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Black Rifle Coffee Review: Veteran-Inspired Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee Company produces many different types of coffee beans that are bold, full of flavor, and have a strong aroma.

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You’ve likely heard of Black Rifle Coffee Company but, if you haven’t, this veteran-owned coffee business offers high-quality small-batch bags of beans that all stray more on the bold side. Their cultivation of American culture reaches every one of their customers as they support veterans, law enforcement, and first responders.

Through donating to charity organizations and providing work opportunities to veterans, BRCC creates a safe space that honors and respects service members and those who also appreciate what they do for the country. Plus, there are so many roasts to choose from at BRCC, each full of strong and rich flavors.

Black Rifle Coffee Review

What is Black Rifle Coffee?

Black Rifle Coffee
Black Rifle Coffee

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a veteran-owned and operated coffee brand that has gained popularity for its strong support of the military and first responders. They are known for their high-quality, small-batch roasted coffee and their commitment to giving back to those who serve.

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The company of Black Rifle Coffee was founded by a former U.S. Army Green Beret, Evan Hafer, in 2014. It started from Hafer’s goal of serving delicious coffee and an amazing American culture to veteran communities and more.

Black Rifle Coffee Subscription shipping box

With co-founders Mat Best, Jarred Taylor, and Richard Ryan, Hafer created a business that not only gives back to charities but also provides entrepreneurship opportunities to those who are leaving the military. They have a mission to hire 10,000 veterans, so every man and woman who is a part of the company has a strong work ethic and honorable values.

Two different packs of Black Rifle Coffee in an open shipping box

Black Rifle Coffee Review

I was lucky to receive two boxes in the mail from Black Rifle Coffee, each featuring some pretty great coffee roasts. The first box had two 12-ounce bags of beans from their regular line of options and the second was a part of their Exclusive Coffee Subscription. This package had a unique micro lot coffee and a free sticker with a matching design.

Two different packs of Black Rifle Coffee on the table

Just Black

Just Black
Just Black

Just Black by Black Rifle Coffee is a straightforward, no-nonsense coffee blend, known for its bold and rich flavor profile. It’s the perfect choice for those who appreciate a classic, strong cup of coffee with no frills.

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Just Black - Black Rifle Coffee

The first bag of beans I tried was the Just Black coffee, which is stated to be one of BRCC’s best medium roasts. Not only is it their flagship coffee, but it’s also a brew that has just the right balance between darkly bold and lightly smooth.

Just Black - Black Rifle Coffee next to the coffee beans

With aroma notes of cocoa and vanilla, as well as a flavor profile of bold notes and a buttery finish, it was easy to find what makes this coffee so great in my own brewing. Its rich smell was deep with a hint of sweetness, giving way to a taste that was just as strong as you’d expect. The cocoa notes were complemented by the sweet vanilla, making for a smooth and delicious cup of joe.

Just Black - Black Rifle Coffee next to the brewed coffee mugs

Freedom Fuel

Freedom Fuel Coffee Roast
Freedom Fuel Coffee Roast

Freedom Fuel Coffee Roast by Black Rifle Coffee is a tribute to American patriotism, delivering a robust, medium-dark roast that embodies the spirit of freedom. With every sip, you can taste the commitment to quality and support for the military and first responders that Black Rifle Coffee is known for.

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Freedom Fuel - Black Rifle Coffee

Next up is Freedom Fuel, which is a dark roast coffee that ranks an 8 on the BRCC roast scale of 1-10. With bold flavor notes of dark chocolate, walnut, and anise, it’s not hard to see why it ranks so high. Although, you won’t find much bitterness in this cup.

Freedom Fuel - Black Rifle Coffee near scattered coffee beans

When brewing this coffee, I noticed that the aroma was nutty, dark, and lightly spiced. This boldness was nothing compared to the actual taste, which was also rich, nutty, and chocolatey. The sweet spice acted as a background to the strong and dark flavor, creating a truly tasty cup.

Freedom Fuel - Black Rifle Coffee next to the mug with brewed coffee

Gothic Serpent

Exclusive Coffee Subscription box

Moving on, let’s look at the Exclusive Coffee Subscription box, which had a 12-ounce bag of BRCC’s latest specialty micro-lot coffee. The Mircolot No.49 – Gothic Serpent was by far my favorite, and for good reason.

Exclusive Coffee Subscription
Black Rifle Coffee - Exclusive Coffee Subscription

The Exclusive Coffee Subscription by Black Rifle Coffee offers a special experience for coffee connoisseurs, delivering rare and seasonal coffee blends right to your doorstep. Subscribers get the chance to savor the finest, small-batch roasts, often not found in their regular selection.

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Black Rifle Coffee - opened Exclusive Coffee Subscription box with a pack of coffee, postcard and sticker

As October’s selection, this bag of beans commemorates Operation Gothic Serpent, an event that took place 30 years ago on October 3rd, 1993. This story of the country’s history and veteran service, just like in every month’s subscription box, is told on the provided informational sheet. Not only that but the exotic coffee is also sent alongside a uniquely designed sticker that matches the art that’s featured on the bag.

postcard and sticker

Gothic Serpent is a Burundi coffee that comes from the region of Inyambo. It’s washed processed, grown at an altitude of 1,500 masl, scores at 86.5, and has notes of red fruits, honey, and citrus. For my own brewing, I followed the pour-over recipe that was listed on the informational sheet.

Gothic Serpent Black Rifle Coffee pack

This coffee’s aroma was bright, sweet, and had just a touch of tart acidity to it. The taste of the brew itself was sweet, smooth, and delicious, with the bright acidity only complementing the rest of the flavor profile.

Gothic Serpent Black Rifle Coffee pack next to scattered coffee beans

Out of all the Black Rifle coffees I’ve had before, this was my favorite because of how flavorful it was. It’s also the best brew I’ve had on pour-over, and I’m someone who can’t resist using this method when I have the time. Gothic Serpent is truly a specialty coffee and you can really taste the difference.

Gothic Serpent Black Rifle Coffee pack next to brewed coffee in Chemex

Black Rifle Coffee Subscriptions and Pricing

The best way to get Black Rifle Coffee is by subscribing to either their Coffee Club Subscription or the Exclusive Coffee Subscription. With Coffee Club, you pick which roast you want, how much you want, how often you want it, and whether you want it whole bean, ground, or in coffee pods.

You can get up to four 12-ounce bags of beans per shipment and have it delivered anywhere from every two weeks to every two months. At the time of writing, each bag is priced at about $15.99 each, apart from the Organic Coffee which is $18.99 each, and the Murdered Out coffee which is $16.99 each.

With a subscription, you end up saving money by ordering multiple bags. If you order two bags you get 5% off, three bags you get 10% off, and four bags you get 15% off. Plus, you can’t forget the free shipping that comes along with it.

As far as the Exclusive Coffee Subscription goes, the rare exotic coffees featured every month have a limited supply. Each micro lot is hand-selected by Evan Hafer from a sustainable farm and there are only so many spots for subscribers that open each month. If you’re interested in getting your hands on a specialty coffee, it’s important you join the waitlist for it.

You can only get up to two 12-ounce bags of that month’s coffee, which is sent out every thirty days with a new selection. This is perfect for those who want to try something new and truly delicious every time. Each bag in this subscription is $27 since these are unique and exotic roasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you’re caught up on what Black Rifle Coffee is and what the company offers, there might be a few more questions you have about the veteran-owned business.

How Does Black Rifle Roast Their Coffee?

After selecting some of the highest quality coffee out there, Black Rifle Coffee ships the green beans straight from the farms to their roasteries. Once they meet the standards for quality assurance upon inspection, they are transferred to the Burns B270R roasters.

BRCC follows each roast profile carefully, roasting five days a week. The beans are packaged into nitrogen-sealed bags that prevent moisture from getting in and then delivered fresh to customers’ doors.

What Makes Black Rifle Coffee Unique?

There are a few things that make Black Rifle Coffee unique, but one of the most important is its company mission and strong values. Aside from providing delicious high-quality coffee, they also strive to serve those who support and defend America.

By giving back to charitable organizations that benefit veterans and first responders, as well as offering job opportunities and business guidance to service members, BRCC creates a space that’s driven by American culture.

How to Cancel Black Rifle Coffee Subscription?

If you find yourself subscribing to Black Rifle Coffee and need to make changes to your subscription at any time, you can do so by logging onto your account on their website. There, you can manage multiple things such as the coffee you’re subscribed to, when you get it, and how many bags of it you receive. It’s also super easy to cancel the service altogether under the same account options.

Black Rifle Coffee: Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this helped you to understand Black Rifle Coffee Company a bit more. Not only do they offer great coffee subscription services featuring high-quality beans but they also support good causes along the way.

A portion of sales from every purchased bag goes towards charities that help those who serve, protect, and defend the country. BRCC itself also offers job opportunities to those transitioning out of the military. For them, delicious coffee is just as important as strong American culture.

Happy Caffeinating!

Black Rifle Coffee Review: Veteran-Inspired Coffee
Black Rifle Coffee Review

A Black Rifle Coffee review of some of their best-selling roasts and Exclusive Coffee Subscription box.

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