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How to Brew Coffee With a Chemex

How to Brew Coffee With a Chemex

I have to say it: of all the gadgets and methods I get to try out, the Chemex is my favorite. It makes a clean, aromatic, delicious cup of coffee. More importantly, it’s a slow, involved process, and it’s downright fun. For someone aspiring to real coffee connoisseurship, this thing is a joy.

What You Need

1. Measure & Heat The Water

Heat 2 cups of water to 205 degrees F (96 C), or simply boil and remove for 30 seconds.

Hipster Tip

Heat about 1/2 cup of extra water separately, to pre-heat and rinse the filter.

2. Measure & Grind the Beans

Grind your beans to a medium consistency, about 30 grams (or 2 tablespoons) worth.

3. Pre-Heat & Rinse

Open a paper filter and place it in the brewer. With the extra 1/2 cup of water, thoroughly rinse the filter. This will also pre-heat and set the filter in place.

4. Bloom The Coffee

When the water is ready, put the grounds in the filter and pour just enough water to saturate them. Let it sit and “bloom” for one minute, allowing bubbles of carbon dioxide to gas off.

5. The Pour Over

Once the bloom is complete, slowly pour the water over the coffee in either a side-by-side or circular motion. Be sure to saturate the grounds evenly and completely.

Once the coffee is fully filtered, toss the grounds and enjoy. If you like your coffee hotter, the Chemex can be heated on a glass or gas burner, but never on an electric coil burner. A separate adapter is sold for that.


How to Brew Coffee With a Chemex