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Yes Plz Coffee Review: Roasting Outside The Box

Yes Plz Coffee offers weekly rotating coffee that’s delicious no matter how you choose to brew.

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Starting a coffee subscription can be a struggle for many home baristas, not to mention stressful. Especially if you don’t have a strong idea of what flavors and roasts you may enjoy, choosing a coffee roast to commit to every month can be somewhat daunting.

However, you can loosen the reins when you begin a subscription with Yes Plz Coffee! All the pressure of deciding your prefer roasts and flavors disappear, because Yes Plz takes care of all of it for you. Read our full analysis of one of the most hands-off, stress-free, and fun coffee subscriptions we’ve ever reviewed!

three different coffee bean packs are in the subscription box from Yes Plz Coffee.

three different coffee bean packs are in the subscription box from Yes Plz Coffee.
Yes Plz Coffee Subscription
Our rating:

Each week, we deliver an insanely-delicious, ever‑evolving mix of the best beans the coffee world has to offer!


The wholesome History behind Yes Plz

Yes PLZ Coffee Review

For artists that are passionate about their craft, community between creative individuals is often valued over competition. In the coffee world, sharing knowledge and experience can help both amateurs and aficionados grow in their skillsets, making for better tasting coffee. This is exactly how the dynamic duo behind Yes Plz, Tony “Tonx” Konecny and Sumi Ali, combined their forces to create Yes Plz. 

However, we all know Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was the idea behind Yes Plz. The establishment of Yes Plz took several years to make a reality, and it wasn’t until Tonx and Sumi combined forces that it became possible. During their time in the San Francisco and Los Angeles areas, they learned cultivation and roasting techniques from the successes and not-so-big successes from surrounding coffee companies throughout the 2000s and mid 2010s. 

With Tonx working his way through coffee shops, bars, and restaurants throughout Los Angeles and opening Tonx Coffee in 2011, combined with Sumi’s experience in roasting and experience in Los Angeles at Intelligentsia Coffee and at SQIRL/G&B Coffee, the two paired up in 2013. The goal? To bring authentic, small-batch roasted coffee out of prestigious coffee shops and into the everyday lives of home coffee drinkers. Alas, “Yes Plz” was born! 

The Mission Today

Through their combined barista experience in the professional coffee world, Tonx and Sumi both realized that good coffee had a reputation that it was only for the exclusive, prestigious, ritzy cafe and large scale coffee scene. As a result, the message was that access to high-quality coffee at home required professional training, practice, and experience. 

For Tonx and Sumi, this idea was total horse crap. Every coffee lover should have access to one-of-a-kind craft coffee, and Yes Plz makes this possible by roasting its beans carefully and artistically, without cutting corners and sacrificing quality to meet high-quality demands. 

So how does Yes Plz accomplish this? Yes Plz is on a mission to deliver well-roasted, aromatic coffee from their roaster in Los Angeles across the United States and straight to your front door. However, Yes Plz is not a typical coffee subscription service. Why? Because with each delivery of freshly roasted coffee, you can experience new roasts and flavors with every batch that arrives to your home. 

Our Review

Yes PLZ Coffee Review

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So how do you begin a subscription with Yes Plz? All you need to do is choose how much coffee you want and how often you want to receive it. Through this method, the pressure of choosing which roast you think you want to receive and when is removed because Yes Plz makes the choice for you–choosing the roasting levels and the notes of flavor as well. 

Yes PLZ Coffee Review

Dispatch 111–Buena Esperanza

The heart of this blend is a creamy bean hailing from Huehuetenango tempered with a mellow but mighty Peru and a juicy and vibrant Kenya. Great flavors to kick off a great 2021! 

Yes PLZ Coffee Review

Right off the bat we appreciated Yes Plz’s packaging, because we received our beans blemish free despite the long journey during the shipping process. In addition, the bag is also sealed extremely well, and the roast also comes with a delightful description of the roast, including everything we needed to know about where the beans are sourced from, how they are roasted, and the notes of flavor to expect after brewing.

Yes PLZ Coffee Review

For our review, we received Dispatch 111–the Buena Esperanza Blend. Yes Plz crafted this blend with beans from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, along with mellow-flavored beans from San Ignacio, Peru and vibrant notes of flavor from beans cultivated in Nyeri, Kenya. 

Yes PLZ Coffee Review

Roasted on January 2nd, 2021, the Buena Esperanza blend was rich in sweet flavors of citrus, caramel, with a bright yet not overwhelming acidity. 

How we brewed it

Yes PLZ Coffee Review

To really accentuate the flavors within this roast, we decided to brew it using the pour-over method. Using our Chemex along with a pour-over filter and kettle from Barista Warrior, we were able to accentuate and highlight the notes of flavor that make the Buena Esperanza blend unique.

Yes PLZ Coffee Review

We ground the whole beans to  a medium grind size to ensure that the flavors were extracted thoroughly and consistently to make for a robust brew.

Yes PLZ Coffee Review

A medium size grind is perfect to ensure that the coffee isn’t under or over-extracted. Though it would pair deliciously with creamer and sweetener, the Buena Esperanza is savory enough as regular black coffee! 

Yes PLZ Coffee Review

All in all, from the delightful weekly comics, refreshing music recommendations, spunky sticker, and savory coffee, we highly enjoyed our coffee delivery from Yes Plz. If you’re obsessed with coffee and are looking to experiment and brew with different roasts, then a subscription with Yes Plz is one you won’t regret! 

Yes PLZ Coffee Review

How Do I Sign Up? 

Don’t let the process of signing up for a coffee subscription intimidate you! Yes Plz wants the registration process to be short, sweet, and simple as possible–leaving you to enjoy delicious coffee without the extra haggling or worrying. 

Yes PLZ Coffee Review

The first step is deciding how much coffee you’d like to receive. There are two different sizes of bags: an 8.8 OZ bag that makes about 15-20 cups of coffee, or a 12 OZ bag that makes 18-25 cups of coffee. In addition, you can also choose how frequently you prefer to receive your coffee, the options ranging from once a week, or once a month. 

And of you still aren’t sure about committing to a continuous subscription with Yes Plz, there is an option to try a small 2 OZ sample amount of coffee for only a $3 flat rate shipping fee! 

Things We Love


Yes Plz doesn’t only care about the quality of their coffee, but providing accessibility to a variety of different coffees for their subscribers as well. We thoroughly enjoy Yes Plz simply because of the kaleidoscopic variety of flavors and roasts that the company offers.

Yes Plz packaging of The Mix 219 "Beauty Shop" coffee stands on coffee beans

Each week, Yes Plz features a new delectable coffee to brew at home–an offer that is unlike every other subscription service we’ve encountered. Now you can try all the flavors you’ve been trying to experiment with–every single week! 

Ease & Efficiency 

Authenticity, ease, and efficiency don’t often come hand-in-hand, but Yes Plz makes it possible. Larger scale coffee companies who roast their coffee in giant batches and then package it just so the bags of coffee can sit on grocery store shelves and slowly get stale and dull in flavor. Unlike these larger companies, Yes Plz’s dedication to small-batch roasting coffee to keep the beans fresh and savory from the time that they’re packaged until they reach your home. 

Yes Plz package of Single Origin Roger Chilcon Flores coffee stands next to a cup of brewed coffee

In addition, Yes Plz also keeps you updated on when the newest roast will be available for shipping, and features a brief description of each new roast on the homepage to give you an idea of what to expect. 

Decaf Option 

Yes Plz packaging of Delicious Decaf Cerrado Select and Royal Natural coffee stands on coffee beans

To the coffee lovers who are caffeine cautious: fear not! Yes Plz offers decaf roasts that are just as delicious as the regular, fully-caffeinated roasts! Releasing their decaf roasts on the first of every month, you can rest assured that you will receive the same delicious flavor, just without the overwhelming effects of caffeine. 

IMG 3737 scaled

Things To remember

no coffee ground options

Understandably, there isn’t really much that we don’t enjoy about Yes Plz. A subscription service unlike any we’ve encountered so far, as well as the unique personality, passion, and dedication behind developing some of the most authentic blends that money can buy, it’s hard not to completely fall in love with Yes Plz. 

However, this can be a double-edged sword because Yes Plz doesn’t offer ground coffee options. Ultimately, we at Roasty support buying whole beans and then grinding them at home right before brewing, but we also understand that some home coffee drinkers may not have access to a grinder to do this.

For those who are still interested in a subscription with Yes Plz, there are many different home coffee grinders that you can utilize, and we have a list of some of the best home coffee grinders to choose from right  here

Who’s It Best Fit For?

We recommend Yes Plz for the experimental coffee lover who’s looking to widen their coffee knowledge and palate. With a subscription to Yes Plz, you’ll be exploring different roasts, roasting techniques, and beans from different parts of the world. You’ll need to be flexible and open-minded to enjoy the variety of coffees you’ll have access to through Yes Plz, which may not be ideal for every home coffee brewers. 

If you like a simple, consistent flavor and roast to wake up to each morning, then you may want to stick to your old faithful coffee of choice. Likewise, if you aren’t super comfortable with change in your morning coffee flavors and routines, then there are several different roasts that you can try at your  local supermarket to keep you consistent and satisfied! 

The Verdict

Yes Plz has impressed us from the moment it arrived to our door, to the last sip left in the cup. There are several impressive coffee subscription services out there, but none are as unique or constantly changing in variety as Yes Plz.

three different coffee bean packs are in the subscription box from Yes Plz Coffee.
Yes Plz Coffee Subscription
Our rating:

Each week, we deliver an insanely-delicious, ever‑evolving mix of the best beans the coffee world has to offer!


We thoroughly enjoy the idea of surprising home coffee drinkers with roasts, flavors, and brands of coffee that would be difficult for them to experience through other methods. Changing the roasting levels and flavors within the beans provides a delicious and exciting experience for many coffee lovers to enjoy, whether they are amateurs in the coffee world or experienced coffee connoisseurs. 

So have fun experimenting with Yes Plz, and as always:

Happy Сaffeinating! 

Yes Plz Coffee Review: Roasting Outside The Box
IMG 3751

Want flavor-filled coffee? Say "Yes!" to Yes Plz! The vibrant flavors from Yes Plz will have you craving a second cup with every sip.

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