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12 Dutch Bros Low-Calorie Drinks for a Guilt-Free Treat

Dutch Bros has ways to get a large range of their drinks made with fewer calories, whether it’s caffeinating, refreshing, or both.

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If you’ve ever been to Dutch Bros, then you know how they have a nearly endless range of delicious drinks from coffee, teas, energy drinks, lemonades, and more. However, you might also know that it’s pretty easy to rank up the calories with these flavorful beverages.

So, if you’re watching how many you’re intaking every day but you still want a nice little treat, there are plenty of ways that you can order low-calorie drinks at Dutch Bros. You can even get a few of the most popular picks with just a few simple adjustments.

Dutch Bros Low Calorie Drinks

Low-Calorie Drinks at Dutch Bros

Jumping right in, here’s our list of all the possible drinks that you can order at Dutch Bros and still stay in the low-calorie zone. Whether you need your daily cup of joe or a nice refreshing sip, we cover it all.


This first option is as simple as it gets as it’s simply just coffee. The Americano is made with shots of espresso that feature notes of cocoa and hot or iced water. By itself with nothing added, there is zero sugar and only 10 calories, unless you get a large size for 20 calories.

The best part is that it has so few, so you can add a bit of milk or sugar-free sweetener without much increase if you’re not someone who can drink black coffee.


Another easy way to get a low-calorie beverage is by ordering a latte. While they are typically made with whole milk, asking for a non-fat alternative isn’t too hard. Almond milk or coconut milk are also good options to ask for, but oat milk is unfortunately still full of calories.

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This change makes a small latte add up to less than 100 calories. You can even add any of your favorite sugar-free syrup options for a healthier way to sweeten the drink. Thankfully, Dutch Bros has many of these on hand!


The Annihilator is one of the drinks that is specific to Dutch Bros and, usually, is full of calories. However, by switching the chocolate macadamia nut syrup to a sugar-free alternative, you can easily fix this.

Another thing that makes this drink special is half-and-half, but switching to a non-fat option doesn’t take away from the yummy goodness too much. These changes easily bring the calorie count down to 50 for a size small.


Another typically high-calorie espresso-based drink is the Cocomo. This is made with coconut syrup, chocolate milk, espresso, and whipped cream. The good thing is that you can ask for this drink to be made with both sugar-free coconut syrup as well as sugar-free chocolate sauce.

Replace the milk with non-fat, almond, or coconut, and remove the whipped cream at the top. Whether you get it hot, iced, or blended, it’s definitely gonna have fewer calories than the regular version.

Nitro-Infused Cold Brew

On its own, the regular Nitro-Infused Cold Brew, which can only be ordered in a medium size sits at just 20 calories. This is a cold brew that’s infused with nitrogen gas, which in turn gives the beverage a smooth and creamy consistency that’s rather delicious by itself.

You can also always add any sugar-free flavors to take this tasty drink up a notch. The low calorie count makes this one of the healthiest drink options on the Dutch Bros menu.

Cold Brew

The same goes for the regular Cold Brew, which is also only 20 calories for a medium size cup. This option is smooth and bolder than the Nitro. However, it doesn’t have that slightly sweet flavor already added to it.

So, if you don’t want such a strong cup of coffee, we’d recommend giving it a little bit of flavor like our next few options.

White Mocha Cold Brew

The White Mocha Cold Brew is one of those that may not seem as though it can be made with fewer calories, but since Dutch Bros also carries a sugar-free white chocolate syrup, you’re in luck!

Paired with cold brew and your choice of a healthier milk option, you’ll soon fall in love with this tasty treat. In the smaller sizes, you can end up with just 180 calories, which we consider to be a great cutback from the original drink.

Caramelizer Cold Brew

Another of the flavored cold brew options already on the menu is the Caramelizer Cold Brew. This is made with caramel sauce, chocolate milk, and cold brew. As done in previous low-calorie versions, ask to switch the chocolate milk to the sugar-free chocolate sauce and non-fat milk.

Dutch Bros also carries a sugar-free caramel syrup that you can substitute. With these alterations, you get a delicious cold brew that’s much more in the healthy range.

Rebel Energy Drinks

If you’re looking for something other than coffee, Dutch Bros does have a range of refreshing drinks that can be ordered in a lower-calorie way. The Rebel Energy Drinks are some of the tastiest and most energizing options.

While it’s easy to rank up the calories with these drinks and the added flavors, you can get a sugar-free version of the energy drink that’s specific to Dutch Bros as well as a large majority of the syrups to lower your calorie intake.

Iced Teas

The last of the caffeinated options on our list is the Dutch Bros Iced Teas. Depending on the flavor you get, these can range from 160-200 calories. The sugar is what makes them pretty sugary, though, so you could always substitute for sugar-free syrup where allowed.

Just like the Rebel Energy Drinks, these are refreshing, fruity, and energizing drinks that don’t always have to be out of reach due to a high calorie count.


Next up is maybe the most refreshing beverage of all, the Lemonade. It’s actually pretty easy to get a small size of these that can sit under 200 calories. Their lemonade is a perfect combination of sweet and tart, but with a yummy flavor added it’s even better.

You can add any of your favorite sugar-free flavors or even get one of their pre-combined flavors for a calorie amount that’s still pretty low. Some customer favorites are Tiger’s Blood (Strawberry and Coconut), Electric Berry (Lime and Blue Raspberry), and Palm Beach (Pomegranate and Peach).

Dutch Soda

Our final low-calorie drink option at Dutch Bros is their specialty Dutch Soda. These might not sound like a caffeine-free pick, but since they’re simply made with sparkling water and syrup flavors, you can rest assured!

As always, you can use sugar-free flavors to lessen the number of calories you’re taking in, so you could end up with a small size for 200 calories or lower.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, with this list of low-calorie options to choose from at Dutch Bros, you’ll feel a bit better about taking your next trip there. Thanks to their range of sugar-free options and some other minor adjustments, you can easily make almost any drink a tad bit healthier.

Whether you’re looking for a caffeinating beverage, a refreshing sip, or something slightly in the middle, Dutch Bros isn’t lacking in low-calorie picks for those also wanting to watch their intake.

Happy Caffeinating!

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