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Broken Keurig? No Problem! This Viral TikTok Hack Will Save Your Coffee Day

Once again, TikTok brings us a coffee hack that saves the day. This time, it’s a pour-over method that will let you use your favorite K-Cups even if your Keurig is on the fritz.

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There’s nothing tastier than your first sip of coffee in the morning (or the afternoon… the evening… we don’t discriminate!) But that sip tastes more like defeat when your Keurig decides to break down—especially when you’ve just stocked up on those irresistible K-cup flavors.

It’s like your coffee maker is rebelling against your caffeine needs- totally unfair! But don’t fret, a lifesaving TikTok hack has surfaced, proving yet again that when life gives you lemons—or in this case, a broken Keurig—you make a pour-over.

@littleraechel improvising constantly 🙃 a nespresso is my next purchase lol #keurig #kcup #kcuphack #coffee #fyp #foryou #tiktok #keurigcoffee ♬ original sound – Bella ☮︎

Don’t be intimidated by the term “pour-over.” This hack is simple enough for any coffee lover- no fancy equipment or barista-level skills are needed. (Just the will to caffeinate by any means necessary.)

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But how exactly does this hack play out? It’s about improvisation and patience, as the video creator explains. Simply poke holes in the bottom of the cups and peel off the tops of the K-cups.

Then, well… you pour! Just slowly (so slowly) pour hot water through that K-Cup.

So, a fair warning: this isn’t a race. It’s a snail-like process, but we do what we have to to get that cup of java in the morning.

The responses to this video are mixed- some commenters suggested that this is just a sign to switch to another coffee method entirely. TikTok user haleighnohoez commented, “I just got a Nespresso! It’s a sign to get one lol.” Another commenter agreed, saying they switched from Keurig to Nespresso and will never go back.

Others point out that maybe it’s not necessary to even keep the tiny plastic K-Cup in the mix. One person suggested that it would be easier to put the coffee grounds in a small strainer with a paper towel, and another reminisced about the time they cut open their K-Cups and used them in a French Press.

Another commenter recommends just getting a reusable K-Cup to fill with your favorite grounds. We at Roasty Coffee totally support this; it will save you some money, reduce your single-use plastic consumption, and give you a better, fresher brew. However, we can’t deny that this TikTok hack is a resourceful way to get around the problem of a broken Keurig without requiring any new equipment.

Most importantly, the creator of the video confirmed that the hack worked, though it did leave her with a slightly cooler-than-usual cup of coffee.

This TikTok hack is the kind of community-sourced, viral knowledge sharing that can turn anyone’s morning around.

And for anyone still navigating the world of Keurig’s regular maintenance and hacks, check out these tips and tricks from Tasting Table for ensuring your coffee pods deliver that perfect brew every time. Whether you’re cleaning out your coffee maker or using high-quality water, these insights can mean the difference between an average cup of joe and the best your K-cups have to offer.

So, next time you hear the sound of your Keurig’s last brew, remember this TikTok hack! It might just be what saves your morning.

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