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Fabula Coffee Review: A Tasty Low-Acid Choice

If you love coffee but you don’t love the way it makes you feel, there are low-acid healthy options out there, and Fabula Coffee is one that tastes just as good as regular coffee.

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When it comes to coffee, even though we might love it, it might not always make us feel the best. Yes, we may get the energy we so desperately need to get through the day, but that doesn’t mean it’s doing great things for our bodies.

Luckily there are a few options out there when it comes to healthy and low-acid coffee. That’s why, when I was sent a couple of bags from Fabula Coffee to try, I was curious to see if the healthy beans really tasted as good as your average coffee.

So, to give you all the dirty details, I put together a little review of Fabula Coffee so you can decide if it’s a good choice for you.

Fabula Coffee Review

What is Fabula Coffee?

fabula coffee logo
Fabula Coffee
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This Low-Acid, Organic Coffee Will Bring Back Your Morning Routine Without The Heartburn and Stomach Pain…

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Fabula Coffee started out as an attempt to find the purest coffee possible that’s entirely organic and also tastes good. Through that mission, they eventually partnered with small coffee farms to create Fabula.

Not only do they strive to make 100% organic, healthy, and tasty coffee, but they also have a goal to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

3 different packs of Fabula Coffee

Because the high-quality beans are grown by organic farmers at high elevations in shade, the coffee is low acidity. This means that the coffee is healthy and easy on the digestive system to prevent stomach aches and heartburn.

the open side of the Fabula Coffee Decaf Medium package on the coffee beans

Another thing Fabula prioritizes in their company is that the coffee is always freshly roasted. Since it’s roasted and bagged right before they ship it out to customers, it’s always guaranteed that it’s fresh. You can even choose whether you want it delivered as whole beans or ground.

Fabula’s organic coffee, which is better for your health and the planet, is free from pesticides, mold, and mycotoxins. Each bag is labeled as 100% organic, vegan, non-GMO, low-acid, and single origin.

Fabula Coffee Review

Now that you know a little bit about the Fabula Coffee company itself, I’m excited to share with you what I received from them and my thoughts on what I tried.

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Fabula Coffee box

When I received the box in the mail, it was easy to tell that it was from Fabula because of the friendly design and message on the actual box. Inside, I was welcomed with two decently sized bags of coffee: an espresso roast and a medium roast.

Fabula Coffee medium roast and espresso

Espresso Roast

Fabula Espresso Organic Coffee

The espresso roast, which came in a black bag, is a medium-dark roast from the region Colombia and made from the varietal of Caturra, Variedad Colombia, and Castillo. The process is fully washed, the noted aromas are raisin, dark fruits, plum, nuts, and brown sugar, and the noted flavors are prune, brown sugar, mild citrus tones, caramel, praline, and dark berries.

Fabula 100% Organic Espresso Single Origin Colombia Coffee

This comes from the small area of Inza, which is in a mountainous region that has a unique climate, soil, and nature, perfect for a delicious coffee bean. The Pillimue family, which made this selection possible, is one of the many farmers in the area that use organic practices.

Fabula Espresso Organic Coffee black pack

When I first opened this exciting bag of beans, I was immediately hit with the strong fragrance of dark fruit, plum, and a hint of a nutty smell. Without much more delay, other than of course getting a few pictures of the very aesthetically pleasing bag, I got to brewing the espresso bean.

Fabula Espresso Organic Coffee - scattered coffee beans

Since I got the roast in whole bean form, I pulled out my grinder and was happy to find that the comforting aroma carried through to the ground coffee. Even after pulling a shot of the espresso, I could smell the prune aroma, with a hint of citrus.

At first, I tried the espresso just by itself and I could really taste the dark berries. It was tart but sweet, and undoubtedly something unique compared to other espresso roasts I’ve tasted.

Fabula Espresso Organic Coffee next to a mug of Espresso, Espresso with ice and Espresso with oat milk

I then decided to add some ice and oat milk to see how the taste varied as a latte. It definitely held a much lighter and sweeter taste with those editions, but I could still taste the notes of citrus.

Fabula Espresso Organic Coffee next to a mug of Espresso

What We Like About It

There are many things to like about this espresso roast from Fabula Coffee. First, and most obviously, the fact that it’s a low-acid coffee that’s actually healthy for you and entirely organic.

Of course, when looking at the actual taste review, I do have to say that even with it being a healthy coffee, it was still just as good, strong, and flavorful as your average cup of joe. It was a unique tasting experience, and one that I’m surprised is so healthy!

What Could Be Better

Ultimately, when it comes to coffee, it’s hard to say what’s good and what’s not considering everyone likes different things. As I said before, there was nothing in the taste or smell to indicate that this was a healthy coffee, so none of that was affected.

In a more personal opinion, I found the espresso roast to be a bit too tart and citrusy for my taste. Of course, some may find this to be a good thing!

Medium Roast

Fabula Coffee Medium Roast

The second bag of coffee I received, the medium roast, came in a brown bag and is from the region of Peru, made from the varietal of Caturra, Catuai, and Catimor. The process is fully washed, the noted aromas are nuts, brown sugar, and mild fruits, and the noted flavors are caramelized sugars, nutty, chocolate, and rich.

Fabula Coffee Medium Roast Peru Single Origin

The medium roast is considered Fabula’s front-runner and is said to be tasty, round, classic, and perfectly balanced. From the northern highlands of Peru, near the Andes Mountains, the coffee is grown at an altitude of nearly 7,000 feet. This allows the coffee cherries to have more time to ripen, giving them more distinct flavors.

The farms in this area are very remote, making it a bit harder to gather this coffee, but the special microclimates really make it worth it. In this region, there are also cooperatives that help farmers with agricultural training and financial support, making this coffee both delicious and beneficial.

Fabula Coffee Medium Roast scattered coffee beans

At first open, the aroma was sweet, caramelly, nutty, and comforting. I was eager to pull out my French press and brew up some of this medium roast, so I ground some of the beans to a coarse texture and got to it.

Fabula Coffee Medium Roast Beans

The delicious smell really carried through to the coffee, just as much as the espresso roast had. Upon first sip, I could really taste the nutty flavor note and a faint hint of chocolate, as well as brown sugar.

fabula coffee logo
Fabula Coffee
Our rating:

This Low-Acid, Organic Coffee Will Bring Back Your Morning Routine Without The Heartburn and Stomach Pain…

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Fabula Coffee in brown pack next to a mug of coffee

The roast was rather sweet and round, making this a not-so-heavy or intense cup. Overall, the tasting notes were a good combination, and it was even slightly fruity.

Fabula Coffee pack with scattered coffee beans next to a mug of coffee

What We Like About It

Aside from the fact that it’s coffee that’s good for you, I highly enjoyed this cup of joe. It was sweet, nutty, and chocolatey, but it wasn’t too heavy or rich. I could definitely say I would drink this one again and I’d love to try different things with it.

What Could Be Better

Nothing is perfect, and as I mentioned before, coffee is something that’s mostly dependent on personal taste. For me, there wasn’t anything that I didn’t like about this medium roast. I found it to be a perfect combination of flavor, body, and aroma.

Fabula Coffee: Frequently Asked Questions

Apart from the review of this yummy coffee, you may have a few more questions regarding Fabula Coffee, how they make it, and more. Luckily, we have all the answers for you.

Fabula Coffee Medium Roast Whole Beans: Peru and Colombia

Is Fabula Medium Roast Coffee Healthy?

Yes. As I mentioned earlier, all of Fabula’s coffee is considered healthy because it is 100% organic, low-acid, vegan, and non-GMO. This goes for their most popular coffee, the medium roast, as well.

Are the Bags Nitrogen-Flushed or Vacuum-Sealed?

Fabula’s coffee bags are vacuum-sealed and come with a breathing valve to ensure lasting freshness. After you open the bag, if you don’t have an air-tight container to transfer the beans to, it’s okay to keep them in the bag as long as you make sure it’s closed properly.

Where is Fabula Coffee From?

Fabula Coffee actually sources from many different farms and countries, but the coffee is mostly from Latin America. The bestselling bags they have come from Peru, Colombia, and Mexico. No matter where they come from, Fabula ensures that they come from small organic farms that grow in high, shady elevations.

Is Fabula Coffee Mold Free?

While you may be surprised to learn that coffee can actually be moldy, Fabula’s coffee is not. They make sure to test all their coffee for mycotoxins and other bacteria so that you know you’re getting good coffee.

Fabula Coffee – Final Thoughts

Fabula Coffee medium roast and espresso

As far as Fabula Coffee goes, there are two things you can be sure of. First, it’s completely healthy because of its low acidity and non-GMO/organic guarantees. And second, you’re getting high-quality coffee, grown in high elevations by small organic farmers and tested for mold.

fabula coffee logo
Fabula Coffee
Our rating:

This Low-Acid, Organic Coffee Will Bring Back Your Morning Routine Without The Heartburn and Stomach Pain…

Check Price

You’ll have to take my word for it tasting just as delicious as your average bag of beans. From my tasting of the espresso roast and medium roast, I can safely say that Fabula produces tasty, healthy coffee.

My favorite out of the two probably has to be the medium roast because of how well the tasting notes work together and the round body giving it a soft mouthfeel.

Regardless, if you’re a coffee lover but you get stomach aches, or heartburn, or you just don’t always like the way coffee makes your body feel, I highly recommend trying Fabula Coffee out. Have your energizing cup of coffee without feeling bad about it!

Happy Caffeinating!

Fabula Coffee Review: A Tasty Low-Acid Choice
Fabula Coffee Review 1

A Fabula Coffee review that highlights a low-acid, healthy, and organic coffee, focused on the espresso and medium roasts.

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