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Winter Coffee Drinks: 20 Recipes to Keep You Caffeinated During the Coldest Season

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Winter is coming.

No, we’re not quoting Game of Thrones; we mean the literal season. It’s fast approaching, and before you know it, you’ll be wrapping gifts to put under the Christmas tree, ringing in the New Year, and celebrating Valentine’s Day with someone you love.

There are plenty of fun winter holidays and activities to look forward to, and since nearly every one of them is even better with a cup of coffee in your hand, we’re sharing some of our favorite winter coffee recipes with you.

Regardless of what you have planned for the winter months, we guarantee there’s a delicious, coffee-filled beverage suitable for the occasion.

Our Favorite Winter Coffee Drinks

You likely are already familiar with the classic winter coffee drinks on the menu of nearly every coffee shop from November through February, like the peppermint latte, for example.
While there’s nothing wrong with occasionally buying one of your old reliable winter brews from a café, sometimes it’s fun to give your taste buds something different — and save yourself a few dollars — by whipping up a new drink at home.

That’s where our recipes come in.

Create Your Own Cold Front

You don’t have to give up cold coffee drinks just because there’s cold weather! Here are some of our favorite iced beverages to make in the winter.

Brew On!

Bring out your favorite coffee beans and fire up your preferred brewing method; you’ve got some new recipes to try!

Happy Caffeinating!

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