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  • Coffee Bros. Coffee Review

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    Ordering coffee online can always be somewhat overwhelming. It’s hard to get samples of certain coffees beforehand, and you could end up with a bag of coffee that you just don’t like. Fortunately, we went ahead and tried some of it out for you!  

    We had the privilege of reviewing Coffee Bros. Coffee, one of the newer roasters appearing out of the New York coffee scene. They sent us some of their whole bean coffee to brew and review, and we had such a great time testing and tasting it!

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    Read on to find out our full analysis of the Coffee Bros. Coffee Company. 

    About The Coffee Bros. Company

    Coming straight out of Queens, New York, Coffee Bros. is a small-batch artisanal coffee roasting company that’s been in the business since only May of 2019. Owned by brothers Dan and Nick, the company’s primary goal is to make sure that each batch of coffee is as fresh and as flavorful as possible, from cultivation to cup. 

    Coffee Bros. coffee review

    In addition to quality coffee, Coffee Bros. also highly focuses on making sure that they only roast ethically sourced coffees. By establishing strong relationships with a dependable handful of farmers and cultivators, they can ensure that their beans are healthy, full of flavor, and are grown in the best conditions possible. 

    Roasting The Best Beans

    Keeping things simple, Coffee Bros. only sells a total of eight delicious, high-quality roasts for you to choose from. Though we haven’t tried them all, we got the chance to brew with four of them: light, medium, Tanzanian, and espresso. 

    coffee bros. coffee review

    Light Roast

    Consisting of a beautiful golden caramel color, this roast not only packed with caffeine but with flavor too. With notes of honey, citrus, and floral tones, it has a bright, potent flavor that’s sure to get you out of bed in the morning. It is higher in acidity, so it’s important to note that it may not be the best option for coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs. 

    However, where mouthfeel is concerned, the crisp flavors in this roast complement it’s velvety smooth texture. With its vibrant flavor, it’s perfect to drink black but also pairs well with a dash of added flavor or sweetener.

    coffee bros. coffee review

    Before they reach your cup, these beans are processed through the washed method, and the fermentation that occurs in this method coaxes out the inner sugars and acids in the coffee that gives it it’s flavor. After this process, the lighter roasting technique allows for most of these flavors to remain intact, as well as the higher caffeine content

    Medium Roast

    Roasted to perfection with beans from Brazil and Ethiopia, you don’t even need to brew this roast to taste the notes of hazelnut, brown sugar, or red fruit–you can immediately smell it. Sweeter in aroma than the light roast, the medium consists of a luscious, less tart flavor. Being a medium roast, it is well-balanced in body and acidity, making it easy to drink black, or with a little creamer. 

    coffee bros. coffee review

    The beans for this roast are naturally processed, meaning that the beans are left out in the sun to dry thoroughly before they are roasted. This processing method beautifully accompanies the roasting technique because drying in the sun allows the inner sugars to break down, and the roasting process allows those sugars to then caramelize. 

    Dark Roast

    Rich in bold, smokey flavor, Coffee Bros. Dark Roast consists of silky-smooth texture with every sip. With notes of chocolate, caramel, and maple, this roast is a great option for those who enjoy a robust flavor in their coffee. The most enjoyable thing about this roast is that unlike many other roasters who tend to somewhat overcook or even burn their beans when roasting, Coffee Bros. roast consists of those dark notes of flavor that aren’t dulled or overshadowed by burnt-coffee flavor

    coffee bros. coffee review

    Coming from Brazil, Peru, and Sumatra, this dark roast is made of 100% arabica coffee beans, ensuring that each brew is full of sweet, silky-smooth flavor with every sip. With such a savory flavor, this roast can be enjoyed all by itself, or it can be accompanied by milk, creamer, or sweetener. 

    Espresso Roast

    One of the most unique roasts that Coffee Bros. has to offer, the Espresso Roast consists of flavor notes such as vanilla, sugar cane, and even strawberry. Sourcing beans from Columbia and Ethiopia, this roast is notable for not only the delicious flavors from these regions but the unique qualities of sweet and fruity flavors it embodies. 

    coffee bros. coffee review

    This delicious, darker roast makes for a great latte, cortado, or even just a shot of espresso by itself! If you have an espresso machine at home and a grinder that will accommodate a finer grind size, then this trying Coffee Bros. espresso roast is a great, flavor-filled option that you should try!

    Holiday Blend

    Making its debut for the first time in the holiday season in 2019, Coffee Bros. Holiday Blend uses beans from Columbia and Costa Rica and has notes of cooked berry & wine. These classic holiday flavors make it a perfect option to enjoy on a snowy morning or on cold December night by the campfire. 

    Note: As the name “Holiday Blend” would suggest, this flavor is typically only available during November and December.

    Did Someone Say Single-Origin?

    Another perk to enjoy about Coffee Bros. is the option for single-origin roasts. Continuing to keep it simple, Coffee Bros. only has three single-origin coffee roasts. Just as unique as they are flavorful, here’s a quick breakdown of each.

    Costa Rica

    One of the most prominent coffee-producing countries on the market, Costa Rica is known for producing 100% arabica coffee, primarily because the country’s government made it illegal to sell any other kind of coffee in 1989. The Costa Rican roast is a medium roast, meaning it’s well balanced, and it also highlights the specific characteristics of the regions that the beans are grown in.  This blend consists of hidden notes of cocoa, toffee, and lemon, the perfect mix of citrusy-sweetness. 


    Right off the bat, the scent of the Tanzania roast is exquisite. The rich notes of chocolate automatically balance out the slightly bitter, citrusy notes of grapefruit. When brewed, these flavors are just subtle enough to enjoy without being overwhelmed by one flavor more than the other. The Tanzanian roast is well-bodied, low in acidity, and can stand on its own, making it perfect for black coffee drinkers who prefer to not add any extra flavor or decoration to their coffee. 

    coffee bros. coffee review

    A medium-dark roast, this blend is a great halfway point between flavor, caffeine content, and acidity. Furthermore, the specific regions that contribute to the unique flavors of this roast are Kent and Arusha, each with its specific flavor complexities that make this roast oh-so savory. 


    Last, but certainly not least, the Sumatra specialty roast is a darker roast consisting of flavor notes such as rich chocolate, herbal flavors, and grapefruit. Specifically coming from the Kayu and Kerinci districts of Sumatra, these beans aren’t only grown in nutrient-rich environments but are also roasted to perfection to highlight the deepest characteristics of flavor that are associated with those origins. 

    What We Like

    There are several things that we enjoy about Coffee Bros. Even though this company is young, Coffee Bros. coffee is strong, high-quality, and is making a successful debut on the coffee scene.

    Coffee Bros. coffee review

    Upon ordering our own batch of Coffee Bros. coffee, the first thing we noticed with the well-packaged, well-sealed boxes is the delicious aroma of the coffee itself. If the packaging wasn’t enough to get you excited about opening up this box, the wave of savory coffee smell will do the trick. Here are some of our most favorite qualities about the Coffee Bros. company so far. 

    GrainPro Packaging/Shipping

    Each box of Coffee Bros. Coffee is packaged in a solid, well-sealed box to protect the bags of coffee beans inside. Upon opening the box, the individual bags of coffee are also wrapped in bubble wrap, and the bags themselves are also securely taped closed to prevent any accidental leakage of air into the bags. 

     Coffee Bros. coffee review

    However, the attempt to preserve the quality of the coffee beans through good packaging occurs well before they ever reach your doorstep. In fact, another quality that sets the Coffee Bros. apart is their usage of GrainPro packaging. Waiting until the optimal season, the green coffee beans are shipped in GrainPro bags that are specifically designed to keep out odors, mold, moisture, or any other potentially harmful things that can spoil the quality of your coffee.

    The Coffee Bag Itself

    In addition to the shipping methods and packaging, the12oz bag of coffee itself is another feature that we enjoy. Made of thick, solid material, the bags are resealable to keep the beans as moisture-free and airtight as possible. In addition, the bag also has a degassing valve, to thoroughly remove all unwanted air from the bag before resealing. 

    Coffee Bros. coffee review

    In addition to its ability to keep the bag as tightly sealed as possible, it’s also designed to where all of the information you need to know about the coffee itself. This information includes the flavors in the coffee, the coffee processing method, the origin of the beans, and even recommends the best brewing techniques for the different kinds of beans. 

    Coffee Bros. coffee review

    Roasting Technique 

    Unlike most other roasteries, Coffee Bros. takes their passion for flavor up to a whole higher level. One common mistake that many roasters can slip into is overroasting their coffee in order to possibly mask any flaws or inconsistencies in flavor. However, Coffee Bros. is SERIOUS when it comes to roasting some of the most delicious coffee available on the market, so they naturally roast a little bit lighter than other roasteries to really coax out the inner, complex, unique flavors of each batch of beans. 


    When it comes to roasting good coffee, timing is everything. One of the most frustrating things about ordering coffee online is receiving coffee that’s already losing its potent flavor. That’s why Coffee Bros. always roasts your coffee as soon as you order it, packages it, and ships it out ASAP. This ensures that you get exactly what you pay for: the freshest, highest quality coffee as fast as possible. 

    Environmental Contribution

    Though Coffee Bros. is still a smaller company, they aim to contribute back by positively impacting the environment. Currently, the roasters are in partnership with One Tree Planted, a non-profit organization that seeks to replenish the tree population across the globe. Right now, for every five bags of coffee sold, Coffee Bros. will plant one tree. So not only is your coffee going to taste great, but it’ll make you feel great since your contribution will be giving back to the environment that made growing the coffee in the first place possible. 

    Things To Improve On

    Alas, not everything is perfect. We are excited to see where this company goes, and here are some of the qualities that we can see improving to catapult this company further into it’s growing success. 

    Only Shipping Whole Bean?

    Unfortunately, if you’re wanting to try Coffee Bros., you’ll need to make sure you have a grinder because they only ship their coffee in whole bean form. Since their main goal is to ensure that your coffee remains as fresh as possible when it arrives at your door, they don’t grind the coffee to prevent it from being vulnerable to harmful elements. 

    Coffee Bros. coffee review

    Shipping Limitations

    As of right now, Coffee Bros. is limited as to exactly where they can ship their delicious beans. Since they’re still starting, they are only able to ship to the continental United States. However, this is completely understandable since the company is still expanding, and we’re excited to see where Coffee Bros. can ship to in the future! 

    The Verdict

    At the end of the day, Coffee Bros. is a great company that creates a valuable product for consumers. Their roasts are carefully done, and they highly value the quality of their coffee, as well as the satisfaction of their customers. Tasting it for ourselves, Coffee Bros. is one of the most delicious and successful roasters we’ve encountered so far, and if you’re looking or a new coffee company to try, we highly suggest it! 

    Happy caffeinating! 

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