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Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshooting Guide

Issues with your machine? Our Ninja Coffee Maker troubleshooting guide delivers quick solutions to save your brew and your morning.

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There’s nothing worse than making your way to the kitchen in the morning for your first sip of coffee, only to discover that your coffee machine isn’t working properly. But don’t call the repair guy just yet — one of our tested fixes might just do the trick for you!

Ninja coffee makers offer a versatile and effortless way to make a beautiful cup of coffee right at home. But just like other machines, they’re not immune to problems from time to time.

We’ve compiled a list of the most common issues that you may run into with your Ninja Coffee Bar, how to diagnose the problem, and what to do about it.

Ninja Coffee Maker Troubleshooting

Key Takeaways

  • Regular Maintenance is Crucial: To keep your Ninja coffee maker in top condition, follow the maintenance guide in the instruction manual, clean after each use, and run the descaling cycle when needed.
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues: Address problems by checking water levels, ensuring the drip stop is open, and running clean cycles with descaling solution. If issues persist, a professional repair may be necessary.
  • Preventive Measures and Tips: Prevent common problems with your Ninja coffee maker by using it correctly, cleaning it consistently, and using the right filtered water to minimize mineral buildup.

How Do I Prevent Future Problems With My Ninja?

Prevention is key if you want to keep your coffee maker running strong for years to come. That means proper maintenance and regular cleaning before problems ever start to arise.

First things first, always read through your instruction manual to get a feel for properly using all of your machine’s functions. It will also give you a good idea of common issues and how to fix them.

Then, set up a consistent and thorough cleaning schedule that works for you. After every use, run the carafe and other detachable implements (like the filter and frother) through the dishwasher. Also, you should lightly wipe off the outside of your machine with a damp, soapy cloth – especially the buttons.

Run the clean cycle regularly, every one or two months, or when the clean indicator light turns on, whichever comes first. Properly cleaning and descaling your machine is crucial to keeping minerals and calcium buildup from clogging the system and causing problems down the road.

Also, stay aware of the length of your warranty, so if anything goes wrong, you can get the machine repaired or replaced at no extra cost. Keeping on top of your machine and regularly maintaining it will go a long way toward preventing issues down the line.

Clean and Descale Ninja Coffee Maker
Image Credit: Coffee Maker Bar Channel.

Not a bad idea to familiarize yourself with the Ninja’s Clean and Descale cycles!

What’s Wrong With My Ninja Coffee Maker?

Ninja Coffee Maker Won’t Brew

Before you do anything, check to make sure you’ve got enough water in your water reservoir for the brew size you’ve selected, and check to make sure that your drip stop switch is in the open position.

If your Ninja coffee maker is still refusing to brew, the water flow in the machine may be clogged by mineral buildup. To prevent that from happening, make sure you’re consistently and thoroughly cleaning and descaling your machine.

You can descale your coffee maker by pouring either white vinegar or a commercial descaling solution into your water reservoir and running the clean cycle function on your machine, according to the instructions on your model.

If mineral buildup doesn’t seem to be the issue, then consider resetting your machine by turning it off, unplugging it, and moving it to a new power outlet before plugging it back in.

Ninja Coffee Bar Clean Cycle Isn’t Working

When you clean and descale your coffee machine, you might notice that the clean cycle isn’t running properly. If that’s the case, you’ll have to check that several parts of your machine are working correctly to diagnose the issue.

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Ensure that the brew basket is correctly attached to the brewer, as improper placement will prevent the clean cycle from running. Pull it out and reposition it to be sure!

Also, make sure you’ve correctly filled the water reservoir to the travel mug fill line with water and then filled it the rest of the way up with descaling solution.

Finally, make sure you press the Clean button when you start the cycle (it seems obvious, but it can help to double-check!)

If you’re still having trouble, try a hard reset of your machine, and if the clean cycle isn’t running after that, consider having it looked at by a professional since this could be an electrical issue.

Ninja Coffee Bar Leaking Water

If your Ninja is leaking water, it’s likely due to one of two problems: either you’re overfilling your machine before brewing, or there’s a loose connection to the water reservoir. Luckily, you can quickly address both of these issues.

If you’re worried about overfilling, make sure not to fill your water reservoir past the maximum fill line. Excess water has nowhere to go after brewing, and you’ll notice leaks after repeatedly overfilling the reservoir.

Check the entire machine for the leak source, starting with the water reservoir. Is it cracked or damaged in some way? When inspecting your machine for a leak, always turn the power supply off and unplug the appliance!

If that doesn’t work, it may be that the issue is with a tube or connector inside the machine, and it may be worth it to take your device in for repair, especially if it’s still under warranty. You can always go the DIY route and open it yourself, but sometimes things are best left to the professionals!

Ninja Coffee Maker Beeps 5 Times, Then Stops

While annoying, that beeping sound your Ninja is making is a way for your machine to signal to you that something is wrong. The beeping indicates that your device cannot pull water from the reservoir, but this could be due to a few different reasons.

First, ensure that your water reservoir is adequately filled for the brew size you’ve selected. If there’s not enough water, the brewing cycle will stop prematurely without filling your carafe or cup all the way, causing the beeping noise.

If it’s not user error, it could be your drip stop. If you’ve switched your brew stop lever to the closed position and never switched it back, it could be keeping your coffee from brewing. Luckily, your NInja is designed to beep five times to alert you when you attempt to brew with the drip stop closed.

Once you’re sure everything is in place, it can’t hurt to run your machine through a clean cycle since sediment and mineral buildup can cause blockages in your Ninja’s system. If it’s been a while since you’ve properly cleaned and descaled your machine, it can’t hurt to try!

Lastly, you’ll want to check the valve at the bottom of your water reservoir that opens up to pull the water into your machine. If it’s broken or clogged somehow, water can’t be drawn for the brewing process, resulting in the beeps. While you may be able to fix it yourself, your best bet at this point would be to take it in for repairs.

Ninja Coffee Bar Stops Brewing

You should run through all the usual suspects. Does the machine need to be cleaned or descaled? Is there a blockage somewhere? Is there an issue with your power source? Do a thorough inspection to see if anything’s out of place.

After all of that, is your machine still shutting off? Try a hard reset; it’s the best way to ensure that the brewer doesn’t need professional intervention to get it working again.

Turn off your machine, unplug it, and move it to a new outlet on the off chance there’s an issue with your circuit breaker, then plug it back in and turn it on. Test the machine by running a brew cycle to see if it turns off again.

If you’re still having issues, you may want to take it in to have it looked at by a professional since the problem may lie with the electrical components of the machine.

Ninja Coffee Bar Not Brewing Full Carafe

If you’re trying to make a batch of coffee, but your Ninja is coming up short, you’ll want to check the machine for obvious user-error solutions. Did you select the correct brew size? Have you filled the water reservoir up to the correct fill line?

Also, be sure to check the valve at the bottom of the water reservoir. If it’s clogged or broken, it won’t be able to pull water from the reservoir properly, and you’ll be left with less coffee than you wanted. If the valve is the issue, you’ll likely need to have it professionally replaced.

Ninja Coffee Bar Filter Isn’t Draining

Whether your model uses a paper or permanent filter, you should ensure that you’re using it correctly. In models that use paper filters, make sure you’re using the correct size filter since using one that’s too big or small will keep the filter from adequately draining.

Your coffee may also be the issue. Using too much coffee could cause it to become packed down in the basket, making it much more difficult for the water to pour through.

It’s also possible that the kind of water you’re using could be the culprit. If the water you use is hard (as in, it contains a high amount of calcium), it may be clogging the system. Try descaling your coffee machine by running it through a clean cycle.

If you think the problem is the water you’re using, try switching it out for purchased or filtered water and check the results.

Ninja Coffee Bar Frother Not Working

One of the best features of a Ninja coffee maker is the included milk frother, something you don’t commonly see attached to machines not exclusively made for espresso.

But if it’s not working, make sure that the frother isn’t blocked up and that it’s properly cleaned. You can always run the frother through the dishwasher, but it may be worth hand washing it as well, to be sure there are no blockages.

Secondly, be sure that the frother is correctly attached to the machine. When reattaching it after cleaning, make sure it’s fully twisted back into the base at the side of the device.

If it’s still not working after being attached correctly to the machine, consider trying a hard reset (unplug and reconnect) before contacting Ninja’s customer support. The problem may be with the electrical components of your appliance.

Ninja Coffee Bar Drip Stop Won’t Work

First, check to ensure that you’ve pushed the drip stop toggle to the closed position to stop the flow of coffee.

If the toggle isn’t moving or the flow of coffee doesn’t stop when you move it to the closed position, then it’s likely that a piece of the toggle is broken, and it may be time for a replacement.

While it’s possible to replace it DIY style, it’s probably worth it to call customer support and have the appliance repaired professionally if your machine is under warranty.

Coffee Grounds and Sediment in My Coffee

There’s nothing worse than a cup of coffee with sediment and grounds at the bottom. If you’re noticing coffee grounds making their way into your cup, you need to do a thorough inspection of the brewing system to diagnose the issue.

If you’ve got sediment in your serving of coffee, the filter may be the likely culprit. If you’ve got a permanent filter, ensure that it’s set correctly in place. Also, know that you’re more likely to see extra sediment in your coffee if you use a permanent filter- paper filters are better at filtering out grounds.

If you use a paper filter for your Ninja model, make sure you’re using the correct size. You should be using a No. 4 size cone paper filter. Too big, and the filter will collapse; too small, and grounds will overflow from the filter into your cup!

Also, consider the grind size you’re using. Finer ground coffee will slip through your filter more easily, so try a coarser grind size like medium ground coffee, and you should see fewer grounds in your next cup.

Ninja Coffee Bar Isn’t Brewing Hot Enough

We all want hot coffee, so it can be extra disappointing if the first cup of the day is lukewarm at best. If you notice that your second cup is much warmer than the first, there’s a reason for this.

The Ninja coffee bar uses a prewarm function to heat the water before brewing. So when you brew your first cup, the machine has to heat the water from cold or lukewarm before brewing the coffee. When brewing the second cup, the water is already warmer, so it can be heated quicker and hotter.

If the coffee maker isn’t heating your water at all, then that’s a problem that should be solved with a professional repair. Get in touch with Ninja’s customer support to facilitate a repair or replacement.

To ensure that the first cup is piping hot, one quick and simple tip is to pre-warm your coffee cup by filling it with hot tap water or running the whole cup under hot water for a few seconds. This will help your first cup retain heat longer.

Ninja Coffee Bar Brew Basket Stuck Open

When removing your brew basket, use an “out and up” motion, similar to removing a drawer from a dresser. So, when putting it back in, you want to reverse this process.

To get your brew basket to close, make sure you align the tongue of the basket into the groove at an angle and then slide it straight in until it clicks into place.

If you’re still having trouble getting the brew basket to close, make sure that nothing is blocking the grooves and that the plastic tongue on your brew basket isn’t bent or broken in any way. You may need to order a replacement or have it repaired if it is.

How to Remove the Brew Basket:

Ninja Coffee Bar “Clean” Light Won’t Turn Off

If you’ve just run a clean cycle and descaled the coffee brewer, but the Clean indicator light is still illuminated, there’s a possibility that your device could benefit from one more clean cycle and descaling session. This is especially true if you haven’t cleaned it in quite a while!

Secondly, make sure that you’re flushing the machine with fresh water after descaling it. Follow these steps:

  • After you’ve descaled your machine, the clock timer screen will flash with the word “Flush.”
  • Completely refill the reservoir with water; no coffee maker descaling solution is needed.
  • Tap the “Clean” button, but do not hold it! This will start the flushing process. DO NOT activate the brew cycle to flush your machine! Your coffee maker will automatically flush out the water.
  • After the water is properly flushed, the clean light should turn off. But if you press the brew cycle buttons while the machine is flushing, the Clean light won’t shut off, no matter how many times you clean it!
  • When all else fails, try a hard reset of your machine.

If you’re still having trouble, the issue could be with the electrical components inside the machine. As with most problems, your best last resort option is to have the appliance looked at by a professional and get it repaired or have it replaced if the warranty is still valid.

Clean Indicator Light Is Coming On Frequently

Is the clean indicator light still coming on even after you’ve just run the clean cycle? The most obvious answer may be that the mineral buildup in the system is so heavy that it needs another run-through.

Try a hard reset if you’re satisfied that there are no blockages in your Ninja coffee maker. It’s the fastest way to reboot the machine and get it working again! However, the problem may lie with the water you’re using.

Unfortunately, if you’re filling your reservoir with tap water and you live in a region with heavy mineral deposits, you’re going to have to clean your coffee machine more often than someone who only uses filtered water in their machine.

All water we drink contains mineral deposits, but the type of water you use will determine how often mineral buildup occurs in your machine. If you want to clean your device less often, consider filtering or buying filtered water to reduce mineral blockages in your coffee maker.

Maintenance Tips for the Ninja Coffee Maker

Here’s an easy-to-follow guide for cleaning and maintaining your Ninja Coffee maker. Keeping your machine in tip-top shape will help prolong its lifespan and keep those brews tasty!

(after every brew)
Discard paper filter (if using) and grounds within
Wash the permanent filter in warm, soapy water and dry
Wash the milk frother attachment in warm, soapy water or place on top of the dishwasher rack
Wash and clean the carafe with a sponge or bottle brush using warm, soapy water
WeeklyEmpty the water in the reservoir and wash it thoroughly with warm, soapy water
Wipe down the main unit and its attachments with a damp cloth to remove stray grounds and coffee splatter
As NeededPerform a machine descale every time the 'CLEAN' light comes on. How often this is will depend on machine use and the type of water you brew with.

Keep in mind that these tips are for models with drip brewers. Ninja’s pod machines work a bit differently, but the maintenance concepts (such are descaling when the clean light comes on) are pretty much identical across units.


If you’re still struggling to diagnose or fix your Ninja coffee maker after this extensive troubleshooting guide, consider getting in touch with Ninja’s customer support or taking it to a professional to get it repaired quickly.

Ninja coffee makers aren’t immune to many problems and issues that other coffee makers face. But the thing that makes the Ninja coffee bar so unique is its sheer versatility, and when taken care of properly, it will last for years and years. For many, this is the ultimate coffee machine and then some.

And always remember, the best thing you can do to fix problems is to prevent them in the first place with proper care plus regular cleaning and maintenance!

One last thing – don’t be afraid to explore the internet to learn more about your Ninja! There are countless forums, YouTube channels, and more, chock full of information to help you make the most out of your Ninja coffee maker, from troubleshooting and making repairs to delicious recipes and helpful tips!

Happy Caffeinating!

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