back-to-back or a pot of up to 8 cups of coffee. With so many user profiles and the ability to brew several drinks in succession, this espresso maker is an ideal small office coffee machine.

The Miele CoffeeSelect is easy to clean, with integrated cleaning and descaling systems. However, it does require daily maintenance, including emptying and cleaning the drip tray and grounds container and removing and rinsing the brew group.

It’s not a lot of work, but someone in the office will need to ensure that these daily maintenance tasks are done in order to keep the espresso machine hygienic and in good working order.

What We Like:

  • Three different bean hoppers to suit a variety of preferences
  • Up to 10 programmable user profiles
  • Brews up to 8 cups of coffee back to back

What We Don’t:

  • High price for what you get
  • Requires daily maintenance to empty and rinse the grounds container, drip tray, and brew group

Things To Know Before Buying An Espresso Machine For Your Office

Before you buy an espresso machine for your office, there are a few important things you should get familiar with. This is all helpful information that will assist you in making the big purchase.

What Are The Types Of Espresso Machines?

Not every espresso machine is the same, and there are actually quite a few different types of machines to look at.


Manual espresso machines are the most hands-on and require the most expertise on the user’s part. To use a manual espresso machine, you’ll need to grind the beans, weigh your coffee to dose the portafilter, tamp the shot, and manually pull a lever down to brew the shot.

A manual espresso maker requires a full complement of gear such as grinders and scales and a lot of know-how. We don’t really recommend a manual espresso maker for the office. They’re not convenient to use and it’s unlikely that every office member will want to develop the skills to operate them properly.


Semi-automatic machines are somewhat less labor-intensive than manual ones; they don’t require a lever and have some automated features. You’ll still have to grind and tamp your own shot, but many people love this additional piece of control over the brewing process.

In a small office where people are willing and able to master some entry-level barista skills, this could be a great type of machine for brewing high-quality espresso.

Fully Automatic

A fully automatic or super-automatic espresso machine is just as the name indicates. These machines often have built-in grinders and can brew a shot of espresso or an espresso-based drink at just the touch of a single button.

Some espresso aficionados don’t like putting every element of the brew in the hands of a machine – they’d rather have the opportunity to customize. In an office environment, however, this automaticity can be a huge benefit. Absolutely anyone can brew a beverage with one of these machines, and they are fast and efficient to use, with minimal prep and easy cleaning.

Pod or Capsule

Pod machines use pre-measured single-serving cups, pods, or pouches instead of freshly ground coffee beans. They’re just as easy to operate as fully-automatic espresso machines, and many people are familiar with them due to the popularity of Keurig and Nespresso.

The main benefit of a pod machine is its convenience, and as an office machine, that’s very attractive. The main downside is that the coffee in the pre-measured pods is not as flavorful as freshly-ground espresso.

Other Factors To Consider

Apart from the type of machine you want to buy, here are a few other factors to consider when purchasing, such as water sourcing, usage, and type of coffee used.

Water Source

Some of our recommendations can be plumbed directly to a water source, while others rely on an external water reservoir that will need to be filled.

Either option is fine, but it’s important to consider which is best for your workplace. An espresso machine that is attached to a water source will be more convenient in the long run, but consider that it will likely require professional installation and won’t be easy to move around.

A machine with an external reservoir, on the other hand, would be easy to relocate as needed and won’t require professional installation. However, someone will need to keep the water tank filled.

How Often Will It Be Used?

Some of our recommendations are designed specifically for professional use, while others are simply high-quality machines that we think could stand up to being used by a group.

If you have a large and busy workplace, consider sticking with something like the Nespresso Momento, which can handle brewing up to 140 drinks per hour. If your workplace is smaller, a super-automatic espresso machine like the Jura WE8, which is designed to make around 30 drinks per day, may be the best choice.

Fresh or Capsuled?

We’re typically staunch supporters of freshly ground coffee and espresso – that’s the best way to ensure a rich and flavorful brew.

However, coffee pods have their place in a busy office. They’re quick and convenient, foolproof to use, and simple to clean up. Consider whether the employees in your office are looking for the perfect coffee or just a serviceable shot in the arm to get through the day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are just a few more questions that you might need to be answered before officially deciding on your new office espresso machine.

What Should I Consider When Buying an Espresso Machine For The Office?

There are several factors to consider when buying an espresso machine for your workplace. How many drinks does it need to brew per day? Per hour? Different machines will have different capabilities.

Will you need it to be plumbed to a water source, or would an external water reservoir be preferable? Some machines have both options, while others are only operable with an external tank.

How important is the ease of use and clean up? Pod brewers are by far the most foolproof in terms of both use and maintenance.

How Long Does An Office Espresso Machine Last?

This can vary based on the type of coffee maker, how much it is used, and how well it is cared for, but you should expect to get at least five years and as much as ten or more years out of your espresso machine.

Are Espresso Machines High-Maintenance?

All of the espresso machines on our list are easy to care for. Those that use fresh beans require that the grounds container and drip tray be emptied and rinsed daily.

While all of our picks require deep cleaning and descaling occasionally, this is done easily using an automatic cleaning program.

Choose a Machine That Will Keep Your Office Running

As your favorite coffee aficionados, we can confidently say that any workday will go more smoothly if there is quality coffee and espresso to be had. Different espresso makers are better suited for different types of workplaces.

Our top recommendation for large, busy offices that value simplicity is the Nespresso Momento 200. For a smaller office, consider the Jura WE8 or some of our other great options.

Happy Caffeinating!

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