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Nespresso Evoluo vs Vertuoline: Which Model Is Best?

The Nespresso Evoluo and the VertuoLine Vertuo are more alike than they are different. We recommend the Evoluo if you need to serve more people and want hotter coffee, while we think the Vertuo is better for smaller spaces.

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You’re looking for the delicious and creamy taste of an espresso-style coffee drink without all the hassle and effort that a full-blown espresso machine can bring.

Luckily, Nespresso coffee systems are here to take your morning routine to the next level. While both members of the VertuoLine, the Nespresso Evoluo and Vertuo have many similarities and a few key differences.

Read on to see which of these convenient machines is right for your counter!


EvoluoVertuo (VertuoLine)
Dimensions (W x D x H)9.0 x 12.2 x 12.3 in8.3 x 11.91 x 11.9 in
Weight11 lb10.85 lb
Heat-Up Time15-25 sec15 sec
Used Capsule Capacity1713
Water Tank54 oz40 oz
Type of CapsulesVertuoLine OnlyVertuoLine Only
Cup Sizes44

What Is a Nespresso Machine?

Nespresso machines have all the convenience of a one-touch capsule coffee maker (much like a Keurig machine), but they are capable of making a variety of milk-based coffee recipes.

Simply place your desired coffee capsule into the machine, close the lid, press the single button, and get ready for a beautiful pour in just minutes!

How Is It Different From an Espresso Machine?

The biggest difference between a Nespresso and an espresso machine is that Nespresso automatic coffee machines use a capsule brewing system similar to Keurig’s machines, rather than the brewer grinding and tamping the coffee grounds themselves.

Espresso machines can be manual, semi-automatic, or super automatic. They offer more control over the brewing conditions than the Nespresso machines, but most require more effort on the part of the brewer.

Who Are These Machines For?

Nespresso machines are some of the best-designed coffee makers built for those who want convenience over control.

If you want your coffee in hand at the push of a button, a Nespresso machine could be right for you.

If you’re particular about the temperature of your hot water or the exact beans you use in your espresso, then these machines may not be for you.

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However, if you’re willing to give up control over these variables, you will enjoy all the convenience of the one-touch button brewing system.

Evoluo vs VertuoLine: What’s the Difference?

The Evoluo and Vertuo are part of Nespresso’s VertuoLine series of machines. This line includes Vertuo, Vertuo Plus, Vertuo Next, and Evoluo.

For the sake of this review, we will compare the Evoluo to the Vertuo, which is the first machine that launched the VertuoLine.

This line is a step up from Nespresso’s “OriginaLine” models in terms of quality and features. With either the Vertuo or Evoluo, you’re getting a more premium Nespresso experience.


Since both models use Nespresso’s one-touch brewing technology and the VertuoLine espresso capsules, the overall coffee quality won’t differ much between models.

Whichever machine you pick, you’re going to get a delicious, rich cup of espresso (or any number of espresso-based drinks).

This can be credited to the Centrifusion technology, which results in a flavorful brew with a rich crema.

Many coffee drinkers also report that the coffee made by VertuoLine capsules is stronger than the typical cup of coffee.

Both machines carry Nespresso’s proprietary capsule-scanning automatic coffee pod recognition technology, which means that the machines are only compatible with Nespresso’s VertuoLine capsules.

This is a big bummer for those who want to use reusable capsules, but environmentally conscious users will appreciate Nespresso’s capsule-recycling system.


A few slight differences may determine which espresso maker is right for you and your household.

For starters, Evoluo’s removable water tank capacity is 54 ounces, which is much larger than Vertuo’s 40 oz tank.

Water capacity may not be a big deal to you if you’re the only user of your coffee maker.

However, if you’re in a household with multiple coffee drinkers, a larger water reservoir is a must.

The Evoluo can also hold more used capsules before being emptied, with space for 17 capsules to the Vertuo’s 13 capsules.

However, when it comes to aesthetics and overall design, the VertuoLine is a sleeker design with a smaller footprint. It’s more likely to fit under your cabinet and not take up too much counter space in your kitchen.

Evoluo vs VertuoLine: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Nespresso Evoluo

On Sale

Due to its generous water reservoir and large used capsule container, the Nespresso Evoluo is a fantastic machine for those in larger households or heavy coffee drinkers who will be using it multiple times a day.

Combined with its lightning-fast 15-second brew time, you can serve several people quickly and easily.

Things We Like:

  • The capsule-based coffee maker can brew five different coffee cup sizes up to 17-ounce travel mugs, which is a generous cup size for any coffee lover.
  • Evoluo’s 54-ounce water reservoir beats out the Vertuo’s capacity, and it’s a great size for families with several coffee drinkers.
  • The brew time is only 15 seconds, which is perfect for busy coffee lovers who need their cup of coffee to go. It’s also great for multiple coffee drinkers since long brew times can lead to slow service.
  • Nespresso offers a free capsule recycling program, so users can send the capsules back, which is a fantastic eco-friendly feature.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • The coffee could be hotter, which is a disappointment when you consider the speed and quality of the brew.
  • The overall design is a bit heavy and clunky and not as sleek as other models in the VertuoLine. Users with limited counter space may struggle to fit it in.
  • This machine is only compatible with the Nespresso VertuoLine capsules due to Nespresso’s pod-scanning technology. These capsules are more expensive and the cost of these single-use capsules can add up quickly.

The Bottom Line

While not the most streamlined design, the Evoluo is a solid choice for anyone who needs a workhorse of a coffee machine.

The convenience of the one-touch brewing system can’t be beaten and compared to the Vertuo, it’s a larger, more powerful machine capable of handling a heavy workload.

The most significant disappointment with this model is that its reliance on Nespresso’s exclusive line of capsules can be a burden long-term.

Still, if you’re ok with using Nespresso’s capsules from the start, you’ll love the Evoluo.

Nespresso VertuoLine (Vertuo)

Compared to the Evoluo, the Nespresso Vertuo, which was the first model in the Nespresso VertuoLine, is streamlined and slim. It has a smaller footprint and an overall simpler design.

It’s a great basic machine if you’re not concerned with added features like water capacity.

While the Evoluo beats out the VertuoLine in these aspects, it’s still an excellent machine for those who only need the basics.

Things We Like:

  • The stylish, modern design fits on most countertops easily and won’t take up too much room in your kitchen.
  • You have a variety of drink styles to choose from, meaning you’ll never get bored with your morning cup of coffee.
  • The brewing system is easy and fast, with a one-touch operation that works like a charm. With regular cleaning, the machine is easy to maintain, and troubleshooting is usually pretty simple.
  • The espresso it produces is rich and delicious, with a beautiful, rich crema on top.
  • The water heats up in 15-20 seconds, meaning you never have to worry about your morning cup of great-tasting coffee slowing you down.

Things We Don’t Like:

  • This machine is only compatible with Nespresso VertuoLine capsules, which are expensive and can add up.
  • The aluminum capsules aren’t as eco-friendly as reusable capsules; however, Nespresso offers a recycling program to help with this.
  • Compared to other coffee and espresso machines, the water isn’t as piping hot as it could be.

The Bottom Line

The VertuoLine’s Vertuo is a sleek and sophisticated machine that will serve most coffee drinkers well, without any extra frills or fuss.

If you’re a single user who’s only drinking one or two cups per day, the 40-ounce water reservoir will be more than enough to keep you going.


Do You Need Speed?

If you constantly find yourself in a rush during the early morning hours, a Nespresso machine with its one-button brewing system is exactly what you need.

It simplifies the coffee-brewing process, allowing you to get on with your day quickly.

However, while both of these models are fast and convenient, the Vertuo beats the Evoluo in just a few seconds.

That being said, the extra few seconds of heating time allows the Evoluo to brew a hotter cup of coffee.

If time is of the essence and you need your gourmet coffee yesterday, then you may want to choose the Vertuo. If you can afford a few seconds more in the interest of a hotter brew, choose the Evoluo.

Does Size Matter?

One of the most significant and noticeable differences between the two machines is that the Evoluo has a much more ample water tank size.

Its 54-ounce capacity is perfect for three or four coffee drinkers, whether that’s in an office setting or a bustling family home with sizeable daily coffee consumption.

By comparison, the Vertuo’s 40-ounce capacity seems tiny, but it’s still the perfect size for a single coffee fanatic who drinks a couple of excellent quality coffee drinks per day.

If you plan on using your machine multiple times a day, or if you’re buying it for multiple users, the Evoluo will be the better option. If it’s just you, consider the VertuoLine Vertuo.


The Nespresso Evoluo and the VertuoLine both have a lot in common, and both machines are excellent choices in their own right. Our recommendation?

Analyze your coffee-drinking habits and go with the Evoluo if a piping hot brew is important to you or if you’re buying the machine for a larger family or office environment.

However, stick with the VertuoLine if simplicity and overall size are a priority. Either way, you’re sure to get a rich and creamy cup of espresso out of the deal!

Whichever model you choose, be sure to keep your owner’s manual nearby for troubleshooting and repairs. Knowing your machine inside and out is crucial to keeping it going for years to come!

Happy Caffeinating!

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