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Vanilla Coffee Creamer Recipe: An Easy Homemade Treat

Making homemade coffee creamer is super easy and only takes a few ingredients. Try out our Vanilla Coffee Creamer Recipe for a sweet treat in your morning brew!

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Coffee creamer is delicious and can make any cup of coffee taste great! Whether you enjoy it every once in a while or have a coffee creamer addiction, this recipe is incredibly easy to make at home and customize to your ideal level of sweetness and flavor intensity.

vanilla coffee creamer recipe

What’s in Vanilla Coffee Creamer?

Any homemade coffee creamer needs three basic elements – the cream, the sweetener, and the flavor. There are many combos you can use – from different types of milk and creamers to sugarless or sugar-filled sweeteners, plus a whole range of flavors to pick from.

We base our creamer recipes on our standard Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer Recipe. It’s super easy to whip up, and you only have to use a mason jar!


For our cream element, we use 2/3 part half & half and 1/3 part heavy whipping cream. I like my creamers thick, and this is the perfect coffee creamer baseline to work off.

If you need a dairy alternative, you may consider using oat milk, Lactaid, or almond milk combined with a dairy-free heavy whipping cream such as Silk.

pouring milk into glass

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The next element to consider is your sweetener. I love the richness and smoothness that sweetened condensed milk adds, but other alternatives are honey, simple syrup, agave, or Sativa extract. Picking a sweetener in a liquid form helps eliminate any cooking.

pouring Sativa extract

Once you have your cream base and sweetener, you’ll then pick your flavor! For this recipe, we’ve chosen classic vanilla.

(Hint – for a French vanilla coffee creamer, add a hint of hazelnut!)

Note: With flavors, you can choose an extract with a liquor base or a sugar syrup infused with the flavor of choice.

If you’re using syrup, be mindful that this will add more sweetness to your creamer. For the best results, combine the cream base and flavor until the ideal flavor profile is met.

Next, add any additional non-flavored sweetener until the ideal sweetness is reached.

adding additional non-flavored sweetener

Vanilla Coffee Creamer Recipe

Now that you have an idea of any adjustments you can make, let’s jump right into our super simple vanilla creamer recipe.

What You’ll Need

  • Mason Jar with lid (16oz or bigger)
  • Labels
  • Cup Measurer
  • Teaspoon Measurer

List of Ingredients

  • 7 oz of sweetened condensed milk
  • 1.5 cups of half & half
  • 0.5 cup of heavy cream
  • 2 teaspoons of vanilla extract, vanilla powder, or vanilla flavors


Add all ingredients to the mason jar. Stir with a spoon or close the jar and shake until well combined.

Add to your cup of coffee and enjoy!

Vanilla Coffee Creamer Recipe

It’s that easy! For storing, simply label your jar, noting the expiration date of the cream and half & half used (use whichever date comes first for the safest guidance) and refrigerate. Shake well before each use.

vanilla coffee creamer

You can easily adjust this recipe to meet your own flavor preferences for sweetness and coffee creamer taste.


How Do I Make SUGAR-FREE Coffee Creamer?

If you’re looking for the best sugar-free sweetener alternative, Stevia is the way to go!

Available in powder or extra form, this natural sweetener is an easy substitute for sweetened condensed milk, although it will not give the same rich and syrupy texture. 

When Do Homemade Coffee Creamers Expire? 

Coffee creamers generally keep for 10-15 days in the fridge. If it doesn’t have a smell and the texture is still fine, it’s probably safe to drink. 

However, if it’s gone past the expiration dates of the dairy ingredients, it’s safest to avoid it.

Is There Any Difference Between Vanilla Extract and Vanilla Flavoring? 

Yes.  Vanilla extract uses only two ingredients – vanilla beans and alcohol.  Vanilla flavoring uses artificial flavoring and ingredients which are cheaper in production, but do not quite taste the same. 

You can easily substitute one for the other, but vanilla extract has a much more pure vanilla flavor. 

Can I Use Vanilla Extract As Coffee Creamer?

Although you can use very, very small doses of vanilla extract as a flavoring for your coffee, by itself it does not create a creamer-like substitute. 


With just a few ingredients you can easily make coffee creamer with vanilla extract as shown above! 

Happy Caffeinating!

Vanilla Coffee Creamer

Vanilla Coffee Creamer Recipe

Yield: 1
Cook Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes

Make this homemade Vanilla Coffee Creamer to sweeten your morning brew!


  • 7 oz Sweetened Condensed Milk
  • 1.5 cups Half & Half
  • 0.5 cup Heavy Whipping Cream
  • 2 Teaspoons Vanilla Flavoring (or extract)


    1. Pour 2/3 part half & half and 1/3 part heavy whipping cream into a measuring cup.
    2. Pour the Sativa extract into a measuring cup.
    3. Add 2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Extract.
    4. Stir with a spoon or close the jar and shake until well combined.
    5. Add to your cup of coffee and enjoy!
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