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The Deconstructed Latte: A New Way To Order Coffee

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If you enjoy coffee, you’ve tried a latte. Love it or not, the latte is a staple coffee beverage around the world. 

The latte is a beverage with many nuances and forms. Sometimes it is iced, other times it’s hot. Flavored syrup? Maybe, or you might like the classic milk and espresso flavor enjoyed daily by millions around the world. 

Thankfully, there are so many options for a latte that you can order one exactly to your specifications. From alternative kinds of milk and flavors to temperature– the latte comes in many ways.

It even comes apart.

The deconstructed latte isn’t widely experienced or known (likely the reason you are reading this article). You might be searching for a new coffee thrill to try out on your next excursion to the city. Or you simply want to know why on earth anyone would buy a latte you need to put back together.

So, here is the low down on the deconstructed latte, what it is, why it’s there, and where to try it out. 

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What is it, exactly?

Well, it is a latte, but taken apart and served as its base elements. The latte involves milk and espresso. The milk cuts the strength of the espresso, leaving a yummy, creamy coffee drink. 

deconstructed Latte

A deconstructed latte is served in glasses on a tray like a flight of alcohol at a winery or brewery. Except it comes with the basic elements of a latte in each glass.

The first glass is pure espresso. The potent and robust form of coffee that fuels many humans. Not everyone can handle the shot of espresso straight up, so the cafes that serve deconstructed lattes take pride in offering only the best quality espresso.

The espresso is to be savored slowly, and it gives you a chance to understand the delicate flavors present from the actual coffee beans and roast. There are complex flavors in an espresso shot. This setup helps you understand and take note of them. It’s a real coffee education.

Next, we have a glass of milk. If dairy isn’t your thing, well, they can probably replace it with alternative milk. But in New York City, they provide high-quality local cow’s milk for the taste experience. 

The cold milk helps wash away the espresso’s strength and enjoy the individual flavor of your preferred milk. 

Lastly, there is an authentic latte combining both ingredients. 

Why should I order this?

It isn’t an offering for the to-go coffee drinker, nor is it particularly practical or enjoyable for a coffee drinker who doesn’t enjoy espresso.

Besides that, it looks nice in pictures. The deconstructed latte helps you find the beauty of each ingredient. It is meant as an experience for the adventurous coffee drinker to savor and try out on their journey of trying all the coffee beverages available. 

If you have just started trying new or unique versions of your favorite drink, this could be a memorable experience for you to try out. 

It breaks down the key components and gives you a new understanding and enjoyment for a latte. You certainly won’t forget it.

Where can I order this?

If you have a quality espresso machine in your home, you can always create your own coffee flight for the deconstructed latte. It would be a fun weekend treat to make a fancy setup and have the individual glasses for each ingredient. Maybe even a baked good to go along with it.

As for locations offering the deconstructed latte, it originated in Seattle at the Slate Coffee Roasters, where the idea was coined and started. 

To no surprise, it made it to New York City at the  Coffee Project NY, a coffee house that loves coffee and trains baristas. Most reviews you’ll find of the deconstructed latte come from The Coffee Project in NYC since it is a hub for any and everything food or drink. 


A deconstructed latte might not be the drink for everyone, but it still offers a coffee lover a new view of a classic drink. If you aren’t a barista or someone who wants to know how their coffee cocktails are made, you might not even know how a latte was even constructed.

You have the option to make it at home, or if you’re in New York City or Seattle, you could try it from the source. 

If you want to learn more about brewing a cup of coffee at home or understand more about coffee in general, you can look around our website for more information. 

Happy Caffeinating! 

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