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9 Delightful Starbucks Spring Drinks: Sipping Into Spring

See what’s hot – or should we say cool? – this spring at your local coffee plug with this full list of spring drinks at Starbucks!

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Each spring season, usually in mid to late February, Starbucks will drop its new spring-featured specialty drinks. These can range from their famous frappe drinks that are cool and sweet, to new hot drinks or cold brews.

This year’s new drinks are highlighted below, along with some of our go-to favorites in the springtime!

Starbucks spring drinks

Newly Featured Spring Drinks from Starbucks

Be sure to check out any copy-cat recipes we feature here to make these refreshing drinks from the comfort of your home:

Pistachio White Chocolate Macchiato

If pistachio and white chocolate don’t scream spring, we don’t know what does. These flavors combined make a deliciously sweet and smooth macchiato that can be hot or iced with the same nutty goodness either way!

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Pistachio White Chocolate Frappuccino

Rolling with this iconic springtime duo, get yourself a smooth and cold blended pistachio and white chocolate espresso beverage.

Starbucks Frappuccino drinks on the table
Image Credit: AIRIZ at Unsplash

Strawberry Pie Pure Matcha Latte

Matcha latte is our favorite in the springtime, as it brings earthy green goodness to the early spring days. Now try it with a twist of strawberry pie cold foam with delicious cookie crumble to top it off.

Strawberry Pie Cream Frappuccino

Strawberries are the fruit of the season and we can’t get enough of them! Try this delicious milkshake-like blended beverage that combines flavors of strawberry pie, milk, and strawberry cookies for a yummy chilled treat!

Returning Favorites Featured Starbucks Spring Drinks

Of course, Starbucks wouldn’t deprive us of our regular favorites. Here are some of the returning favorites being brought back this spring:

Vanilla Latte

A well-beloved classic, the vanilla latte is the perfect spring drink as it’s delicious both hot and iced, and reminds us of holiday smells while tasting sweet cool vanilla ice cream enjoyed on summer days.

Caramel Macchiato

The drink that changed the game, the Starbucks Caramel Macchiato is known for its innovative break from the classic espresso macchiato mold to create a new style of drinks that Starbucks helped popularize. Enjoy this classic again this spring!

woman holding Starbucks Iced Latte in her hand
Image Credit: Mikita Yo at Unsplash

Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Sweet cream is now a staple for Starbucks iced drinks, and it makes sense. It’s delicious, refreshing, and oh-so-sweet! Enjoy a vanilla sweet cream topped over their cold brew for a pick-me-up one of these warm spring days.

Roasty’s Favorite Starbucks Spring Drinks

These are some of our favorite Starbucks drinks that we writers at Roasty enjoy during the springtime and we hope you do too!


Cliche, we know, but there is nothing quite like having a Pink Drink made with coconut milk on that first hot day of spring. It captures all the soft colors and sweet goodness of the season in a cup.

berry smoothie Starbucks in plastic cup with straw
Image Credit: Leah Kelley at Pexels


Being a transitional season, Spring reminds us that the cold is not quite gone while also promising warmer days ahead. The cinnamon and sweetness in this iced cinnamon dolce latte drink replicate that feeling in a drink, which is why it’s one of our favorites to sip iced during this time of year!


The sweet, richness of brown sugar gives the bitter shaken espresso a delicious contrast taste that perfectly combines with the oat milk smoothness.

Try our  Brown Sugar latte for a similar tasting at-home drink.

Starbucks Coffee
Image Credit: kevs on Unsplash


Not only does the bright green of this iced matcha latte remind us of the way the earth is about to be alive and bright with greenery, but the earthy sweet taste of matcha reminds us that the cold isn’t forever. Combine with butterfly pea flower tea for an Earth Day special.

Happy Caffeinating!

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