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How To Make A Latte In A Ninja Coffee Maker

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I poured milk in my coffee and called it a latte for years before I realized that it was just basic coffee without that delicious shot of espresso. So the first time I sipped an authentic, delicious latte with steamed milk and hot espresso, I vowed never to go back.

With the Ninja Coffee Bar or Dual Brew, I don’t need some high-end authentic espresso machine to make high-quality lattes. So if you’re thinking about taking the plunge, check out this thorough review of all the most popular Ninja Coffee Makers. I promise you won’t regret it.

Then come right back here for delicious coffee drink recipes, like lattes! And the best part is, you never have to leave your home.

Ninja Coffee Maker Latte

What You’ll Need:


  • 3-4 Ninja Single-Serve Scoops of your favorite ground coffee
  • one cup of milk or milk substitute, divided into 3/4 and 1/4 cups
  • your Ninja DualBrew or Ninja Coffee Bar System
  • a 12-ounce cup

Step One:

Whether I’m making cold-brew coffee, hot drip coffee, or iced coffee, I always start by preparing my Ninja Coffee Bar or DualBrew. First, make sure the Ninja Coffee Bar is plugged in and powered on. Then, be sure to fill the water reservoir. 

Add 3-4 Ninja Single-Serve Scoops of ground coffee directly into the coffee basket. I love strong coffee, so I always add four.

Did you know? With the Ninja DualBrew, you have the option to use coffee pods or regular coffee grounds. So if you want to use a k-cup instead, be my guest! 

Step Two: 

Next, let’s get our milk ready. 

Fill one 12-ounce cup with 3/4 cup of milk or milk substitute. Most people opt to use 2% milk, but I love to use almond milk for my lattes.

Microwave your mug for 45-60 seconds to heat milk until it’s steaming.

You won’t need your glass carafe or thermal carafe for this drink, so set those aside. Instead, place your cup directly onto the warming plate or single-cup platform.

Step Three:

Time to brew the espresso. I love strong coffee, and the Ninja Coffee Bar and DualBrew have a specialty brew setting that delivers four ounces of concentrated coffee directly into your mug. It’s an at-home automatic espresso machine!

Select the Specialty Brew button and be sure the drip stop is open. The Ninja Coffee Bar All-in-one Coffee Maker has a variety of brew sizes. But for our real espresso brewing process, only four ounces will dispense into your cup of coffee. 

Did you know that the Ninja DualBrew allows you to use K-cups as well as ground coffee? Just put the pod adapter into the brew basket and enjoy delicious cups of coffee with any k-cup you like.

Step Four:

Now we’re ready to froth the remaining milk. Whether you’re using the built-in milk frother or Easy Milk Frother, you’ll have frothy milk in seconds.

Ninja Coffee Bar: Pour the remaining 1/4 cup of milk into your Easy Milk Frother and press the hand-pump frother about 15 times.

Ninja Dual Brew: Hold the 1/4 cup of milk under the built-in milk frother and submerge the whisk just below the surface. Press and hold the top button for 30-45 seconds to froth milk. 

You can also use a handheld milk frother to create the frothy milk you love.

Pour the milk foam over the top.


If you hate wiping up the drips from the milk frother attachment, hold your cup of milk under the whisk to catch any drips as you take it to the sink.

What else can you do?

Putting milk into coffee seems like something only the casual coffee drinker would do. But, do you want to up your coffee game? Want to impress the coffee experts in your life? Try some of these ideas to elevate your latte.

Make it an iced latte

Skip the steamed milk and put ice directly into your cup. You can still use the Specialty Brew Button or switch to the Over Ice Setting, and you have iced coffee. 

Quick Tip: Freeze any leftover coffee you might have and use it as ice cubes. You can use these for iced lattes, iced cappuccinos, and iced coffee without getting that watered-down flavor.

Make it a Cinnamon Spice Latte

Add two tablespoons of vanilla syrup and sugar right into the steamed milk, then top the whole thing with fresh ground cinnamon. It’s a delicious seasonal drink that you enjoy year-round.

Use Flavored Coffee Beans

Nobody said your coffee beans had to be boring! Try using hazelnut ground coffee, and you’ll love the four ounces of hazelnut espresso that make your latte out-of-this-world delicious. Try any flavors of coffee you like.

Make it anything you want

You can add any syrups or flavors you want to make a delicious latte in the comfort of your home.

Happy Caffeinating!

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