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Pakt Coffee Kit Review

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When I’m traveling, one of the first things I start to miss when I’m away from home is my go-to coffee maker. If you’ve ever found yourself on the road without a proper coffee setup, you know how frustrating it can be to try to pull together a cup of coffee without a coffee machine handy. But travelers deserve a quality cup of coffee, too, and that’s where the Pakt Coffee Kit comes in. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pakt Coffee Kit

Pakt is a company that specializes in travel bags and organization products. Now, they’ve dipped their toes into the coffee world by collaborating with Impel Studio to design a sleek and compact coffee-making system. 

The Pakt Coffee Kit is for travelers and those who find themselves in hotels more often than not. It’s ideal for those who want Barista-quality coffee without the fuss and clutter of a full-size setup, especially when they’re brewing in a hotel, RV, train, or campsite. 

This kit is designed to be airline-friendly and perfect for a hotel stay. Many American hotels don’t have kettles in the rooms, so the idea of a portable kettle wherever you go is incredibly appealing. 

Product Overview

Pakt Coffee Kit Review

The Pakt Coffee Kit promises a pleasurable and sustainable coffee brewing experience no matter where you are. 

With a clever nesting-doll design, this compact travel kit packs a lot of features into a small package and easily fits in a carry-on suitcase or backpack. The set includes a carrying case, kettle, coffee scoop, stainless steel mesh filter, collapsible funnel, thermos, and a small container for pre-ground coffee grinds. 

PAKT Travel Kit
Pakt Coffee Travel Kit
Our rating:

The Pakt Coffee Kit is everything you need to make barista-quality coffee in one sleek, portable package. Use anywhere you have access to water and electricity.

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Features & Benefits

Carrying Case

The entire kit fits in a small hard-shell cylindrical carrying case about the size of a shoe bag, making it easy to store, transport, and keep out of the way while you brew your coffee. Plus, it’s airplane-friendly!

It’s ergonomically designed and made for every piece to fit exactly in its place, perfect for those who want to keep their travel gear super organized. There are compartments for extra filters, but all the pieces fit inside each other to conserve space.

The bag is the perfect size to place in a weekender bag, backpack, or carry-on, though you may prefer to keep it in your checked luggage since the complete kit in the bag weights close to 2 kilograms, or about 4 pounds, which can add unwanted weight to your backpack or purse. 

Portable Electric Kettle

Pakt Coffee Kit

The included kettle is a rather ingenious and well-designed feature of this kit. It pours beautifully, creating a consistent and easily controllable stream that’s perfect for a pour-over brew. 

The kettle will automatically turn off when the water reaches 205 °F. The silicone sleeve covering keeps it cool to the touch and easy to work with. 

Just a warning: you do have to be careful not to burn yourself on the spout since the metal at the front of the kettle is left exposed, which is one design element I wish had been better executed.

Collapsible Funnel and Metal Mesh Filter

Pakt Funnel and Metal Mesh Filter

One of the elements of this kit that shows real ingenuity is the drip funnel that collapses to half of its full size. Even when fully extended, the funnel is smaller than you’d expect, but it serves its purpose well.

When combined with the reusable mesh filter included in the kit, it brews a clean cup with minimal grounds. 

It’s also great to have a reusable, washable filter with you at all times when traveling, rather than going through mountains of single-use filters. But, a metal filter also means constantly washing it, which might not be ideal, depending on your travels.

You don’t have to use the included mesh filter if you prefer to choose your own coffee filter. A #1 cone filter will fit the funnel perfectly if you decide on a paper filter. 


The thermos is another impressive kit element. It’s made of high-grade plastic and has a capacity of one liter, which should last you a long time. Depending on your needs, you can fill it up with hot or cold water.

The thermos is a good size that feels comfortable and secure to grip. Like the kettle, it’s durable stainless steel surrounded by a BPA-free silicone sleeve for temperature protection and grip.

The thermos does have a wide opening at the top in its snug-fitting lid, which can be helpful to cool off the coffee, but it may present a spill risk. 

Coffee Grounds Container

The last element of the kit is the container for ground coffee. It’s an easy way to store coffee beans before or after grinding them (but keep in mind, this kit does not include a grinder, so you’ll have to bring one separately). The ability to just throw some of your favorite coffee beans in the container and be ready to make coffee whenever and wherever you want is great! 

The coffee container holds about 110 grams of ground coffee, which is enough for around five cups of coffee, depending on your preferences. This is a super helpful feature for those who like to pregrind their beans or carry preground beans with them while they travel. 

However, I can’t help but think that the coffee drinker who purchases this kit would rather have a grinder included in its place. The lack of even a manual grinder is a frustrating kit omission, especially when coffee nerds seem to be its primary audience. 

Dual Voltage Power Supply

Access to electricity and the voltage requirements for certain outlets will vary depending on your location. 

One significant advantage for frequent travelers is that the power supply automatically switches between 110 and 120 volts, depending on your location, which means you don’t have to have a voltage converter when traveling abroad. 

However, if you’re traveling abroad, you will likely need an adapter to fit the outlets in your destination country. 

PAKT Travel Kit
Pakt Coffee Travel Kit
Our rating:

The Pakt Coffee Kit is everything you need to make barista-quality coffee in one sleek, portable package. Use anywhere you have access to water and electricity.


Alternatives & Conclusion

The Pakt Coffee kit is a nearly perfect solution to the dilemma of brewing a quality cup of coffee while traveling, without carrying around a clunky or overly large coffee setup or relying on store-bought drinks, which can quickly become expensive. 

While the Pakt Coffee Kit is beautiful and cleverly designed, it is pricey. If you need a more affordable coffee system that’s big on quality and portability, consider the Cafflano Klassic All-In-One Pour Over Coffee Maker.

Cafflano’s kit is a great alternative. While it has similar features, like a filter, thermos, and kettle, it also includes a grinder, a considerable advantage over the Pakt kit. 

Alternatively, if you’re still looking for an even more budget-friendly option and don’t quite care about everything matching, you can always make your own portable coffee kit. I love this thrifty option because it allows you the freedom to choose your own elements and prioritize the brewing system that works for you!

Happy Caffeinating! 

Pakt Coffee Kit Review:
Pakt Coffee Kit Review

The Pakt Coffee kit could be your solution to the dilemma of brewing a quality cup of coffee while traveling. Let's check it out!

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