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Coffee That Doesn’t Taste Like Coffee

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If you’re a coffee newbie and have recently started drinking coffee but don’t care for the taste, you are not alone. Many people feel like they need that jolt of caffeine in the morning but just can’t deal with the strong flavor of black coffee. 

The good news is that many coffee options don’t taste like coffee. Though it might seem like an oxymoron, tons of products are made for people just like you. 

Here are our top recommendations for varieties of coffee with different flavors so that you can enjoy your morning caffeine kick. 

Caffe Mocha

Caffe Mocha

As the name implies, this style of coffee tastes not like coffee but like chocolate. You may have also heard it called a mochaccino, and it is a popular choice in cafes around the world. 

Caffe mocha tastes similar to hot chocolate but has the caffeine content of a regular coffee. You may taste a slight coffee flavor, but it is not nearly as strong as the flavor of chocolate. 

Caffe mocha also has many variations, such as peppermint mocha, usually available around the Christmas season. You can also find cherry mocha and many other added flavors. 

These are great choices for people who dislike coffee since their intense flavor overpowers any coffee taste. 

You can commonly find mocha drinks in cafes, but they are also simple to make at home. 

How To Make Caffe Mocha

There are many ways to make a caffe mocha, and you can adjust them based on your preferences. This recipe, for instance, aims to replicate the popular Starbucks version of the drink, but it is far from the only version available. 

The basic recipe involves a shot of espresso combined with steamed milk and either cocoa powder or chocolate syrup. Depending on your preference, you can also add:

  • sugar
  • whipped cream
  • vanilla
  • other flavors as necessary

To make a basic caffe mocha, combine two tablespoons of chocolate (in syrup or powder form) with two ounces of espresso or coffee and a cup of steamed milk. 

Caramel Macchiato 

Caramel Macchiato

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Macchiato is Italian for “stained coffee.” The term refers to coffee drinks made by combining a demitasse of espresso with a large amount of foamed milk. 

Another variation is the latte macchiato, which is the same idea, with steamed milk for a creamier drink.

A traditional macchiato is typically not sweetened, which makes it ideal for people who prefer less syrupy drinks. 

However, this simple base also provides the foundation for other sweet flavorings and additions. This has changed the macchiato from a traditionally unsweetened drink to a modern dessert version. 

One trendy version is the caramel macchiato, which was introduced in the late 1990s. 

Macchiatos are a good choice for people who don’t like the bitter taste of coffee. While they use espresso, they also rely on a heavy amount of milk and other flavorings. 

Most macchiatos taste like cream and other things you add, especially if you make them very sweet. 

How To Make a Caramel Macchiato

A caramel macchiato is a luxurious way to turn an unsweetened drink into a delicious dessert drink. There are many ways to make it, and you can adjust the basic recipe to suit your taste. 

The basic recipe requires a shot of espresso with a few ounces of steamed milk. Many recipes call for a teaspoon of vanilla. 

Then it is time to add a tablespoon of caramel sauce. You can add this directly into the drink and stir to combine or drizzle it over the top. 

Vanilla Latte

Vanilla Latte

A vanilla latte is a favorite of people who do not care for the taste of coffee. With plenty of milk and shots of vanilla syrup, it is sweet and creamy with a muted coffee taste. 

This is a nice alternative if you also don’t care for extremely sweet dessert coffee drinks. Instead, you can rely on the vanilla flavor and the extra milk to dilute the taste of coffee rather than adding a lot of whipped cream and sugary syrup. 

A traditional latte is simply a coffee drink made with steamed milk. 

Ordinary lattes consist of a shot of espresso along with several ounces of milk, making them more milk than coffee. The vanilla flavor adds an extra layer of taste to hide the coffee further. 

How To Make a Vanilla Latte

To make a vanilla latte, brew a shot of espresso. Then heat one and a quarter cups of milk to steaming. Combine and add two tablespoons of vanilla syrup. 

Alternatively, you can add two tablespoons of pure vanilla and as much sugar as desired. 

Stir thoroughly to combine. 

Iced or Frozen Coffee

Frozen Coffee

You might think that iced or frozen coffee, which is coffee made in a blender to have the consistency of a smoothie, just tastes like coffee, right? 

But that’s not exactly the case. These cold coffee drinks are typically highly sweetened and flavored with syrups or other flavorings. 

You can find flavored iced or frozen coffee in dozens of flavors at almost any coffee shop. Common flavorings include:

  • Vanilla
  • Mocha
  • Caramel
  • Peppermint
  • Oreo

In this way, these drinks taste much more like milkshakes than a standard cup of coffee! 

You can find them at many different chain restaurants under other names, such as the Coolatta at Dunkin’ Donuts or Frappuccino at Starbucks. 

However, it is just as easy to make these dessert coffee drinks yourself. All you need is coffee, milk, ice, sugar, and whatever flavoring you want. 

If you want a frozen coffee drink, you will also need a blender. 

How To Make Frozen Coffee

Some frozen coffee recipes, such as this one for frozen caramel coffee, use instant coffee powder or powdered coffee concentrate to get that caffeine boost without as much of the flavor. 

In general, all you need is about eight ounces of coffee. Add as much milk as you like — more will reduce the coffee taste. Add sugar or other flavorings as desired. 

Put the ingredients in a blender with eight ice cubes and blend until smooth. Many people also enjoy adding chocolate syrup, whipped cream, or other toppings to make it a dessert drink. 

Chai Latte 

Chai Latte

A chai latte is a classic latte mixed with chai spices. Chai is a blend of tea that is spicy, flavorful, and aromatic. 

Combining it with coffee and milk results in a coffee drink that tastes like tea, milk, and sugar. 

Technically, a chai latte is simply tea with frothed milk. However, you can also make a “dirty” chai latte — which is chai and milk mixed with a shot of espresso.

Chai is so delicious that many people drink it even if they also like coffee! But pairing the coffee and tea with milk and sugar takes the whole experience to another level. 

You can find this variation on coffee offered in many coffee shops, but they are also easy to make at home. They are the perfect drink for anyone who loves flavorful caffeine drinks that aren’t overly sweet. 

How To Make a Chai Latte

To make a chai latte, you only need a few essential ingredients. 

Once you’ve assembled these, feel free to play with ingredients to adjust the drink to your taste. However, you may find that you like it exactly as it is. 

The simplest way to put this drink together is to use store-bought chai. However, chai refers to a specific spice blend combined with black tea. 

If you want to make it fancier, you can use basic black tea and combine it with spices. To do that, you will need the following ingredients:

  • black tea
  • ginger
  • cinnamon
  • star anise
  • cloves
  • peppercorns
  • brown sugar
  • vanilla

Finally, you’ll need espresso and milk. Brew the tea, adding all the spices in the proper amounts (you can find the detailed recipe here). 

Froth the milk, either with a milk frother or by whisking it rapidly in a pan over medium heat. Combine it with the tea and espresso shot to make a perfect dirty chai latte. 

Final Thoughts 

If you feel stuck because you need a jolt of caffeine, but you don’t like the quintessential coffee flavor, there are plenty of coffee combinations available. 

Don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money at coffee shops every day. You can make many of your favorite coffee drinks at home with basic items from your kitchen. 

Not all of these tasty coffee drinks are sweet, either. Many of them mask the coffee taste with sugar, whipped cream, chocolate, caramel, or flavored syrups. 

However, those are far from the only ways you can disguise the taste! You can also use milk, spices, ice, and other ingredients to add depth to the flavor and cover up the bitter coffee taste. 

If you love caffeine — or even just the ritual of having a cup of coffee — but don’t care for the taste, there are still plenty of options for you to enjoy the coffee experience. 

Happy Caffeinating! 

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