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Angels’ Cup Coffee Subscription Review

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Tired of the same old coffee subscription service? The bad news is that there are many methods to get your coffee fix, but most of them can be a hassle when it comes to shipping dates, inconsistent roasting, and more. 

The great news? Now you can upgrade your basic, average, boring coffee subscription service to a high-quality coffee tasting experience! We got the opportunity to review Angels’ Cup Coffee, one of the hottest, most unique coffee subscription services on the market today.  

Angels’ Cup offers a variety of different roasts and origins for your taste buds to obsess over–all while providing you with the simplest, most efficient method of receiving coffee: a coffee subscription! We were VERY impressed with Angels’ Cup, and you can read our full review of this fantastic company below! 

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About Angels’ Cup: The Heavenly History

Located in Los Angeles, California, Angels’ Cup’s primary goal is to ensure that every subscriber to Angels’ Cup receives the freshest and highest variety of succulent coffee beans roasted to perfection. Offering over 200 unique coffees from a variety of roasters, Angels’ Cup will ensure that you have access to all of the different kinds of origins, cultivation methods, roasting techniques, and more. 

Angels’ Cup is in the business of delivering the highest quality, most savory coffee from around the world straight to your front door. Beginning with their own passion for third-wave coffee, the pair channeled their passion for carefully-cultivated coffee into a business–one that would provide other coffee junkies the chance to enhance their own enjoyment for coffee as well.  

However, the reason that Angels’ Cup stands apart from the crowd isn’t because of their branding or kinds of coffee they offer. The main attribute to the company’s success is the unique mission behind the brand: educating coffee lovers on how to build and expand their coffee palate. 

Angels’ Cup is a strong believer that the best way to enhance your love of coffee is by learning and developing your coffee palate. This includes learning how differences in origin, cultivation, and roasting techniques alter the final taste of your cup of coffee. Not only that, having a deeper understanding of the art of growing and drinking coffee will also enhance your experience with every cup of coffee you drink. 

And the best way to gain that experience? Try as many different roasts and blends of coffee as possible! That’s where Angels’ Cup has your back. 

Angels’ Cup Offered Products

Angels’ Cup offers a variety of products that are all sure to suit your wants and needs and is designed to cater to any specific taste palate specifications you may have. These are a few of our favorites. 

Angels’ Cup Subscriptions

The great thing about Angels’ Cup that we enjoy is the flexibility of the coffee subscription. The company offers multiple different levels of its coffee subscriptions: The Cupping Fight, All-Star, and The Black Box. 

The Cupping Fight

angels cup review

This option isn’t only the most affordable, but it offers the widest variety with the least amount of cost. With this option, you’ll receive four 32g samples of coffee (about 2 cups per sample), and the grind size options consist of whole, coarse, or fine-sized grinds. 

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In addition to choosing your grind size, you can also choose your roasting preference and how often you’d like to receive your coffee (weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly). Typically, you’ll receive the Cupping Fight subscription about 7-10 days after the roasting date is complete, which is ideal for most high-quality coffee beans. Shipping for this subscription is currently free for all U.S. residents, but it costs a fee of an extra $6 for all Canadian residents. 

Angels’ Cup All-Star 

angels cup review

The All-Star is perfect for those who take their coffee consumption and quality seriously. Instead of several smaller bags, this subscription allows you to receive one 12 oz bag of coffee to grind and brew to your liking whenever you please! Not only this, but there is no blind taste-testing option. This subscription only ships the highest rated coffees based on feedback within the app from the Cupping Flight and The Black Box customers, why take your chances on a random bag when a community of coffee lovers can curate it for you?

Another specific trait about this subscription option is that it only allows you to order whole coffee beans. Though this may be difficult for those who may not have access to a coffee grinder, it will ensure that your beans and your final cup of joe remain as fresh as possible. Not to mention this option also comes with a mere 3-5 day arrival time window to ensure that your roast is even fresher!

The Black Box

angels cup review

One great feature that we enjoy about Angels’ Cup is that not only does it focus on providing you access to high-quality, mouth-watering coffee, but they also want to help you learn your own taste preferences for which coffees you enjoy and which ones you don’t. 

We got the chance to try The Black Box for ourselves, and needless to say, it was one of the most enjoyable and involved tastings we’ve ever done. Angels’ Cup offers over 200 different coffees each year for their blind sampling to ensure that you get to try a different, delicious cup of coffee every time your Black Box arrives at your door. 

It consists of four different roasted coffees with no label on the bags. However, each small bag of coffee comes with a little card to allow you to make and keep track of your flavor notes before you actually discover what brand/roast/flavor profiles the coffee beans are. The main purpose behind the blind taste-testing is to help you to really focus on the taste of the coffee without any previous bias from the brand or labeled flavors.

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Our Angels’ Cup Tasting

We got the chance to try the best of what Angels’ Cup has to offer. Upon arrival, the coffees were packaged securely, with no holes or tears in the packaging that may damage the coffee. Our Black Box did have a couple of dents in it, but the coffee inside arrived undamaged. 

angels cup review

For our sampling purposes, we received a shipment of the All-Stars, a whole bag of coffee, as well as the Black Box to sample the blind tasting process. 

Whole Bag of Coffee

angels cup review

To kick off our tasting of Angels’ Cup, we started off by brewing a cup from Little Amps Coffee Roasters. This coffee is called Angel Miro Michahan which is processed through the washed method and has delicious notes of tropical fruits, rose-y floral notes, and citrus. Sourced out of Finca La Argentina in Tolima, Colombia, these beans are super vibrant and are grown at a level of about 1850 meters (6,069 feet) resulting in succulent, flavorful beans. 

During the cultivation process, the beans are grown, collected, and are then washed through a 16-hour fermentation process and are then laid on a covered patio to dry in the sun for anywhere from 18-20 days. Though this process may seem like a lot, this method is a great strategy to thoroughly coax out and highlight the inner flavors within the beans. 

angels cup review

With the delightful tasting notes of floral and fruit, this coffee is an excellent choice for those who need a nice cup of black coffee to enjoy on a warm spring morning. We tried it for ourselves, and this coffee packs a great amount of flavor with a decent amount of caffeine. It’s a brighter roast, making it a great option for coffee lovers who enjoy that zing of flavor to kick start the day. 

angels cup review

The Black Box

angels cup reviewNow, the one we’ve been SO excited to try: The Black Box! There are so many great things that we enjoyed about this option that it’s difficult to decide where to start. In our box, we received four different whole bean coffees, two blends and two single-origin coffees, all packaged in smaller, individual bags.

Angels’ does a fantastic job of placing all of the information you’ll need to complete the blind taste-testing process, as well as four cards that allow you to place your guess and make your notes about the roast on one side, and provides you with all the information about the roast on the other side. 

For our review, we received four unique coffees, all identified by the numbers: 11173, 11174, 11175, and 11176. Brewing these different coffee samples was both very hands-on and educational, as well as pleasantly surprising. After the grinding and brewing process, we were able to make our own guesses on origins and tasting notes, and we were surprised by how fluid and unbiased our tasting experience was. Here are the different coffees we had the pleasure of blind tasting. 

11173-Jumpy Monkey Coffee

angels cup review

Coming straight out of Papau New Guinea, this roast by Jumpy Monkey Coffee is a succulent option for those looking for a flavor-packed brew to sip on. The beans for this roast are grown in the Ulya Waghi Valley, and the coffee is listed as 100% arabica beans though Angels’ Cup suggests that it also has a little extra “oomph” of robusta undertone. 

Embodying a balance of complex flavors and sweetness, this roast has notes of chocolate, vanilla, and carob. The flavors often remind may tasters of this coffee of a chocolate shake: creamy, sweet, and delightful from start to finish. 

11174-Ironclad Coffee

angels cup review

Number 11174 originates from the fertile soils of Ethiopia. Made of high-quality arabica beans, Ironclad has been sourcing all of their coffee beans from farmers who take time to carefully cultivate and process their coffee before they roast it. Keeping quality in mind during every step of the process, Ironclad works hard to make sure that you receive coffee that’s fresh and succulent in flavor. 

The flavor in this roast surprised us with its flavors of sweetness and fruitiness. In fact, the listed tasting notes for this coffee are a balance between a blueberry muffin and glazed donut. Due to its unique and complex flavors, this option is definitely a great one to experiment with for those who may be trying to dive into the world of specialty coffee. 

11175-Land and Water Coffee

angels cup review

Since Land and Water Coffee offers delicious roasts from a variety of origins, Land and Water Coffee does its best to highlight the distinct flavors within the beans, bringing out notes that are specific to the region the beans are grown and cultivated in. 

We enjoyed this roast because of the bold, quirky, yet surprisingly pleasing flavors we experienced when tasting it. This roast is what Land and Water Coffee refer to as its “Godspeed Blend,” which is the first roast that Land and Water created while the company itself was still forming. The Godspeed Blend is a combination of black pepper and citrusy orange flavors, accompanied by hints of chocolate and almond. 

11176-Land and Water Coffee

IMG 1914 1

Another delicious sample from Land and Water Coffee, we also had the pleasure of trying this Guatemalan Guaya’b blend, made of beans cultivated from the Huehuetenango region in Guatemala.

A lighter roasted coffee, this great Guatemalan blend has well-balanced cupping notes of chocolate, cherry, plum, and toffee. Processed through the washed method, these beans are cultivated with maintaining and enhancing as much flavor as possible and are guaranteed to make you crave more with each sip. 

The Yays

There are many things to enjoy about Angels’ Cup that make it stand out in the crowd. You could just get a coffee subscription from the first thing that pops up on Google, or you could invest in your coffee taste buds by expanding your palate with Angels’ Cup! Here are some of the characteristics of Angels’ Cup that we just can’t get enough of. 

The Angels’ Cup App

Need a quick, easy, efficient way to record all of your personal notes and reviews about the flavors of coffee that you taste? Look no further than the Angels’ Cup App! Available for iPhone, Android, and the web, you can remember everything you need to remember when it comes to the variety of coffees that you try.

The app is a prominent example of how Angels’ Cup isn’t just about selling you coffee subscriptions, it’s about creating a delicious coffee experience. Furthermore, the app is also FREE, meaning you can access your coffee tasting experience anytime, anywhere, for no cost at all. 

Affordability & Money-Back Guarantee

Angels’ cup is affordable for many, even though it’s by far not the cheapest option on the market today. However, the quality of the coffee for the price just can’t be beaten. The level of quality for the affordability that Angels’ Cup brings to the table is an offer that’s too great to pass up. Not only that, but you aren’t just paying for tasty coffee, you’re also paying for the experience and coffee education as well–all for the minimum price of just $10.99 per month at the time of this writing. 

And if you aren’t satisfied with your order, Angels’ Cup promises a full refund! So if there’s any dissatisfaction with your subscription, Angels’ Cup will always work to make it right. If you’re new to the coffee subscription process, this is a great feature that can put your mind at ease. 

Diversity and Variety

Another great factor that we just can’t deny about Angels’ Cup is how many varieties of coffee the company offers. With over 200 options and constant additions made to the available list of roasters, you’ll never get tired of the diversity of coffees offered, especially those certain coffees/roasters that may be more difficult for you to access on your own. 

To give you an idea, Angels’ Cup shipped over 400 unique coffees last year from over 200 roasters last year alone. 

The Overall Educational Experience

As if we already haven’t stated it enough, we enjoy Angels’ Cup because of the educational purpose behind their subscription service. Not many other subscription services have this goal in mind, and it’s definitely a characteristic that makes Angels’ Cup stand out apart from the rest of the subscription competition. 

The Nays

There’s always room to make a good thing greater, and Angels’ Cup is no exception. Though we’re obsessed with how great the company is, there are a few things we believe could be tweaked to make it the best choice for every coffee lover. 

No Buying For Bulk

Since Angels’ Cup specializes in the quantity of the different amounts of quality coffee they offer, they don’t primarily focus on providing customers with a large amount of coffee at once. As of now, Angels’ Cup is only offering a maximum of one medium-sized bag of coffee for customers who may want to enjoy a certain roast for a longer amount of time. 

Great Diversity, No Flexibility

Though there are more than enough roast options to choose from, you don’t have much freedom when it comes to deciding which roasts you receive during your samples. Unlike other subscription services that allow you to choose what blends and roasts you enjoy once you’ve experimented with their selected options, with Angels’ Cup you’re never really sure what you’re going to get. 

This can be great for those who are looking to only expand their coffee palate, but if you are looking to have a steady supply of a roast of coffee that you enjoy, then you may not get what you’re looking for with Angels’ Cup. 

Coffee Expertise Helpful

You certainly don’t have to be a coffee genius to drink and enjoy it, but Angels’ Cup is definitely made for the coffee lover who already has a decent knowledge about the culture of coffee. Angels’ Cup does a fantastic job of educating its customers on the roasts and blends offered, but to best understand, the consumers must have a knowledge of the differences between light, medium, and dark roasts, as well as single-origin, coffee processing methods, and more.

That said, newcomers to the coffee scene shouldn’t be intimidated away from trying Angels’ Cup. It’s just that our coffee snob friends may just get a little more appreciation from the experience. 

The Verdict

There’s no doubt that Angels’ Cup is a great subscription service for many coffee lovers. However, the main question is whether or not Angels’ Cup is the right subscription to fit your coffee cravings.

If you’re new to the coffee game and are still learning the basics of brewing and tasting, then you may just want to stick to your go-to blend of coffee you buy at your local coffee shop or grocery store. But if you’ve gained some knowledge about the coffee industry and are interested in learning more about the differences in cupping profiles and are searching for ways to expand your palate, then Angels’ cup is the right subscription for you.

Angels’ Cup definitely has our stamp of approval, but don’t just take our word for it! Try it for yourself! So have fun experimenting with your new coffees to brew and as always,

Happy caffeinating!  

Want to try it for yourself? Get 25% off your first blind taste test box by using coupon code ROASTY25 at checkout. Click here to get started. 
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