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Stone Street Coffee Review: Tasty Traditions, Bold Brews

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Are you looking for a new way to shake up your coffee routine? Get started with Stone Street Coffee! 

Some of the most high-quality coffee on the market, Stone Street is a delicious option to experiment with. We got the pleasure of reviewing this coffee ourselves, and you can read our whole review of it below.

Get Started With Stone Street

Based out of Brooklyn, New York. Stone Street Coffee roasts all of its coffee with high-quality and freshness in mind and is designed to satisfy the busy, possibly over-worked, and over-stressed New Yorker. 

stone street

With freshness in mind, Stone Street Coffee is delicious artisanal quality for those who need a powerful and delicious brew to help get them through a long day at work. Roasting all of their coffee in small batches, Stone Street sources for the best beans and ensures that the coffee beans are as ripe and robust as possible before filtering through them for roasting. 

Why Settle For Stone Street?

Let’s travel back in time to the 1950s. David Robinson, son of legendary athlete Jackie Robinson was born in 1952. Since 1983, David has been active in economic development and sustainable agriculture in Africa, and he’s also the founder and managing director of Higher Ground Development, an organization that works directly with the coffee cultivation industry. In 1988, David also established the Up-County International Products Inc., which is the sole proprietor and distributor of Sweet Unity Farms coffee. 

stone street

Sweet Unity Farms coffees are grown and cultivated exclusively by family-owned farms. In order to be the sole marketer and distributor of Sweet Unity Farms Coffee products, David also founded a corporation called Up-Country International Products Inc. Due to this ability to directly trade with each other, farmers are able to be more involved in the international coffee trade and also benefit more from it. 

Wholesale Options

Stone Street has supplied many coffee shops and cafés in New York with their savory beans. If you or your company are searching to sell coffee in bulk, Stone Street is a delicious option to satisfy your customer’s taste buds. 

When it comes to wholesale, Stone Street doesn’t just leave you high and dry. They take extensive care to educate those willing to go through the wholesale process. For example, Stone Street allows you to choose between all of their most popular roasts and blends, and will even offer to customize a roast for you if needed. 

Not sure which Stone Street roast/blend is best for you? The roaster hosts its own tastings right in their roaster in Brooklyn! Stone Street also accommodates private labeling for customers, and they actually already supply many other larger great brands throughout New York and beyond. 

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And even if all of THAT wasn’t enough, Stone Street even offers staff training programs to teach you everything you need to know when it comes to brewing coffee for the best results. Stone Street offers resources and how-to-dos to ensure that you receive the best out of your Stone Street experience.

Savory Coffee Choices

Stone Street offers two different kinds of coffees: regular coffee and flavored coffee. When it comes to single-origin and roast intensity, most of Stone Street’s coffees fall under multiple categories, and though some of these roasts fall under different options, here are a few of our favorite coffees from each one!

stone street review

Light Roasts

Columbian Supremo

Stone Street describes this blend as solid and complex in flavor, meaning that this coffee is delicious and strong enough to hold and retain its robust flavor. Coming from one of the most beloved countries for coffee cultivation, this Columbian roast is gathered straight from local and trusted farmers who carefully grow and cultivate their coffee. In addition, these beans are also 18 screens, meaning that they’re not only delicious but visually appealing as well. 

World’s Fair 1964

World’s Fair 1964 is a lighter roast with a sharp, crisp flavor and is complemented with a more subtle acidity. Using three different beans to make this blend, Stone Street combines coffee beans cultivated in Central America and South America to make a mixture of delectable notes of flavor. Whether you aren’t a fan of or aren’t familiar with lighter roasted coffee, this blend is a great “everyone/everyday” option for those who want to enjoy a less-intense light roast–Stone Street has even nicknamed this blend “The Doughnut Blend” since it’s designed to accommodate many coffee drinkers’ palates. 

Medium Roasts

Brooklyn Roast

The Brooklyn Roast is Stone Street’s own stamp of appreciation for the company’s favorite New York City borough: Brooklyn. We enjoy this roast because it’s not just a medium roasted coffee, but its actually a lighter roasted coffee and a darker, sweeter coffee mixed together. Together, this unique combination results in a cup of coffee that’s bold, well-bodied, robust, and velvety smooth with each sip. 

House Blend

Like the Brooklyn Roast, Stone Street also has a House Blend as the company’s signature blend. Made completely out of South American arabica beans, this blend is also full of rich flavor accompanied by a smoky finish. The House Blend also has a brighter acidity, though it’s intensity is definitely more muted in comparison to it’s lightly roasted cousins. 

Dark Roasts

French Roast

French Roast coffee blends are a great marker to determine how a roaster treats its darker-roasted coffees, and Stone Street’s French Roast definitely doesn’t disappoint. Another South American roast, this roast is characterized as being clean, bright, yet milder in flavor. Crafted from Brazilian Mogiana coffee, this coffee is grown in one of the most popular and nutrient-rich soils in the country. 

Sumatra Mandheling

One of the more popular Indonesian Coffees that Stone Street has to offer, the Sumatra Mandheling is heavier in the body with a smooth, syrupy texture. This darker roast is cooked just long enough to get a few cracks out of the beans without causing them to burn, resulting in coffee that’s deep, rich, and robust with every sip. It’s extremely low in acidity, making it gentle for those who may have a sensitive stomach.

Espresso Roasts

Espresso Decafeinato

A medium-roasted decaf option, Stone Street’s Espresso Decafeinato isn’t just meant to take the spark out of your usual cup of coffee, but it’s meant to taste just as delicious as your usual, caffeinated cup. 

This blend is earthy and smooth, with notes of flavor that will make it a savory attribute to your morning latte, cortado, or whatever you prefer! We enjoy this option by Stone Street because decaf espresso isn’t always easily accessible, but Stone Street makes it possible to sip your decaffeinated espresso and enjoy it too. 

Knee-Buckling Espresso

Want to brew on the darker side? Add a spark of flavor and energy to your morning latte with Stone Street’s Knee-Buckling Espresso. This dark roast is made up of five different coffees, this blend is packed to the max with flavor and caffeine content.

Full-bodied with flavor that’s rich and smooth, you can each sip to be velvety and robust. Not only does this blend stand on its own, but it retains a strong amount of flavor even when it’s cut with milk or creamer. So if you need something to help you break through the morning grogginess, awaken your senses to their knees with the Knee-Buckling Espresso.

Decaf Roasts

Mayan Water Decaf

Another blend filled with smooth, earthly, calm notes, the Mayan Water Decaf blend by Stone Street will give you all the caffeine you need without the side effects of caffeine. However, don’t let this decaf drink fool you! Stone Street makes sure that this roast is filled with flavor that will leave you craving more with every sip.

Mayan Water Half-Caff

If you’re on the fence about decaf, Stone Street also offers their Mayan Water Decaf in a Half-Caff option! Whether you stick to decaf but sometimes enjoy splurging with a little caffeine, or if you’re trying to ween off of caffeine entirely, this blend is a great in-between option.

Single Origin Coffees

Looking for a unique aroma and zest? Stone Street’s Single Origin Coffees offer you options that are unique to certain regions and are roasted to perfection accordingly. All of these blends are crafted from 100% arabica beans and come from regions like Tanzania, Jamacia, and Columbia, these blends will offer you flavors that are exclusive to each specific area. 

Tanzanian Peaberry-African

Grown on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, the conditions in which these beans are grown are almost perfect. Nurtured by rich volcanic soils and a sustainable climate for them to thrive in, the coffee that is grown here is full-bodied, smooth, and lighter in acidity. In addition, peaberry coffee known for its exquisite flavors and it often enjoyed due to its enhanced flavor profile. 

Jamaican Blue Mountain Grade #1

Fans of Jamaican coffee know that “Grade 1” is king. Usually, this blend is a lighter/medium roast and is medium-bodied with a higher amount of caffeine and a brighter acidity to match. Similar to the reputation of peaberry coffee, Jamaican Grade #1 coffee is widely recognized as a prestigious, exotic, and rare form of gourmet coffee–and Stone Street upholds those expectations when it comes to roasting. 

Flavored Coffees

Blueberry Cobbler

Grown in the rich soils of Columbia, this flavored Blueberry Cobbler coffee is designed after a traditional Columbian dessert. This blend is infused with sweet, juicy, fruity flavors to make it a mouthwatering blend to sip on when freshly brewed. There’s a hint of spice-infused in these flavors as well and makes for a warm, succulent finish. 


Need a hint of fall-season flavor? Try Stone Street’s Gingerbread blend! This is a delicious option for those who need a naturally sweeter coffee to enjoy, even without the addition of creamer or sweetener. 

Southern Pecan

Once again, this Southern Pecan roast is a Columbian roast that’s made with a spoonful of southern charm in each sip. This blend embodies all of the flavors that taste like home–butter, roasted pecans, and hints of sweet sugar. 

Our Review: Stone-Cold Brew

We got the opportunity to brew one of Stone Street’s most popular coffee options: cold brew! Our brewing process for this cold brew coffee was pretty simple.

stone street

First, we ground about 3/4 of coffee at a coarser grind. Next, we steeped our coffee grounds in about 4 cups of water. 

stone street review

After 12 hours, we had our brew!

stone street review

We decided to keep it simple by tasting it over ice by itself, but it also tasted delicious when paired with some Silk Almond Creamer too. This roast has a low acidity that makes it easy to drink since it’s lighter on the stomach.


Things We Enjoy

Variety of Flavors

One thing we can’t deny is the variety of flavors that Stone Street has to offer. There are so many different options for the many different kinds of coffee lovers out there, so you’re bound to find a blend that works best for you. In addition, if you get bored of one, you can easily switch up your brewing with another savory blend! 

Size Options

Not only does Stone Street offer you a spectrum of flavor options, but sizes as well! Whether you just want a small amount of coffee or a larger amount to hold you over for a longer. Ranging from 1, 2, to 5lbs, you’ll never have to worry about not having enough coffee. 


When it comes to going above and beyond, Stone Street makes sure to meet all of the criteria. Meeting certifications like Organic, Fair-Trade, Rainforest Alliance, and even Kosher, you can put your mind at ease as you sip and enjoy your savory cup of Stone Street. 

Wholesale Capabilities

Stone Street ensures that their coffee is available to anyone and everyone who wants it, and their wholesale options make their delicious coffee even more accessible to coffee lovers everywhere. Roasted with small batches to ensure consistent quality of flavor, Stone Street sells their roasted coffee with custom orders in order to ensure that every wholesale coffee sold is authentically roasted fresh to order. 

Things That Could Be Better

Here are some things that could be improved. 

The Verdict

All in all, Stone Street is a coffee company that has a lot to offer, though they may have a couple of minor things to work on. First of all, the variety of flavors alone makes them stand apart from the crowd as far as variety is concerned, and their many different roasts are able to appeal to any coffee lover’s picky palate.

If the history and tradition based around this coffee company are proof enough that if it’s been quenching New York’s coffee craze for this long, it’ll definitely quench yours. 

Happy caffeinating! 

Stone Street Coffee Review: Tasty Traditions, Bold Brews

Want to hop on the Stone Street train?! We got to brew and review this coffee brand and we have some DELICIOUS things to say.

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