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How To Make Turkish Coffee Without An Ibrik

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Although an Ibrik is the best way to make authentic Turkish coffee, you can still get a delicious cup of coffee using just the things that you have in your own kitchen. If you’ve ever wondered how to make Turkish coffee without an Ibrik, this guide will let you in on an easy method that’s sure to please.

Turkish coffee tends to have a much deeper, more layered taste than traditional coffee. Its earthy taste is highly prized by coffee aficionados all over the world. Follow these steps to get that very same taste in your kitchen, without an Ibrik.Turkish Coffee Infographic

Use High-Quality, Finely Ground Coffee

The caliber of your coffee counts, so don’t settle for standard coffee grounds. Ensure that you start off with the highest-quality ground coffee you can find. Then, if possible, buy the coffee beans yourself and grind the coffee into a fine powder with a flour-like consistency. Since you’re adding the coffee grounds directly to your water, it’s essential that they are as powdery as possible. 

When in doubt, grind your coffee twice on the finest setting to get the silkiest grounds with a powder-like consistency you can. 

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Any Small Pot Will Do

Essentially, an Ibrik, or Turkish coffee pot, is a small, long-handled Turkish coffee pot with a larger bottom and a tapered top. The handles allow you to remove it from the heat without injuring yourself. As such, smaller pots with similar handles will do the trick. The key is to find a pot that you can take off the heat safely.

Make sure that your pot isn’t too large, and stay away from using anything that resembles a pan. A small pot that you use for cooking eggs or single-serve pasta is a practical option that will probably do the trick nicely. 

Add Water, Sugar, And Coffee In The Proper Order

Add cold water to your pot. At this point, you should decide if you want sugar. If you do, add the desired amount now, and stir it into the water. Last, put a heaping tablespoon of your finely ground beans per cup of water into the pot. You can add more if you’d like a stronger coffee. Don’t stir in the coffee. It should melt right into the water once you start to heat it. 

Boil Three Times

The trick to making great Turkish coffee is the brewing method. You need to boil your coffee over medium heat three times to get those authentic, earthy flavors. Boil once and let a layer of foam develop on the surface of your coffee. Right before it boils over, take it off the heat and let it settle. Put the coffee back on the heat and bring it to a boil again.

Repeat the process, and, after the third boil, remove it immediately from the heat. Wait a few minutes before serving.

Consider Cardamom And Milk

Traditional-style Turkish coffee lovers and purists like to drink their coffee as is, but you can also add in a little extra flavor. A touch of milk tends to open up the coffee’s distinct taste and make it easier to drink. You can also add a pinch of ground cardamom for an additional distinct flavor profile.

If you decide to add fresh cardamom, do so while you’re adding your coffee. Make sure that the cardamom pod is completely ground, and even consider mixing the ground cardamom with your powdery coffee so that it can perfectly incorporate into your cup.

Serve It In The Proper Way

How To Make Turkish Coffee Without An Ibrik

Turkish coffee should be served in the proper way, both to enhance the deep flavor of the coffee and the overall experience. This type of rich coffee is served in Turkish coffee cups; any small espresso cup will do. You should also avoid serving it right after the third boil. Turkish coffee needs to settle, so wait a few minutes and then serve.

You want the coffee residue to be at the bottom of the coffee cup, leaving only the pure, satisfying coffee behind. If you’re serving your coffee with milk, give your guests a small demitasse spoon for stirring. 

If you omitted sugar during the preparation process but want to give your guests a sweet option, you can offer sugar cubes. Traditionally, coffee drinkers sucked on sugar cubes to offset the taste of the coffee itself. You can also provide your guests with a glass of water along with their cups.

Don’t worry if you love traditional Turkish coffee but don’t have the proper equipment to make it. There are things in your kitchen that you can substitute. Simply learn how to make Turkish coffee without an Ibrik, and you can enjoy this delicious and authentic drink whenever you’d like.

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