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Dutch Bros White Coffee Drinks: Selection and Ordering Guide

Dutch Bros offers a unique white coffee that can be substituted in any espresso-based drink for a sweeter, brighter, and more energizing beverage.

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When you hear the words “white coffee,” you might be thinking of white chocolate mocha drinks. However, that’s not exactly what we’re referring to. Instead, think more in terms of coffee roast level.

The Dutch Brothers White Coffee is essentially a very light-roasted coffee bean that was introduced to their menu in 2014. There are a few specialty drinks that include this unique espresso offered at the popular coffee chain.

dutch bros white coffee drinks

What is the White Coffee at Dutch Bros?

The white coffee beans featured at Dutch Bros are beans that have been roasted for a very short amount of time using a low temperature. With this method, they are basically half-roasted coffee beans.

However, that doesn’t make them any less caffeinated. In fact, they’re actually even more energizing! While they haven’t put an exact number on it, it’s been said that the caffeine content of the white coffee could be even double what is present in a regular roast.

Moreover, with a lower roasting time, there’s also less acidity involved. This means it’s easier on the stomach. Plus, there isn’t really a bitter aftertaste as seen in darker roasted espresso beans since the natural sugars don’t caramelize. The flavor of the white coffee isn’t super strong, instead, it’s light, nutty, creamy, and earthy.

White Coffee Drinks at Dutch Bros

With what you now know about the white coffee served at Dutch Bros, you might be wondering what popular drinks are available to order using the lighter roast. There are a few that the company lists as options, of course, there’s a wide range of drinks that can be made with white coffee.

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White Coffee Hazelnut Mocha

When you order a Dutch Bros White Coffee Hazelnut Mocha, you not only get the delicious and smooth taste of the light and creamy white coffee but also an extra layer of nuttiness. The hazelnut flavor complements the nutty flavor profile of the bean very well.

Plus, the addition of mocha via the chocolate milk that’s used in this drink makes this an indulgent experience that is all the more decadent, rich, and creamy.

White Coffee Dutch Crunch Breve

A rather interesting pick is the White Coffee Dutch Crunch Breve. A sweeter and more creamier drink, this is made with strawberry syrup, hazelnut syrup, and breve.

It might seem like an odd combination at first, but the flavors actually meld together into a delicious, sweet, and scrumptious treat that’s perfect hot, iced, or even frozen.

White Coffee Toasted Mellow Oat Milk Latte

Dutch Bros White Coffee Drink
Image Credit: Giorgio Trovato at Unsplash

Next up is a beverage that has a taste reminiscent of a s’more. The White Coffee Toasted Mellow Oat Milk Latte is full of rich flavor, all of which work beautifully alongside the white coffee.

This oat milk-based latte is complemented by the key ingredients of chocolate, macadamia nut, and vanilla. It’s a toasty, warm, sweet, and comforting drink that’s hard not to love.

White Coffee Coconut Chai Latte

For an even more cozy drink, try the White Coffee Coconut Chai Latte. This takes a spiced chai latte that’s sweetened with coconut syrup and pairs it with the specialty white coffee.

Hot or iced, this beverage is a very flavorful and delicious treat that’s perfect for any time of the year. The irresistible spices of this drink are hard to pass up!

White Coffee Jelly Donut Oat Milk Latte

The last white coffee drink option on our list that comes from Dutch Bros’ recommendations is the White Coffee Jelly Donut Oat Milk Latte. This dessert-inspired drink is made with a delicious variety of flavors.

The sweetness of the salted caramel, raspberry, and almond syrups in this beverage complements each other so well, it’s easy to see where the resemblance to a jelly donut comes from.

More Ways to Order White Coffee at Dutch Bros

While these are just a few of the delicious beverages that can be made with the specialty white coffee served at Dutch Bros, your options aren’t just limited to these. As long as you’re ordering an espresso-based drink, such as a latte or a mocha, you’re able to ask for your beverage to be made with white coffee.

Unfortunately, you can’t order any of the signature cold brew coffees or the nitro cold brew coffees with white coffee since the beans used in those are specific to those options and can’t be substituted.

So, if you’re favorite thing to get at your local Dutch Bros is a Golden Eagle, don’t hesitate to substitute the regular espresso with some white espresso coffee. We highly recommend giving it a go, you’ll be surprised with the difference!

Frequently Asked Questions

The topic of white coffee still may be fairly new to you, so we’re sure you have plenty more questions. We’ve answered just a few for you here!

What is the Flavor of White Coffee?

Usually, you’ll find that white coffee has a bright, nutty, and earthy taste. It’s got a slight acidity to it but since the sugars don’t caramelize in its roasting process, it has a light aftertaste.

It doesn’t taste as strong as regular coffee does, but don’t be fooled as it’s actually a more caffeinated bean than those that are fully roasted. There’s no denying that this is a strong coffee, just without the accompanying bold flavors seen in traditional coffees.

Is White Coffee Sweet or Bitter?

Due to the under-roasting method that’s used, white coffee doesn’t have a super bitter flavor. Instead, it’s got a sweet taste to it, more so than a fully roasted bean would have, especially dark roasts. The nutty, earthy, bright, and even sometimes floral notes carry through to a sweet and delicious brew.

Is White Coffee the Same as Blonde Roast?

Though you may assume at first that blonde roasted beans are the same as white coffee, that’s not exactly the case. The two types of beans are different in that blonde-roasted coffee is still considered to be fully roasted.

Meanwhile, white coffee is actually a special type of under-roasted or even half-roasted beans that only sit in the roaster for a short amount of time at very low temperatures.

What Can I Add to White Coffee?

While white coffee by itself is rather delicious and doesn’t necessarily need any additions to it, you may be someone who prefers a bit more of a creamier cup of coffee. If so, it’s usually recommended to add almond milk to the mix as it complements the earthy and nutty notes of the beans.

Of course, you can always add any other milk such as cream, whole milk, oat milk, or coconut milk if you have a different preference or can’t drink almond milk. As far as sweetening the white coffee, adding a little bit of sugar or Stevia goes a long way. Although, there are some flavors that work really well with the under-roasted coffee.

What Flavors Go Best With White Coffee?

If you’re looking to add a syrup flavor to your cup of white coffee or you’re using the specialty bean in a latte, you want to look at complementing flavors. Since there is an earthy and nutty flavor to the white coffee, it’s best to lean more towards syrups such as caramel, chocolate, hazelnut, or almond.

However, there are many delicious combinations you could come up with that will still taste great with white coffee. For a healthier alternative, you can also always use sugar-free syrups instead of regular syrups if you don’t want too many extra calories.

Wrapping Up

Overall, you can’t really go wrong with choosing to substitute your favorite espresso-based beverage at Dutch Bros with some sweet and bright white coffee. It’s the perfect option for a stronger and more flavorful coffee experience.

Choose from any featured on the recommended list above or come up with your own delicious drink. Either way, the specialty half-roasted beans definitely make for a yummy and caffeinating addition to your go-to brew!

Happy Caffeinating!

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