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How To Make Hot Chocolate In A Ninja Coffee Maker

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Do you crave a cup of hot chocolate on a cold night but hate the mess it makes in your microwave? I do too! So I use my Ninja Coffee Maker to brew a rich, delicious hot cocoa with none of the mess.

If you don’t own one, take it from the world’s most committed coffee drinker, you are missing out! We have thoroughly reviewed all the best Ninja coffee makers available. You’ll be making specialty coffees like your favorite coffee shop in no time.

And the Ninja DualBrew or Coffee Bar machine is great for making so much more than your favorite ground coffee. So keep reading for a delicious homemade hot chocolate recipe.

Ninja Coffee Bar Hot Chocolate

What You’ll Need

  • your favorite 12-ounce mug
  • your Ninja Coffee Maker
  • 2-3 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • One tablespoon of sugar
  • One tablespoon of vanilla syrup
  • 1/3 cup milk, heavy cream, or milk alternative
  • a pinch of salt

Optional Ingredients

  • Two teaspoons of chocolate syrup
  • whipped topping
  • mini marshmallows

Step One:

No matter what kind of specialty coffees or drinks I’m making, I always start by getting my coffee machine ready. First, make sure your Ninja Coffee Maker is plugged in and powered on. Then, fill the water reservoir with clean water.

That’s it! Because we’re brewing hot chocolate mix instead of hot coffee in our coffee machine, we don’t need to fill the brew basket with any scoops of ground coffee. 

Step Two:

Let’s make some chocolate!

Add the cocoa powder and sugar directly into your cup and set your cup on the warming plate.

Do you like it sweeter? Go ahead and add another tablespoon of sugar. I won’t tell. Or add a tablespoon of brown sugar. Brown sugar brings hints of caramel that will change the flavor of your hot chocolate.

Don’t want to make your own? That’s okay. Pull out your favorite packet of hot chocolate mix and add it to your mug!

Is there an alternative for cocoa? Yes, there is! You can replace your cocoa powder with carob powder. Though it lacks the bitter flavor of cocoa powder, add it at the same ratio, and you may not even notice the difference.

Step Three:

Time to add the water.

COFFEE BAR: Choose the travel mug size as your cup size setting. Then select the Over Ice option. But, wait! We’re not making iced coffee! I know, but the Over Ice option brews at the perfect temperature for our hot chocolate mixture.

DUAL BREW: Switch to the dedicated hot water line. This feature allows you to add hot or boiling water from a separate line so that it won’t contain any leftover coffee grounds or hints of coffee. Then select 12 ounces as your cup size setting.

Start the brew cycle.

Did you know that with the Ninja DualBrew, you have the option to use K cups, unlike the Ninja Single-Serve Pod-Free Coffee Bar? So if you’d rather pull out a hot chocolate K cup and brew that way, be my guest.

Step Four:

Let’s froth our milk.

Add your milk or heavy cream, chocolate syrup, and vanilla syrup in a second container—microwave for about 30 seconds.

COFFEE BAR: Pour the mixture into your Easy Milk Frother and press the hand-pump frother about 15 times.

DUAL BREW: Hold your cup of milk under the built-in, foldaway milk frother and submerge the whisk just below the surface. Press and hold the top button for 30-45 seconds. 

You can also use a handheld milk frother to make the frothy milk you love.

Want to make it even richer? Use a scoop of vanilla ice cream instead of milk.

Step Five:

Pour the frothy cream mixture directly into the hot chocolate mixture, top with a pinch of salt and enjoy it just as it is!

Or you can create an out-of-this-world hot chocolate experience by adding mini marshmallows, whipped cream topping, and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

Can you make it a mocha with scoops of ground coffee? Absolutely, yes, because who doesn’t love chocolate in coffee! Add three or four scoops of coffee grounds directly into the brew basket if using the Ninja Single-Serve scoop, or add a tablespoon of coffee powder to your mug with the cocoa.

If you want a rich coffee taste, use the specialty brew to add four ounces of coffee concentrate to your cup of coffee and hot chocolate mixture.

Can you make it with only milk? Of course, you can, but I don’t recommend using your coffee machine to do it. Instead, make a water-free version by heating your milk over the stove or in the microwave and pouring it into your cup with the hot cocoa mix. 

No matter how you make it, I know you’ll enjoy every sip.

Happy Caffeinating!

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