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Best Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Maker

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If you’re in the mood for a refreshing cup of pour-over coffee to start your morning right, you might not have enough time to boil your water to an optimal temperature that won’t alter the brew’s quality.

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

Thankfully, several coffee makers on the market simplify this process. If you want excellent coffee brewed in less time, check out this extensive list of my favorite options for the best automatic pour-over coffee maker.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s our top pick, Cuisinart CPO-800P1 PurePrecision 8 Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer.

Quick Summary: Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker, Simply Make Rich, Full-Bodied Coffee Every Time, Set Includes Glass Carafe, SCA Measuring Scoop, Silicone Sleeve, and Healthy-Eco Reusable Filter, Satin CopperBRIM 8 CUP POUR OVER COFFEE MAKER
  • SCA Measuring Scoop
  • Silicone Sleeve
  • Healthy-Eco Reusable Filter
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Shine Kitchen Co. Autopour SCH-150 Automatic Pour Over Coffee MachineSHINE KITCHEN CO. AUTOPOUR SCH-150
  • Double Wall Glass Carafe
  • Battery Operated Portable Machine
  • Automated Perfectly Calibrated Circular Pouring
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Cuisinart CPO-800P1 PurePrecision 8 Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer, SilverCUISINART CPO-800P1 PUREPRECISION 8 CUP POUR-OVER COFFEE BREWER
  • SCAA Certified
  • Flavor Strength Control
  • Temperature Control
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KitchenAid KCM0802OB Pour Over Coffee Brewer, Onyx BlackKITCHENAID KCM0802OB POUR-OVER COFFEE BREWER
  • One Touch Medium And Dark Roast Settings
  • Meets The Gold Cup Standards Of The Specialty Coffee Association Of America
  • Mimics The Manual Pour Over Process
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Coffee Maker,Gevi One-Touch Pour Over Drip Coffee Maker with Warming Plate and Auto-off Function,195-205 °F Optimum Brew Temperature 1.2L/40oz Clear Water Reservoir, Stainless SteelGEVI ONE-TOUCH POUR OVER COFFEE MAKER
  • One-Touch & Automatic Brew
  • Big Power For Fast Boiling
  • Manual Flow Control
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Best Option with a Permanent Filter

Brim 8 Cup Pour Over Coffee Maker

Some pour-over coffee drinkers find it tedious to buy and replace disposable filters, which can also affect the strength of your coffee’s flavor. This Brim coffee maker resolves this issue by incorporating a permanent, laser-etched coffee filter to brew your great-tasting coffee without losing its full flavor. It can make up to eight cups of delicious coffee per session.

This coffee maker’s heating plate keeps your carafe warm for up to 30 minutes before the machine’s automatic shutdown feature activates. Depending on your brewing preferences, you can set its water temperature between 197.6°F and 204.8°F. Although the Brim’s 8-cup glass carafe is fragile, its sleek, elegant design complements the device’s satin copper color. 

Things We Liked:

  • An automatic shutdown feature that activates after 30 minutes
  • A laser-etched permanent filter that makes it more environmentally friendly than coffee makers that require disposable paper filters
  • A “Keep Warm” feature that preserves the coffee’s heat at 176°F
  • Brew Pulse for complete and balanced blooming
  • A temperature range between 197.6°F and 204.8°F for a consistent brew
  • A removable silicone grip that prevents the carafe’s heat from burning your fingers

Things We Don’t:

  • No options for using the machine without the warmer plate
  • Emits a charred plastic smell that can blend with your coffee
  • A fragile glass carafe you can’t replace

Best Value

Shine Kitchen Co. Autopour SCH-150

The Autopour SCH-150 is an excellent and affordable portable option if you enjoy traveling but don’t have access to a kitchen counter’s electrical outlet. This battery-powered automatic pour-over machine incorporates a wooden aesthetic in its beautiful design that can match any environment. In addition, its double-walled carafe is thick enough to contain your coffee’s heat and has a silicone grip band to keep your hands from getting burned as you pour it.

This inexpensive coffee maker comes with pre-measured fill lines inside the reservoir and a coffee scoop to help you determine your water-to-coffee ratio and create a pour-over within five minutes. It can make up to two cups of coffee per session. While this amount is smaller than the other choices on this list, the resulting coffee comes out full-flavored without bitterness.

Things We Liked:

  • A double-walled glass carafe that keeps your coffee warm and keeps you from burning your fingers
  • Battery-powered operation that emphasizes its portability
  • Sleek plastic and wood finish
  • Pre-measured reservoir fill lines to help you determine your ratio of coffee-to-water 
  • It weighs less than ten pounds

Things We Don’t:

  • It can only brew up to two cups of coffee per session
  • You need to use lukewarm water for your coffee to prevent it from damaging the machine’s plastic

Best Temperature and Flavor Control Settings

Cuisinart CPO-800P1 PurePrecision

This model might be ideal if you want a coffee maker with variable temperature control and flavor strength settings. It has three flavor settings: mild, medium, and bold, and two temperature settings: hot and extra-hot. Unlike its thermal carafe model, Cuisinart’s PurePrecision glass carafe model has measurement lines reaching a maximum of eight cups.

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After plugging in the device, you can power it on and access its LCD menu. Its auto-on feature lets the machine preheat your water hours before you’re ready to brew your pour-over coffee. I recommend this option for users who like using coffee makers with simple designs or control panels and several settings to enhance their experience.

While prone to rusting, the hot plate can keep your pour-over coffee warm for up to two hours, letting you enjoy multiple cups throughout the morning.

Things We Liked:

  • Hot plate with an adjustable two-hour programmable timer 
  • Adjustable flavor and temperature settings
  • The glass carafe model has easy-to-read measurements on its side
  • Laser-etched stainless steel filter to preserve your coffee’s flavor
  • Makes up to eight cups of coffee at a time
  • User-friendly interface with an LCD screen and buttons

Things We Don’t:

  • The LCD screen dims over time
  • Loud beeping after you finish brewing
  • Temperature quality varies
  • Thin and fragile glass carafe

Best for Minimal Heat Loss

KitchenAid KCM0802OB Pour-Over Coffee Brewer

When using an automatic pour-over coffee brewer, people want to avoid losing water heat during the extraction process. Thankfully, this KitchenAid model heats water at the top of the brewer at an optimal brewing temperature between 198°F to 204°F and keeps it warm until you pour it. It also lets you brew up to eight cups of coffee, making it an ideal option if you prefer drinking several cups of coffee during the morning or throughout the day.

Its easy-to-use button interface incorporates a digital display screen that shows you your brewing progress from start to finish. The control panel also has a built-in roast selector if you want to brew your pour-over as a dark or medium roast for a more flavorful experience. In addition, it has an automatic shut-off feature that activates after an hour if you don’t press the brew button twice.

Things We Liked:

  • An attractive glass carafe that holds up to eight cups of coffee
  • A water heater on the brewer’s top that reduces heat loss during the coffee-making process
  • An LCD monitor that indicates your brewing process
  • Medium and dark roast settings if you prefer coffee with more flavor
  • 24-hour programmability to help you prepare your pour-over quicker
  • Automatically shuts off after one hour

Things We Don’t:

  • The water reservoir can leak
  • The text on the buttons fades
  • The plastic’s quality varies

Best Option for Controlling Your Coffee’s Strength

Gevi One-Touch Pour Over Coffee Maker

The Gevi One-Touch coffee maker incorporates a manual control valve that lets you set the water flow to match the desired strength of your pour-over coffee. Unlike many drip coffee makers, this Gevi pour-over coffee maker gives you complete control to customize your drink. The coffee’s thickness and flavor increase as you turn the valve from left to right, making it easy for anyone to use.

The 1.2-liter water reservoir is more accessible than others on this list, making it easier to clean and fill. Additionally, this coffee maker has several automatic shutdown features: one that activates when it’s done brewing and another that shuts it off after holding your coffee’s perfect temperature for two hours on the warming plate. It also has a 1,450W warming plate that helps the machine reach its brewing temperature faster than standard models.

Things We Liked:

  • A 1.2-liter water reservoir that’s excellent for brewing pour-over coffee for several people
  • 1,450W heater that lets it reach its ideal brewing temperature quickly
  • Automatic shut-off when it completes brewing
  • A “Keep Warm” setting that holds the temperature for two hours

Things We Don’t:

  • It takes a while for the plastic odor and taste to disappear
  • The steam sprayer can be prone to leaking

What to Look for in an Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Maker

When finding the best automatic pour-over coffee maker, there are several components you should consider before narrowing down your final options. These characteristics play essential roles in creating high-quality coffee that matches your coffee-drinking preferences. Here are some features you can find in most brewers.

Temperature Features

Brewing temperatures are a critical factor that determines the quality of your coffee. Most automatic pour-over coffee makers produce hot brews with water temperatures between 195°F and 205°F. If you brew at lower temperatures, you can’t extract the coffee’s potent flavors; if you brew at temperatures higher than the optimal range, you can burn your grinds and alter its taste.

Brewing Capacity

Depending on how much coffee you or your peers enjoy drinking, you’ll need a coffee maker that holds enough water to produce sufficient coffee during one session. Of course, some models have larger water reservoirs than others, but the overall capacity should fit the size of their builds. Many models let you brew between two to eight cups of coffee in a carafe.

Heat Retention Technology

Depending on the type of pour-over coffee maker you purchase, it may have a “Keep Warm” feature. Some models come with thermal carafes, while others come with glass ones. A stainless steel carafe can typically keep coffee warmer for more extended periods than its glass counterparts. Thermal carafes also blend in more naturally with devices because of their matching colors and materials.

Automatic pour-over coffee machines with glass carafes usually have a warming plate that helps them heat the water and maintain the temperature for a limited time. Others have double-walled carafes to enhance their insulation capabilities. However, it would be best to drink your coffee within 30 minutes after brewing for the most decadent taste and best temperature. 

Battery-Powered Vs. Plugging It Into an Outlet

Most automatic pour-over coffee makers activate at the press of a button but operate on different power sources. Corded brewers need compatible outlets that can handle their wattage and don’t malfunction constantly. Some cords might be too short, so it would be wise to consider using an extension cord or power hub.

Battery-powered models don’t need wall outlets to operate, making them ideal for camping or road trips. However, the type and number of batteries needed differ based on the models you find, so it would be best to stock up on compatible batteries after researching the coffee maker you want. Due to their portability and compact size, battery-powered machines make fewer cups of coffee than larger ones.

Using an Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Maker Over Manual Brewing?

When making pour-over coffee, you have to heat your water to an ideal temperature and pour it over your coffee grounds. Then, depending on how you like your coffee, you might wait several seconds to let the coffee bloom to extract the coffee’s maximum flavor.

Automatic pour-over machines go through their brewing sequences after you adjust their settings with buttons or dials and don’t require you to control the temperature or flow rate. In contrast, when you brew manually, you have to measure the temperature and water amount and monitor your pour rate to prevent the coffee from being too burned or weak. Therefore, it takes more time to prepare coffee manually than with an automatic coffee maker.

Manual pour-over preparation requires a gooseneck kettle to distribute water onto the ground coffee at a slow and even rate. Automatic pour-over coffee makers incorporate showerheads that distribute water at a perfect rate around the filter above the carafe.

What Are Some Additional Features I Should Consider?

When picking out the best automatic pour-over coffee maker, you should consider looking for one with programmable brew settings and other luxuries to make your coffee-making experience more engaging. After all, you want a device that makes it easier to make the coffee you love.

Programmable Features

Coffee makers with programmable features let you operate the machine in several ways. For example, some models have overnight settings that let you set when your device starts brewing coffee the next day and help you save time in your daily routine.

Built-In Filters

Although some people prefer using paper filters for making pour-over coffee, you can only use them once per brew. Some models have laser-etched metal filters that you can reuse. However, you need to clean them regularly to prevent residue buildup.

Automatic Shutdown

Many hot coffee makers incorporate power features to help them waste less energy after prolonged use. The timeframe when this feature activates depends on the model you use. For example, some automatically turn off after finishing a brew, while others turn off after 30 minutes. Machines with “Keep Warm” features for carafes and warming plates turn off after an hour or two.

Cleaning Convenience

Auto-clean features are helpful for users who have trouble accessing their machine’s water tank or don’t have the time to clean it every few weeks. It also reduces the need to replace the machine.


Here are some answers to some pervasive questions. 

How long does it take for an automatic pour-over coffee maker to brew a cup of coffee?

The overall speed depends on the type of coffee maker you use and whether or not it has customizable flow settings. The average brewing time for pour-over coffee through an automatic coffee machine is about five minutes. This process can take longer based on how much fresh coffee you want and how you prefer drinking it.

Does it take longer for an automatic pour-over coffee maker to brew coffee than manually?

An automatic pour-over coffee machine helps users make their coffee faster while maintaining its temperature. When you brew it manually, you spend more time measuring, pouring, and waiting for the water to react with the grinds, usually taking at least ten minutes.

An automatic brewer does this in half the time the manual brewing method does, allowing you to focus on other things during your coffee routine. 

Why does my pour-over coffee taste like plastic?

If you purchase a coffee maker with a plastic water reservoir tank, the hot water you add to it while brewing coffee reacts with chemicals within the plastic and alters your coffee’s taste. Coffee makers made with plastics containing BPA have higher levels of these chemicals.

To eliminate the taste, descale your coffee machine using boiling water or adding water with lemon juice, vinegar, or baking soda. It would also be wise to select a coffee maker that’s BPA-free to reduce the number of chemicals that can spread.

Does a glass carafe hold heat well?

Although glass is an excellent insulator, thermal carafes work better because their exteriors are less likely to burn your hands when picking them up.

Wrap Up

While each option on this list has excellent features, our top pick for the best automatic pour-over coffee maker is the Cuisinart CPO-800P1 PurePrecision 8 Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer. Unlike our other choices, this model lets you brew your coffee with mild, medium, or bold flavors. The auto-start is also an outstanding feature that lets you set when to brew the following day, saving you time while following your morning coffee routine.

If you prefer a more affordable model that makes fewer cups of coffee per serving for a single-person household, consider the Shine Kitchen Co. Autopour SCH-150. It’s affordable and makes up to two cups of coffee per brew. You can also use it while traveling because it’s battery-powered.

If you prefer using a coffee maker that lets you freely adjust the coffee’s strength, the Gevi One-Touch Pour Over Coffee Maker might be the best option for you. As you turn its valve, you can make your coffee thicker or thinner. It also has excellent heating power for faster preparation.

Ready to start making pour-over coffee with a convenient automatic coffee maker? Then check out the latest prices for the Cuisinart CPO-800P1 PurePrecision 8 Cup Pour-Over Coffee Brewer today!

Happy Caffeinating!

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