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Pregnancy-Safe Drinks at Starbucks: 10 Delicious Options

From white hot chocolate to the Pink Drink, we have all the information you need as a mama-to-be ordering from Starbucks.

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It’s pretty commonly known that having a consistent caffeine intake while pregnant is not encouraged or recommended by doctors and the parenting community at large. And for good reason!

Caffeine can make your blood pressure and heart rate rise while also dehydrating you. Although there are many conflicting studies on how harmful caffeine can be to a pregnant person (some claim it will cause miscarriage), we do know for sure that having more than a small amount of caffeine per day can certainly have negative effects on either you or the child you are carrying.

In fact, you shouldn’t be having more than 150 milligrams of caffeine a day while pregnant.

So although you may be able to get away with a small 8oz coffee drink in the morning (although you should always ask your direct doctor and prenatal care team before doing so), you certainly want to skip that second, third, and beyond caffeine boost.

But don’t worry! That does not mean your afternoon treat needs to be gone – simply switch it up! There are so many delicious and tasty drinks you can have from Starbucks that will give you that afternoon pick-me-up without putting you or your fetus in harm’s way.

Pregnancy Drinks at Starbucks

Pregnancy-Safe Drinks from Starbucks

Check out this non-exhaustive list of deliciously sweet, yummy, and non-caffeinated, pregnancy-safe Starbucks drinks!

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In a rush and can’t remember them all? Don’t worry – here are the top two takeaways to remember: small portions and half-caff or decaf.

If you aren’t 100% sure whether a drink has caffeine in it or how much, always just err on the side of caution and get a smaller size. Starbucks’ standard for espresso drinks is one shot for short and tall sizes (or in non-Starbucks lingo, their kid size and small), while the Grande and Venti (medium and large) will have at least two shots of espresso.

With their espresso shots having roughly 75 mg of caffeine, other ingredients (such as the chocolate that appears in their mochas) can add more caffeine. So play it safe and always order on the smaller side.

But for the days when you simply must have that extra large Venti, go decaf or half-caf for a less caffeinated option!

Starbucks Tea

Tea is a great way to switch from a daily coffee habit. It’s hot, it may have slight levels of caffeine but not much, and it comes in a variety of flavors and types.

Most black teas will have a mild amount of caffeine, but certainly not as much as a cup of coffee would. So even then, they are safe to drink while pregnant.

Black Tea
Image Credit: Sandra Ivleva at Unsplash

Steamed Milk With Flavors

If your favorite part about a latte is the milk and flavors, then simply remove the espresso! Getting steamed milk with a flavor is affordable, quick, and oh-so-yummy!

This is a great way to begin cutting back on your daily intake of coffee and explore a new variety of drinks you might like.

Unsure if you’ll enjoy it without the regular coffee flavor? Ask for an inch of drip coffee added to your steamed milk to get just a smidge of coffee flavor without the whole kick of caffeine.

White Hot Chocolate

With 0mg of caffeine, White hot chocolate will not mess you or your baby up. Although it may not be available all year long at certain locations, most Starbucks have White Hot Chocolate throughout the year.

This drink is so yummy and is great for adding flavors to, as well. Think of a Lavender or Caramel flavored White Hot Chocolate during a crisp autumn day….oh so yummy!

Starbucks latte drink
Source: Gema Saputera on Unsplash

Hot Chocolate

With just a slight caffeine content from the chocolate, getting a hot chocolate isn’t going to do any damage to you or your baby.

The caffeine in hot chocolate is between 25-30 mg, which is well below the recommended threshold of caffeine content safe to consume while pregnant.

White Hot Chocolate
Image Credit: Juli Kosolapova at Unsplash

Starbucks Refreshers

With so many flavors and types available, Starbucks Refreshers are a great option to drink when pregnant. With low doses of caffeine, the most you will get with a Refresher is 55mg, which is well below the recommended daily amount while pregnant.

Starbucks offers blended Refreshers, which are much like smoothies and are a great alternative to their Frappuccinos, which have high amounts of caffeine.

Iced Teas

Iced tea is another great safe option for anyone who is pregnant but craving a pick-me-up at Starbucks. Even their iced black tea, which generally has higher caffeine content, has no more than 30mg of caffeine, making this an incredibly safe Starbucks drink while pregnant.

Iced Black Tea Lemonade
Image Credit: Kilyan Sockalingum at Unsplash

Pink Drink

Although technically a Starbucks Refresher, we had to list the Pink Drink on its own because it really does hold a special and stand-alone spot on the Starbucks menu.

With roughly 50mg of caffeine, drinking the Pink Drink while pregnant is still very safe and is very relaxing and refreshing.

This drink also has 25g of sugar, which will certainly give you a bit of a sugar rush and a burst of energy.

berry smoothie Starbucks in plastic cup with straw
Image Credit: Leah Kelley at Pexels

Iced Matcha Latte

Although certainly higher in caffeine content than any of the previous drinks listed, getting an Iced Matcha or Lemonade Matcha will still keep you under 100mg of caffeine.

Both of these drinks are refreshing and yummy and will help you gain a jolt of energy without having to worry about the well-being of yourself and your baby.


Getting just a single shot of espresso is actually okay if you keep it to one. A single shot has approximately 75mg of caffeine which makes it safe. A double espresso is pushing it with 150mg of caffeine, although certainly okay every once in a while.

Starbucks Coffee
Image Credit: kevs on Unsplash


Whether hot or iced, a small latte only has one shot of espresso in it, keeping the caffeine content under 100mg. This is perfectly safe for those who have discussed their caffeine habits with their care team and set a daily limit.

Lattes are a delicious way to keep a low caffeine profile while still enjoying all the perks of an espresso drink – frothy milk, creamy espresso, and flavor shots as desired.

Happy Caffeinating!

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