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Ninja Iced Coffee Recipe: Chilled, Refreshing Coffee at Home

Unleash your inner barista by making your morning iced coffee with a Ninja Coffee Bar System. Kiss long café lines goodbye and say hello to home-brewed goodness with these Ninja iced coffee recipes.

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If your go-to order at the local café is an iced coffee, you’re in good company. Many prefer something cold over a piping hot cup of coffee. But there’s a downside to going somewhere for your cold coffee fix every morning: doing this can put a dent in your wallet quickly.

There’s a simple solution: make iced coffee at home with the Ninja Coffee Bar System.

And just in case it wasn’t clear, we mean a Ninja Coffee Bar system, not the assassin. That would be weird. And probably kind of messy.

We’ve gotten to try a lot of home coffee-brewing systems, and Ninja coffee makers are some of our all-time favorites. These bad boys can make a single cup or full carafe of coffee and appeal to a variety of coffee drinkers, from black coffee lovers to add-in addicts.

Below, we walk you through making iced coffee with one of these brewers. We’re sharing two recipes, but don’t feel bound to them. We like to think of these recipes as an outline. You can add all kinds of delicious ingredients — caramel sauce, brown sugar, chocolate chips, or flavored syrups, for instance — to them to make an amazing coffee creation that’s uniquely yours.

ninja iced coffee recipe

Key Takeaways

  • Using a Ninja coffee bar system to make iced coffee at home is a cost-effective alternative to daily trips to the local coffeehouse.
  • A Ninja Coffee Bar system can produce a variety of iced coffee recipes with ease, including Classic Iced Coffee and a sweet, decadent Iced Coffee with Chocolate.
  • Ninja coffee makers have enough settings to please almost every coffee drinker. They can brew entire pots of coffee, single servings, and hot and iced drinks. Select models even have a cold brew coffee option.

How To Make Iced Coffee With the Ninja Coffee Bar System

Avoid the coffee shop hassle by using one of these Ninja iced coffee recipes to make your morning cup.

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Before you start brewing, note that the instructions are for those using a Ninja with single-serve brewing capabilities. You can still make these drinks if you’re using an automatic drip coffee maker that only has a carafe, like the Ninja CE251. However, you’ll need to add more of each ingredient and measure with Ninja carafe scoops instead of single-serve ones.

Classic Iced Coffee

This recipe is simple, leaving you plenty of room for experimentation. Elevate your cold coffee drink with add-ins — a splash of creamer, a bit of almond milk, flavored syrup, or a sprinkle of cinnamon, for example — or enjoy it black.

You’ll Need

  • 2-3 Ninja single-serve scoops of ground coffee
  • Filtered water
  • A glass filled with ice

The Process

Step One

Scoop your favorite ground beans into the Ninja’s brew basket. We’re crazy about using dark roast coffee for iced drinks, but you can use whatever coffee roast you like.

Step Two

Make sure your brewer’s water tank has enough filtered water to make your cup of coffee. Then, place your ice-filled container on the single-cup platform.

Step Three

Select the appropriate cup size and brew setting on your machine. If your Ninja coffee maker has it, you’ll want to press the Over Ice button. Then, hit the start button.

Step Four

Enjoy a fresh-brewed delicious coffee drink!

Rich Iced Coffee With Chocolate Coffee for One

Chocolate is always a good idea, especially when it’s paired with the bold coffee flavor you know and love. This drink recipe combines the two beautifully, resulting in a decadent treat that will put some pep in your step and satisfy your sweet tooth.

You’ll Need

  • Ice-filled cup
  • Filtered water
  • 2 teaspoons of chocolate syrup
  • Creamer or milk to taste
  • Your favorite coffee

The Process

Step One

Fold out your Ninja brewer’s single-serve platform. Then, place a glass filled with ice (or coffee ice cubes if you’re worried about watered-down joe) on it.

Step Two

Select your desired cup size and press the Over Ice brew style button on your machine. Choosing the right brew style is an important part of the brewing process, as this setting lets the Ninja brew at a lower temperature.

Step Three

Pour your coffee of choice into the machine. For some, this means adding a few scoops of ground coffee to the brewer. For others, this means putting a pod adapter and a K-Cup pod into the brew basket. Simply put, add beans however your Ninja takes them.

Then, press the start button and let your Ninja coffee maker do its thing.

Step Four

Once you’ve got a glass full of iced coffee, stir in chocolate syrup and a splash of milk, creamer, or non-dairy milk alternative.

After that, you’re ready to enjoy your chocolatey chilled coffee. If you’re feeling wild, top it with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of chocolate shavings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Ninja Coffee Maker Make Cold Brew?

Some iced coffee drinkers want cold-brewed joe instead of regular cold drip. And they’re in luck: Ninja has a coffee maker to accommodate them.

The Ninja Hot & Cold Brewed system makes a batch of cold brew in 10 to 15 minutes. The brewer dispenses smooth, naturally sweet joe you can sip on its own or in one of the iced coffee recipes above. It even has an automatic frother that lets you top your fresh cold brew with a layer of frothy milk.

On Sale

We tend to lean toward slower cold-brewing methods, but when you crave cold brew and can’t wait 12 to 24 hours for your ground beans to steep in a glass jar, this machine saves the day.

What Do You Need To Make Iced Coffee With a Ninja Coffee Bar System?

You don’t need a lot of supplies to make iced coffee with a Ninja Coffee Bar system. Besides the brewer, all you’ll need is:

  • Ground coffee or coffee pods
  • Ice cubes
  • Your favorite add-ins

What if Your Ninja Doesn’t Have an Over Ice Setting?

Plenty of Ninja Coffee Bar systems — the Hot & Cold Brewed System, the DualBrew and DualBrew Pro models, and the Specialty Coffee Maker, to name a few — have an Over Ice setting. However, this setting isn’t necessary for making iced joe. Just make hot coffee according to your brewer’s instructions. Then, let it cool in the refrigerator for a bit before serving.

Can a Pod Brew a Full Carafe?

Unfortunately, a single coffee pod cannot fill the Ninja coffee maker’s glass carafe with iced coffee. If you want more than a single serving, you’ll need to use a few scoops of ground coffee instead.

Make Delicious Iced Coffee at Home

Iced coffee is one of the most popular caffeinated drinks, and thanks to a good coffee machine like a Ninja Coffee Bar system, you can enjoy this stuff in the comfort of your home. Some of these java makers have built-in brewing settings that make concocting a refreshing beverage a simple, pain-free experience.

The recipes above make a great starting point for your home-brewing endeavors. But don’t be afraid to try other methods and add-ins until you create the perfect iced coffee drink.

Happy Caffeinating!

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