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Café Bustelo In Your Aeropress

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A rich, smooth cup of dark roast coffee is heaven for most coffee drinkers. Whether it’s hot or iced, enjoyed first thing in the morning, or as a demitasse with dessert, a delicious coffee is one of life’s pleasures. 

Can you get this java enjoyment from brewing Café Bustelo in your Aeropress coffee maker? A growing number of coffee lovers enthusiastically say yes! 

Check out our take on a mash-up of these two brands – Café Bustelo and Aeropress – that have passionate followings. How well do they combine? 

Aeropress 101 

If you’re not already an Aeropress fan, here’s a quick explanation of this expertly designed coffee maker. Invented by engineer Alan Adler, the Aeropress produces a superior cup of coffee by steeping coffee beans in water inside a cylinder and then forcing the coffee through a filter. 

The Aeropress is known for getting the most flavor from coffee beans through pressure created in its cylinder. It’s also easy to transport, making the Aeropress a favorite of travelers who take their coffee seriously. 

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What is Café Bustelo? 

Café Bustelo is one of the world’s most popular coffees. A Cuban-style espresso, Café Bustelo is loved for its bold flavor and affordable price. Cuban-style coffee is strong and rich, so it’s a wonderful choice for either an espresso or for adding to coffee drinks. Anything from a basic Americano to lattes and iced coffees gets a flavor boost from Café Bustelo. 

Made from 100 percent Arabica beans, Café Bustelo delivers plenty of flavor at an economical price. Cafe Bustelo is easily found in the coffee aisle of most supermarkets as well as online, and a variety of grinds are available. 

You can even get canned Café Bustelo café con leche, but true coffee lovers will want to brew this Latin blend themselves to enjoy the aroma and flavor. 

Café Bustelo brews well in different types of coffee makers, French press to drip, but the Aeropress coffee maker excels at getting the most flavor from this blend.  

What Makes Café Bustelo a Great Match for Your Aeropress? 

Coffee fans have recommended Café Bustelo for Aeropress brewing on Amazon, with one proclaiming it the “best damn cup of coffee ever.” 

They say that two scoops of Café Bustelo come out rich, dark, and thick, perfect for enjoying as is or for adding to coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. It’s ideal for iced coffee since it’s rich enough to stand up to dilution with ice and milk. 

Cafe Bustelo Aeropress

Espresso Flavor 

Aeropress admits that its coffee isn’t a true espresso since it isn’t brewed under pressure like in an espresso machine. Still, its flavor is similar to espresso, especially when dark roasts like Café Bustelo are brewed. You can also use dark coffee brewed in Aeropress coffee makers in a variety of coffee drinks. 

Brewing Café Bustelo in an Aeropress is a much more affordable option than using an espresso machine.  

Will I Enjoy Café Bustelo? 

If you’re wondering if Café Bustelo will be to your liking, our answer is, “It depends.” 

To drink Café Bustelo black, you should be a lover of dark, bold espresso coffee. If those blends are your favorites, then you’ll love Café Bustelo and find it comparable to Lavazza and other espresso blends on the market. Its economical price – usually slightly above Folger’s and Maxwell House – will make you a fan. 

Café Bustelo makes a great espresso shot since its Cuban flavor will stand up to dilution without becoming too weak. Café Bustelo is also delicious iced and will keep its flavor even as the ice melts. 

If you like a less strong cup of coffee, try making a café con leche with Café Bustelo. 

Café Bustelo is smooth, but it has a bold flavor. If light roast coffee blends with milder flavors are your favorite varieties, then Café Bustelo may not be the right choice for your Aeropress.  

Still undecided? Check out our review of Cafe Bustelo. 

Café Bustelo in Your Aeropress 

By now, you’re probably ready to order a brick of Café Bustelo to try in your Aeropress. You’ll get plenty of coffee flavor (sabor de café in Espanol) at an affordable price, and if you love drinking coffee, that’s a magical combination.  

Our recommendation is to give this blend a try. Café Bustelo may convert you into a Cuban coffee drinker, and that bright yellow Café Bustelo coffee can may become a fixture in your kitchen cabinets.  

Happy Caffeinating!

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