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Espro Travel Press Review

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Espro Travel Press Review

Can you imagine a world where the aristocratic French-Press legions coexist alongside the almighty pour-over titans?

Well, get ready for the two brew-style kingdoms to unify, all thanks to the arrival of the reigning Espro travel press P1.

Both coffee freeloaders and tea-heads can enjoy a much finer brew while on the go with this portable french-press-style tumbler. On the outside, this little bad boy disguises itself like any other travel mug. However, once the lid comes undone, out come a lot of surprises. Specifically, an advanced double filter that connects to a plunger rod to create cleaner, stronger coffee.

Read on to get more of the best sip!

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Things To Consider Before Buying An Espro Travel Press

Let me guess; you’re probably more of a coffee-aholic than I am if you find yourself inspecting what appears to be a fancy-schmancy french press coffee travel mug, which it is!

But do ask yourself first, how frequently are you on the go? Whether it’s days in the wilderness or the long commute to work and school, the Espro Press might be your new travel companion or even the perfect gift for another coffee-addict traveler.

This baby is also a game-changer for flight attendants, business executives who hate hotel-style brew, backpackers with some snobbish standards, and even hungover students needing a jolt in an 8 AM class.

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Although, I’ll admit it’s not ideal for all lifestyles. Since ordering and owning this Espro model for eight months now, I’ve overcome countless spilled accidents and realized it usually requires two hands to open it. On top of that, it may be leak-proof but not spill-proof! So, I’d say bike messengers, Uber drivers, outdoor enthusiasts, and the likes will not be the most receptive to the P1.

About The Espro Travel Press

ESPRO P1 French Press Coffee Maker for Travel - Double Walled Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated...

The  Espro travel coffee press P1 is a portable mug and a french press brewer combined, making it two products in one. Interestingly enough, the Espro brand was founded by two engineers who turned their love for problem-solving into a simple rescue mission for those deprived of a quality cup of coffee while away from home.

The sly little ninja has a limit capacity of up to 10 ounces for coffee or 12 ounces for tea and holds 14 ounces of water. It also has a slightly more lightweight sister, the  Espro Ultralight P0, containing four more ounces of liquid than her P1.

By now, I’d say the Espro press lives up to its key promises. For one, it prevents all specs of coffee grounds from penetrating your brew, making your morning sip clean and bitter-free. How it does this is through the patented double-layered extraction filter.

Then, another promise is that your drink will be guaranteed hotter for longer compared with a regular travel mug. This is accredited to its vacuum insulated stainless steel construction.

The Espro press comes in either matte black, matte gray, matte white, or brushed stainless steel. Its accessories include two dual-layered micro-filters, a detachable plunger rod, and a screw-on lid. Plus, optional paper filters to produce taste results similar to that of a pour-over brew.

Things We Like

  • Unique filtration system allows for a finer and cleaner brew
  • Double insulation for relatively long-lasting hot coffee
  • Versatile functions include tea brewing and optional paper filters
  • Stylish and compact in design
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning

Room For Improvement

  • Some users may find the travel press relatively pricey
  • The lid requires the use of both hands and will spill when moving while drinking
  • The capacity limit is relatively low

Features & Benefits

Unique Filtration System

The Espro travel press is unique already for being a two-in-one, but its advanced extraction filter makes it even more distinctive. The patented filtration system forces extraction to stop as soon as you press down on the plunger.

The Espro’s website claims there is twice as much filtering power as a standard press—and I couldn’t agree more. We’re talking about 9 to 12 times finer than a typical French press because the patented microfilter eliminates any grit or residue.

So, this resolves any tea/coffee-lovers’ dilemma with their face turning into a ‘bleh’ expression. They benefit from tasting little to no grainy texture in their drink. There’s also a slim chance for bitterness (over-extraction), even when your brew sits all day in the press.

Most notably, how you filter your grounds is just one small factor. Other crucial elements go into making the ‘perfect’ Joe, including the coffee bean you choose, and that’s anotherstory.

A Bulletproof And Insulated Vest

Generally speaking, the whole point with any travel mug is to ensure your beverage is kept well insulated. With the Espro press, its vacuum insulated stainless steel construction guarantees that your coffee is kept hot for at least four hours and even a little bit over six hours.

However, it is functional in every sense until you realize that this stylish devil could only brew no more than 10 ounces of coffee! Yes, it can potentially hold up further to 16 ounces if you remove the press, but eh! Come to think of it, also, shouldn’t I be monitoring my caffeine intake? Or is there no such thing?

Additionally, you can craft a cold brew with the Espro travel press. Then, if the item becomes problematic within a year from purchasing, you’re able to exchange for a new replacement with the company.

Versatile Kick

I know many coffee snobs who consider the French Press as the best brewing method. However, I also know too many so-called hipsters who love the seemingly straightforward and convenient pour-over setup. If you’re often torn between the two waging wars, I think you’ve just found a sweet and neutral spot with the Espro travel press.

Up its sneaky little plunger-sleeve, the P1 press has an extra tasty value – a paper-filter option! For those who prefer a cleaner and more vibrant taste, using the Espro paper filter is similar to achieving a pour-over method’s tastes.

All you have to do is slide in the mini paper filter between the two microfilters, which help trap more oils from the grounds. The paper filter is not required for you to use, but its purpose is to leave you with another choice to make a clean, oil-free brew. Plus, it’s about 10 times finer than the typical French press filter.

Needless to say, the main differences between using the paper filter vs. without it is that you’ll get a more full-bodied coffee, easier cleanup, and less waste without the paper filter.

Definitely A Secret Spy

In terms of design, the Espro is functional and simple. Its sleek and matte-smooth look gives it that well-posed and elegant facade, but really, it’s undercovered as a french-press brewer.

I personally went for the brushed stainless steel because I knew I would, eventually, handle the travel press with less care as I tend to throw things hastily in my bag at the last minute. With this model, I wouldn’t need to worry much about getting one of the colored models because their paint can easily scratch off.

So, the Espro travel press is slim enough to hold onto comfortably and easily slides into your car’s cup holder. Sometimes, I walk into the office like a boss holding what feels like any other Starbucks order—but even better.

Easy to Clean

ESPRO P1 French Press Coffee Maker for Travel - Double Walled Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated...

After a day’s hike or long hours in the office, I find it as easy as 1-2-3 to pop the Espro travel press into my dishwasher along with my other dirty, accumulated collectibles. However, I’ll admit that this Espro has small components that require you to unlock for thorough cleaning. Yet, it takes less than a minute. You’ll just need to simply twist the smaller filter from the secondary filter to separate them.

As with all French presses, the common issue that prevails is its intricate system that makes getting all the grounds out the trickiest part. So, rinsing with water is recommended, and be cautious of whether the water is safe if you are rinsing it in a lake or stream.

That being said, I wouldn’t recommend this Espro as a gift for your camping pals because you’ll need hot water to brew and then, the cleaning process takes a bit longer. Even with a paper filter, you’ll need to rinse it as well.

Additionally, the packaging claims the filters are free of harmful chemicals, particularly BPA, BPS, and phthalate.

Check out this quick video on how to use the Espro travel press here.

The Final Plunge & Alternatives

Overall, the Espro travel press concept is fascinating to me as an active backpacker who prefers bunk beds but still has a snobbish flair for high-end coffee choices. Espro seems to do all that it can to bring together the dreams of French-Press worshippers, pour-over missionaries, and on-the-go free spirits.

My favorite aspect is definitely the dual-layered plunger with optional paper filters to ensure I can keep my coffee hot – no matter where I am.

Of course, this travel press is not for everyone. I can imagine it is not relatively cheap for some, so I recommend other travel mugs that keep your drink hotter for longer and are more affordable, such as the Ello Campy with similar features.

Alternatively, for other french press travel mugs, try the much bigger Bodum travel press (15-ounce).

Happy Caffeinating!

Espro Travel Press Review: Hot & Fresh On Every Move
Espro Travel Press Review

Don't choose between travel and good coffee. The Espro Travel Press has you covered no matter where you're headed off to!

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