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  • 15 Tasty Kahlua Coffee Recipes To Liven Up Your Day

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    Today we have the best Kahlua coffee recipes for you to try. Serve up some cocktails at your next party that every guest will be asking for the recipe. These coffee cocktails are easy to make, refreshing, and will be a boozy drink for the adults to sip on.

    1. Irish Coffee

    Irish Coffee 

    Genius Kitchen mixes Baileys and Kahlua together to create an Irish coffee that will get you feeling a little buzzed. Here is the recipe.

    2. Iced Kahlua Coffee

    Iced Kahlua Coffee 

    Chill down with this iced Kahlua coffee recipe, over at Damn Delicious. Espresso, Kahlua, and just a couple more ingredients are all that is required for this chilled drink. Learn how to make it.

    3. Smooth Kahlua Coffee

    Smooth Kahlua Coffee 

    Loving It Vegan shares a perfect after-dinner drink you can whip up in five minutes or less. Serve for guests, or treat yourself after a long work week. Here is her recipe.

    4. Kahlua Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake

     Kahlua Chocolate Chip Cookie Milkshake 

    Wow, this milkshake will cool you down on a hot summer day. How Sweet Eats shares a satisfyingly sweet milkshake that uses coffee ice cream, and cookies, with Kahlua to make one dessert that stands out. See how to make one.

    5. Iced Coffee Shake

    Iced Coffee Shake

    Ann’s Entitled Life has a Bailey’s and Kahlua Iced Coffee Shake recipe that will be a game-changer for a dessert. You get that strong coffee flavor with a smooth finish. Learn how to make these shakes.

    6. Kahlua Espresso Martini

    Kahlua Espresso Martini

    I’m Bored Let’s Go has a Kahlua Espresso Martini that will be a treat at any dinner party. A perfect pick-me-up to keep the night going. Click here to see her recipe.

    7. Perfectly Sweet Irish Coffee

    Perfectly Sweet Irish Coffee 

    Cooking with Ruthie has a perfectly sweet Irish Coffee recipe that uses Bailey’s, Kahlua, brown sugar and a few other ingredients to make the perfect Irish Coffee to sip on. Learn how she makes it.

    8. Kicked-up Coffee Granita

    Cooks WIth Cocktails really put some love and thought into these Kicked-Up Coffee Granitas with Baileys and Kahlua. They are a little bit of work, but the flavor you end up with is phenomenal. See the recipe over here.

    9. Boozy Pumpkin Spice Coffee

    Boozy Pumpkin Spice Coffee 

    Celebrations At Home shares a perfect Pumpkin Spice Coffee recipe that uses Pumpkin Spice Kahlua. This would be a great one for Fall and Winter. Head here for the recipe.

    10. Spiked Coffee Milkshake

    Spiked Coffee Milkshake 

    A Night Owl has made a spiked coffee milkshake that is a perfect ending to a day. Serve this chilled milkshake up that gives you that coffee, boozy, and ice cream smooth flavors all in one. See the recipe over here.

    11. Hot White Russian

    Hot White Russian 

    The Spicy Apron will warm you up from the inside out with this hot White Russian coffee cocktail. You use hot coffee, warm cream, and of course a splash of Kahlua. Click here for the recipe.

    12. Cozy White Russian Cocktail

     Cozy White Russian Cocktail 

    Epicurious has another White Russian cocktail recipe that is nice and warm. You mix Kahlua and Vodka for a spiked cocktail. See how to make one.

    13. Perfectly Sweet Kahlua Coffee Recipe

     Perfectly Sweet Kahlua Coffee Recipe 

    If you like to have a little sweet Taste of Home shares a really easy sweet Kahlua recipe. You get that coffee cocktail that gives you satisfaction from the sweet flavors. Learn how to make this coffee.

    14. Coffee Hot Chocolate Spiked

     Coffee Hot Chocolate Spiked

    Barefeet in the Kitchen has done it again with this coffee/hot chocolate spiked drink. It will hit the spot and make you feel a little buzzed after. The recipe is here.

    15. Buttery Christmas Latte

    Buttery Christmas Latte 

    Major Hoff Takes A Wife shares a Christmas latte that offers a buttery flavor and spices that will make you dream of the holidays. Spiked with some Kahlua for a perfect adult drink. See the recipe here.

    You have a nice variety of Kahlua and Coffee cocktails for you and your family. Enjoy these tasty recipes.

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