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Funny Coffee Travel Mugs & Tumblers

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Tumblers make the perfect gift for a hard-to-please coffee addict. What self-respecting caffeine fiend wouldn’t want something to keep their lattes warm and their cold brews cool? Check out some of our favorite funny coffee travel mugs (aka tumblers) for any type of coffee lover. 

Funny Coffee Travel Mugs

Looking for something other than a coffee tumbler? Here are some other gifts for coffee lovers we’re sure they’ll love!

Anti-Morning people

Know someone who would fight the sunrise if they got the chance? These are the perfect travel mugs for those early rising night owls. 

Meet Standoffish

[Silver mug has a line-graphic of a fish and black text reading “Standoffish says…Go Away I’m Meditating”]

We can all relate to Mr. Standoffish, but a little coffee and “meditation” (*ahem* or silence) is sure to put us back in the right mood (hopefully). 

This is a 14-ounce mug that features an easy-grip handle and thumb rest. The lid is both dishwasher safe and shatter-resistant, though the mug itself is recommended to be hand washed to preserve the design. Also, it is stainless steel, double-walled, printed in the USA, and fits in most cup holders. 

People Person

[Silver mug reads “I used to be a morning person” in blue, sans-serif text followed by “But people ruined that for me” in a black, serif font.]

We all want to be people-people. Unfortunately, sometimes other people get in the way of those good intentions. Thankfully, we can always rely on coffee.

This 20 oz. tumbler has a high-quality stainless steel, sweat-free, double-walled body. Also, the clear lid is BPA free. The mug fits in any standard size cup holder and can keep your beverage hot for up to 24 hours and cold for up to 8 hours. 

Wait for it….

[Silver tumbler with handle has 5 measurement lines, each accompanied by a text phrase. From top to bottom, the text reads: “Go Away”; “Don’t Talk to Me”; “Not Ready Yet”; “Almost There”; and “Okay You Can Speak Now”] 

Anything said before my first cup of coffee is already forgotten. Give people a count down to when you’ll be a functional person again with this handy travel mug. 

This 14 oz mug is 100% stainless steel and features a double sided design, perfect for lefties and righties alike. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages. 

Prescription Mugs

[Orange tumbler is designed to resemble a pill bottle. It has an Rx logo in the top left and reads “Prescription Coffee// 18oz// Liquid Pick Me Up// Administer Throughout the Day To Stay Awake and Feel Human// Warning: Do not interact with others until effects are felt// Refills: Frequently”]

Did you know that caffeine is a key ingredient in a number of prescription and OTC drugs? Let people know exactly what the doctor ordered to keep you in operating order. 

This double walled, 16-ounce tumbler is suitable for both hot and cold beverages. It features a stainless steel lining for durability and fits in most vehicle cup holders. 

Nothing says “Good Morning” like…

No products found.

[Silver tumbler features black text that reads “Fuck off. I mean good morning.”]

For those grumps who truly shouldn’t be approached pre-coffee, help them out by putting this mug to their mouth before they put their foot in it. 

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This 14-ounce travel mug is made of insulated stainless steel. As a result, it not only effectively keeps your drinks at your desired temperature, but it is also dishwasher safe.

In the Office

Need something to bring you or your loved one joy during the daily grind? These tumblers perfectly capture humor within the many facets of our capitalist dystopia. 

Welcome to the Show

[Black tumbler reads “Welcome to the Shit Show” in silver text]

Ever heard of the saying “Not my Circus. Not my monkeys”? Well, this is the mug for the one who is running the circus. 

This 20-ounce tumbler is on the larger side, so the bottom is narrower to allow it to neatly fit in most cup holders. It features double-wall vacuum insulation and the top is BPA free. Handwash only!

Very Busy

[Millenial pink tumbler says “I am very busy” in large silvery holographic text. Also available in light blue with plain silver text.]

Know a no-nonsense workaholic who only has time for coffee and conferences? This is the perfect gift for them. Short, simple, and direct, this tumbler will let everyone in the office know what’s up. 

This 16oz double-walled travel mug is BPA, lead, and phthalate-free. It is suitable for both hot an cold beverages, and the slim base is designed to fit in most cup holders. Plus, it’s spill proof! No mess or fuss here. 

No Coffee, No Workee

No products found.

[Black tumbler with white text and coffee mug graphic. Text reads “No Coffee No Workee.”]

Sometimes, the only thing keeping us at the daily grind is our morning grind. Make sure your co-workers know exactly what’s fueling your productivity with this fun travel mug. 

The No Coffee No Workee double-walled tumbler can hold up to 20oz of your hot or cold beverage of choice. It is durable and BPA freem contructed of food-grade stainless steel and a tight-seal clear lid. Additionally, this tumbler is condensation-proof and sized to fit most cup holders. 

Neither Time Nor Crayons

Sometimes we simply reach a point where we’re taking in too little coffee and too much stupidity. If you frequently find yourself out of balance, this mug might just set things right.

Perfect for you or an overworked boo, this extra-large, 30 oz tumbler is great for both hot and cold drinks. It features a BPA free lid and a double-walled, stainless steel body. 

Family Fun

Is your family tree relying more on caffeine than photosynthesis? Then these cheeky travel mugs are the perfect gifts for your rambunctious relatives. 

High Praise

[Silver tumbler with handle reads “World’s Okayest Brother” in black text”]

Sibling rivalries are great character builders, so make sure to show your bro some appreciation with this mildly sarcastic tumbler. 

This is a large, 30oz travel mug made using double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless steel. Also, the slide lock lid is BPA-free and splash resistant. Additionally, Jenvio offers a 100% money back guarantee, so you can buy worry-free. 

Proud Mother

On Sale
[White tumbler reads “No matter how hard life gets at least you don’t have UGLY children” in black font. There is also a pastel flower and leaf graphic at the top.]

No matter how much you screw up, at least you’re a cutie (or your mom thinks so at least). Give your mom this funny gift to hold her (likely spiked) coffee as they navigate the treacherous waters of parenthood. 

This 20-ounce tumbler is spill-resistant and portable. It has a sturdy construction, using food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free plastic (for the lid). Also, the double-walled vacuum insulation guarantees that you’ll have plenty of time to sip on your beverage right at the perfect temperature. 

Professional BS’er

[Silver travel mug reads “Papa Knows Everything” in bold, black text followed by “And if he Doesn’t he can Make up Something Real Fast” in smaller black text.]

Doesn’t it seem like dads are working from their own, “Dad’s Only” google database?  If not, most of them seem to have some top-tier BS skills without it. So why not applaud your pops’ talents with this quirky tumbler.

This 14oz travel mug is 100% stainless steel with a double-sided design. It is both dishwasher and microwave safe. Max & Mori’s mugs are also backed by a manufacturer guarantee, so you can expect a solid, durable product. 

Yoda Best

On Sale
[Green tumbler reads “Yoda Best Uncle” with a cartoon Yoda graphic]

Zany aunts and nerdy uncles really are what make the work go round. This is the perfect gift for your sci-fi obsessed funcle. 

This 12-ounce travel mug features a completely leak and spill-proof screw lid. The slim base allows it to fit in most cup holders, and the non-slip rubber base helps keep things from sloshing around. Due to its design, this tumbler is not dishwasher, microwave, or freezer safe. 


[Silver tumbler reads “grandma’s Sippy Cup.” “Grandma’s” is printed in a light teal script font on top of a thin black line. “Sippy Cup” is printed in a tall, thin black serif font below the line, and the two words are seperated by a light teal heart.]

They say that people go out of the world the same way they came into it. Breast milk is basically the same as coffee with creamer… right? 

This 30 oz tumbler is well insulated with double-walled vacuum design. Suitable for both hot and cold drinks, the travel mug is made of food-grade stainless steel and is lead-free. The clear, splshproof lid is also BPA-free. 

Irreverant Imbibers

Whether you’re participating in a 18+ white elephant or just searching for the perfect gag gift, these mildly obscene tumblers are the ones for you. 


[Brown travel coffee mug reads “Coffee Makes Me Poop” in bold, white lettering]

Well, at least they’re honest right? If you’re looking for a great gag gift for the coffee fiend in your life, this is sure to do the trick. 

This lovely tumbler comes with a removable silicone insulated sleeve. It’s dishwasher safe and has the design printed on both sides. Suitable for hot and cold beverages, this travel mug also features a screw-on lid, a rubber bottom, and lightweight construction. 

Cocky Compensation

[Black tumbler has large white text that reads “Bick Dick Gear” followed by smaller text reading “For guys with big dicks”]

Want your white elephant gift to pack a big punch this year? Or maybe you just have a friend who’s the type to have truck nuts on their coupe. Either way, this hilarious tumbler is a perfect choice. 

This 20oz travel mug is made with stainless steel double-walled vacuum insulated technology to keep your drinks hot or cold for 8+ hours. This tumbler also features a spill-resistant, easy-open lid and a non-slip foam base.

Size Matters

On Sale
[Navy tumbler reads “Of course SIZE MATTERS (no one wants a small tumbler)” in white text of various sizes]

Want something with just a tinge more subtlety than Big d*ck gear? Try this tumbler on for size. This large, 30-ounce stainless steel travel mug is sure to get some laughs.

This tumbler is vacuum-insulated and can keep drinks hot for 4-6 hrs or cold for 9-12 hrs. Despite the size, it can still comfortably fit in most cup holders. It’s 8″ long, 4″ wide at the top, and 2.75″ wide at the very bottom. Plus, it includes a spill resistant lid with a straw hole and magnetic slide cover. 

Screw It

[Black travel coffee mug depicts a stick figure suggestively embracing the “i” of the word “it,” printed in bold white font.]

From senioritis to impending retirement, we all hit “screw it” points throughout our lives, so why not embrace it. Keep your coffee hot even when your motivation is running a little cold with this fun travel mug. 

This 16 oz tumbler comes with a removable silicone insulated sleeve. It’s dishwasher safe and has the design printed on both sides. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages, this travel mug also features a screw-on lid, a rubber bottom, and lightweight construction. 

Nerdy Needs

Coffee? We prefer the term nerd fuel. From sci-fi to slashers, we can all agree on one thing: coffee. 

duunnn dunnn… duuuunnnn duun…

No products found.

[Black tumbler with a photoshopped image of a white cat underwater and a shark in the distance. There is bold red text at the top (mimicking the Jaw’s logo) that reads “Paws.”]

This playful parody is perfect for anyone who thinks high-concept cinema peaked in 1975 or those under the impression that their feline friends might not have shaken their predatory instincts. Either way, you know their sipping coffee in between their “hot takes.”

This travel mug is sturdy and durable, and it fits in most cup holders. The shape is also conducive to carrying this tumbler around, so if you’re constantly on-the-go, this is a great option. Like most of the other options, this mug is also double-walled and vacuum insulated to keep things locked in at the perfect temperature. 

Dungeons, Dragons, and Drinks

[Silver tumbler features a fake Starbucks logo. The text has been replaced by “Dungeons & Dragons” and the center mermaid has been replaced by the side profile of a dragon.]

Honestly, coffee is as vital to most D&D campaigns as the dungeon master themself. Make sure to keep things lively during your caffeine-fueled adventures with this amusing mug. 

This 14-ounce tumbler features an easy-grip handle and thumb rest. It is stainless steel with double-wall technology to keep heat in (or out). The design is printed on both sides, so it’s perfect for righties and lefties. Hand-wash for best results and longevity.

Not Today

[Purple tumbler with silver rim reads “Not today Mugglefucker” in Lumos font. The words are surrounded by a wand, round glasses, lightning bolt, and sparkle graphics.]

Funny, I don’t remember reading that one in the books. Know a staunch Harry Potter hold-out, fueled by caffeine and spite? Well, “Accio” the perfect gift by ordering this tumbler. 

This double-walled, vacuum-sealed travel mug is made using BPA and lead-free materials. The design is engraved in the USA, and the textured powder-coated surface is sweat-free.

Hmm Coffee, this is.

[Bright green travel mug reads “Coffee, This is” in bold white text.]

Looking for a less problematic fave? Go for this classic yoda-speak mug. Simple, and to the point– the coffee comes first, and the rest of the sentence can catch up. 

This 16 oz tumbler comes with a removable silicone insulated sleeve. It’s dishwasher safe and has the design printed on both sides. Suitable for both hot and cold beverages, this travel mug also features a screw-on lid, a rubber bottom, and lightweight construction. 

To the Teachers

Considering the state of the world, most teachers have settled into that coffee and wine diet. Thankfully, these tumblers can handle either.  

Student Tears

With between budget cuts and pandemics, teachers don’t really catch a break. This is the perfect gift for that hard a** with a heart of gold who’s just trying to get themselves (and their students) through this hot mess. 

This 20-ounce tumbler is made of high-quality stainless steel and BPA-free plastic. The double-walled design can keep things hot for 8 hours or cold for 24. Plus, this travel mug can fit any standard size cup holder. 

Lesson Planning

[Light blue tumbler mug reads “Lesson Planning Juice” in white, cursive font followed by a heart.]

Is it wine? Is it coffee? The world may never know. Get this for the teacher or TA in your life who likely needs a little more of both beverages than most. 

This stylish, 12-ounce travel mug features stainless steel and BPA-free materials as well as thermal copper lining. The double-walled vacuum insulation can keep your drink hot for 3 hours or cold for 9. Plus, it is spill resistant and perfectly portable. 

Coffee, Cryptids, and Conspiracists 

Who doesn’t love to get a little spooky? Make sure everyone’s questionable late-night research is properly fueled with these coffee travel mugs. 

Basic Witch

No products found.

[Tall, black travel mug has a silver mock-Starbucks logo that reads “Basic Witch.” The central mermaid is also given a witch’s hat.]

Who says you can’t be alternative and “basic” in the same breath. If you’ve got a caffeine-fueled baby witch in mind, this is the perfect gift for them. 

This 20oz tumbler is double-walled and vacuum insulated, so you can count on keeping things hot for 12 hours or cold for 24. Plus, it is sweat-proff and features a powder-coated finish and a BPA-free lid. Also, this travel mug is designed and engraved in the USA. (Handwash only)

Search Continues

[Black tumbler has a silver rim and a silver badge design. Outer ring reads Bigfoot Search Team with two tree graphics. The inner-circle contains a graphic of bigfoot.]

Not encountering enough hairy, upright-walking, ape-like creatures in your day to day life? Why not go for gold and join the search for the big baddie, Bigfoot. If you’ve got a caffeine and cryptid crazed friend on your gift-list, this is the perfect choice for you. 

This large, 30-ounce travel mug is, of course, double-walled and vacuum-sealed, for even the lengthiest of outside adventures. The powder-coated stainless steel surface is laser engraved so the design is permanent and won’t wear or scratch off. Plus, the engraving and packaging happens right here in Missouri. 


[Silver mug has diagonal black text that reads “Government is Non-Essential.”]

If joining Anon seems more and more likely for your conspiracy-obsessed loved one, go ahead and get them this before they drop of the grid. 

This 14oz mug features an easy-grip handle and thumb rest. The tapered bottom fits a standard cup holder. Also, the dishwasher safe and shatter-resistant lid has slide opening and slanted drinking surface.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, whether your giftee is cursing the sun-rise, wrangling rowdy students, or dismanting the government, we all know what’s behind it: Coffee. 

There’s a little something here for anyone. So no matter what crowd you’re working with, you are sure to get a few laughs. 

Happy Caffeinating!

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