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Best Costa Rican Coffee Maker – Chorreador Filters

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The coffee from Costa Rica is considered to be one of the best in the world. It was among the first countries to develop a coffee industry, and even though it only contributes to the world’s coffee production by 1%, it is known to be of the highest quality.

And if they know so much about coffee, they must also know what is the best way to prepare it.

We’ll look at a traditional Costa Rican coffee maker and show you their way of brewing.

Quick Summary: Best Costa Rican Coffee Maker

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Ideal Growing Conditions

The coffee’s outstanding quality is because more than 80% of Costa Rica’s coffee plantations are located between 800 and 1600 meters in altitude, with an abundance of fertile volcanic soils that let the flavor of coffee cherries develop.

The temperatures in these regions range from 62 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. In general, these are known as the perfect conditions for coffee production. They are so desirable that even the coffee giant Starbucks has its own coffee farm to grow their beans in Costa Rica.

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Traditional Costa Rican Coffee Maker

This traditional brewing method has been used in Costa Rica for over 200 years and even though now, most people use modern brewing methods, they still swear that the control over the strength and flavor when using this method is unbeatable.

The rich flavor is attributed to the use of the sock-like filter of the Chorreador, which doesn’t strain out the oil from coffee while at the same time, it prevents any sediment from passing through.

Chorreador de Cafe In A Nutshell

The name comes from the Spanish word “chorrear” which means drip or trickle, this coffee maker is one of the best and easiest ways of brewing a perfect cup. It is made from a wooden or a wire stand that holds a sock-like cloth also called “colafor” or “bolsa”.

Based on a similar principle as a V60 or a Chemex, it utilizes gravity. The difference is that the coffee grounds are filtered with a cloth rather than a paper filter that normally traps some of the oils and flavor from your cup.

Wood Or Wire

There are two main types of this brewer. The most popular type has a wood construction. It looks traditional and can act as a showpiece in your kitchen. This is also the kind that is often bought by tourists in souvenir shops in Costa Rica.

The second one has a wire stand instead of a wood one and is basic and light, as well as inexpensive and easy to use.

Costa Rican Coffee Maker

Coffee Brewing, The Costa Rican Way

This type of brewing is traditional but the coffee-making process is simple and straight-forward. Similar to a pour-over or a Chemex, the process should last around 4 minutes. Just follow these steps to get an authentic Costa Rica coffee experience.

  1. Rinse the sock-like filter well with clean water
  2. Place your cup under the Chorreador and hang the pouch filter over it
  3. Boil the water and wait around 30 seconds to get the ideal water temperature (195-205F)
  4. Fill the cloth with your freshly ground coffee beans
  5. Pour water slowly to make the grounds wet and allow for a 30-secondcoffee bloom to release the delicious flavors
  6. Put the rest of the water in, we recommend a 16 to 1 coffee to water ratio (this can be scaled according to your preferences)

Things To Remember

It’s important to point out that you should never use any soap for cleaning the filter pouch, instead you can soak it in water and clean it with a bit of salt. Also, don’t worry if it starts getting brown, this is expected.

What Coffee To Use?

Obviously, to enhance the experience, we recommend that you use Costa Rica coffee. The coffee from this region is characterized by great body, full rich flavor, and crisp acidity. The tasting notes are fruity, bright, clean, and crisp. We also recommend a medium roast that allows the flavors to be manifested.

CRWOODCRAFT Premium Traditional Wooden Chorreador

One of the best Costa Rican coffee makers that we found is by the company CRWOODCRAFT. This wooden traditional Chorreador is beautiful, easy to use, and would make a great gift as well as an addition to your kitchen.

It is authentic and handmade by locals in Costa Rica. This option of coffee brewing is also eco-friendly since it requires no electricity, as some of the other espresso machines do, and reduces waste since there is no need to keep buying new filters.

What’s more, part of the profit from these brewers goes to planting endangered tree species, making this brewing method even more sustainable.

Hario Woodneck Drip Pot

On Sale

If you’re interested in tasting the coffee made in a traditional Costa Rican way but you’re looking for a more modern design, we found an alternative in this Hario Drip Pod.

Instead of a sock, it uses a delicate cotton flannel that still preserves the original characteristics of coffee and maintains the oils that provide a full, rich flavor as well as complexity into your cup.

Designed and manufactured in Japan, it provides a modern and up-to-date version of the traditional Chorreador.

The New Old Method Of Brewing

If you’re a real coffee connoisseur and you are keen to discover the different flavors that can be produced by various coffee makers, you need to add Chorreador to the list.

Coming from Costa Rica, the region where the best quality coffee is found, this brewer promises to bring out an unbeatable complexity of flavors.

How else to discover the true taste of Costa Rican coffee rather than with a traditional way of brewing?

Keep caffeinated!

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