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Amora Coffee Subscription – Mix And Match Your Flavors

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Running out of coffee is a nightmare, but you don’t want just any old supermarket coffee. We now have ways to ensure that we’re never out of quality, well-done coffee with enough variation to keep us interested. Amora Coffee offers super-premium coffee on a subscription model to help ensure you’ve always got the coffee you need. Let’s take a look at the details to see if this is the right one for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Subscription

While it might be helpful to get coffee right to your front door, there are a few things you should think about. A subscription can be a great way to try new blends and roasts, offering the explorers in the room more variety. If you want the same type of coffee each time, make sure your subscription model will do that.

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You may also want to consider how much coffee you drink. If you go through coffee quickly, a standard subscription model may need customizable amounts. If you have varying levels of coffee (i.e., you travel for work sometimes, or you have a lot of guests), you’ll need a subscription that can be easily adjusted for what you need.

Get these things right, and you’ve got a great subscription. It’s easy and ensures that you’ve always got your morning cup ready to go. There are many different types of coffee subscriptions, so there’s one that caters to your preferences.

Amora Coffee Overview

Amora’s coffee club is designed to provide you with super-premium coffee right at your doorstep. Their coffee goes through a nine-step roasting process with four different roasts and four different flavors.

You mix and match eight different coffees, including decaf, each month for a subscription, and you’re free to change your preferences at any time. You have the option of ground or whole bean, and it arrives via two-day priority mail for optimum freshness. You can pause or stop deliveries at any time.

Amora doesn’t have a lot of choices, but it is a good option if you’re just starting out exploring the world of coffee. You can get reliable flavors and blends in an accessible subscription format.

Things We Like

  • The company has many varieties to choose from.
  • You can pause the subscription at any time.
  • If you don’t like a blend, you can return it for a refund or a different blend.
  • Subscription is easy to manage from the website.

Room for Improvement

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  • They offer free bags of coffee periodically but be sure you understand you’re signing up for a subscription.
  • It is limited to only the Amora brand of coffee.
  • There are only a few choices for the subscription each month.

Features & Benefits

Amora Coffee has a few different choices, including teas, but we’ll focus on the coffee for this review. The four different blends and the few flavors allow you to mix and match without getting overwhelmed by the choices.

It’s nice having caffeinated versus decaf options, but only half the selections with Amora offer a choice.

While some subscriptions err on the side of having a lot of choices, Amora pares things down and makes their subscription process simple. Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing The Beans

The company uses a classic process to choose and process beans. Once the beans are picked, they’re soaked to weed out the bad fruit from the good. From there, the beans are spread out to dry in the sun, naturally and evenly.

Once dry, they’re roasted through a complicated process and polished to remove the by-product of roasting to provide a clean, fresh finish.

Roasting Process

The coffee is picked at peak freshness and roasted in the united states by fifth-generation coffee roasters. They pack the coffee in foil-lined bags while it’s still warm in order to preserve the flavor and freshness.

The typical roasting process uses three steps, but Amora’s uses nine steps to provide maximum flavor and texture. The beans are roasted at temperatures from 464 degrees to 527 degrees for 30 minutes at a time to create the perfect roasted coffee bean.

Bean Options

Amora offers three different choices when you’re going through their standard blends. You can have them send the bags as whole-bean for use in your own grinder, or you can instruct them to grind the beans for you. You can also choose decaf options for the blends but not the flavors. Flavors only have the option of regular or finely ground. They do not come in decaf options.

Coffee Blends

There are four different blends available for your subscription box or to purchase. Sometimes the company has unique blends for different occasions, but these four make up the base of the box. They use a combination of beans from various world locations for a richer, more complex taste all around.

Delicata Blend

Delicata Blend is a light roast coffee that blends South American and Central American beans for a light finish. It has lemon and milk chocolate notes and comes in whole bean and ground options as well as a decaf version.

Elegante Blend

This blend of Indonesian and South American beans has a fuller flavor profile with notes of caramel and spices. It has a syrupy body with a complex taste on the back end because of the blend and the roast. It’s available in whole bean and decaf as well as a decaf.

Vigorosi Blend

The Vigorosi is a bold, medium-dark blend of East African and Central American beans. It carries notes of fruitiness and dark chocolate with a nutty finish and balanced sweetness with acidity. It comes in whole bean or ground and a decaf version as well.

Intenso Blend

The boldest blend is the Intenso, a combination of South and Central American beans with a smoky, cocoa note and a hint of spices. It’s intense and full-bodied with a creamy finish for those who like their coffee to have a punch. It comes in whole bean, ground, and decaf versions.

Amora Coffee Subscription

The Flavors

You aren’t limited to just regular coffee. The company also has four flavors designed to create interest and entice through smell. It’s available in regular and ground. The flavors aren’t overwhelming and use only high-quality flavors with well-balanced profiles.

Angelico Blend

Angelico is a French Vanilla option that offers a heavy caramelized flavor with a touch of vanilla and warm notes. It’s a light coffee with an excellent flavor balance. It’s got a light flavoring and is suitable for people who like a smaller hint of flavor rather than a bold, spicy profile. You can choose regular and ground.

Passionata Blend

The Passionata is a chocolate truffle flavor that pairs a bold, dark chocolate note with creamy fudge for a candy bar finish. It has an intense smell and deep flavor with a full body. It’s a good choice for people who like something more forward. It comes in regular and ground options.

Carezza Blend

The Carezza blend is a caramel finish with creamy, buttery texture with swirls of brown sugar and vanilla note. It’s a good option if you like a less chocolatey note, but you still want a fill aroma profile with plenty of spice. It’s creamy and comforting and comes in regular and ground.

The Flirtare Blend

Firtare is a hazelnut cinnamon blend with spicy notes and a sweet finish. It has a bakery cinnamon flavor with a nice feel and a great aroma. It’s available in ground and regular varieties as well.

Choosing The Subscription

The subscription signs you up for eight half-pound bags of any combination and variety you’d like. You can change the flavors any time or order your favorites to have on hand. If you tend to go through coffee quickly, this volume could work great for you.

If you have some discipline, you could make the subscription work by skipping months when you don’t need the coffee. It’s reasonably well priced for this tier of bagged coffee, and you can sometimes find free shipping deals.

Signing Up For The Subscription

The company often runs specials for new customers, so you may be able to snag some freebies before you sign up. You’ll create an account and store your information for your subscription.

From there, you get to choose eight bags of coffee for your first delivery. This choice can be a mix of everything, and we recommend doing that for the first delivery. Once you’ve set your preferences, you save them along with your purchase information.

Each month you can pause your subscription or change your preferences. You can also sign up for notifications of sales and other promotions happening, so you always get them with your box. It’s easy to get started, and once you’re on the list, you manage your subscription box directly from the website.

Non-Profit Support

Part of your subscription goes to supporting missions across the world with a social cause. The company currently supports a mission called Project Waterfall, an organization that provides clean water to an area in Ethiopia that offers the company with coffee beans.

The mission gives back to the community that provides for Amora by growing coffee for some of their blends. They’ve provided water purification, dug wells, and helped create sustainable systems of water in the area to ensure people have what they need.

Amora Subscription

Alternatives To Amora

A coffee subscription is a great way to ensure that you always have the coffee you need. Amora’s subscription gives you the possibility of having several different types of coffee and flavors on hand, including decaf.

The ease of the subscription model keeps you in coffee, but if you’re interested in trying a few other types of subscriptions, Amora isn’t the only one out there.


If you’re looking for more variety, a MistoBox subscription could be a good choice. It provides multiple types of coffees from numerous origins, along with 50 of the world’s most talented roasters. You aren’t tied to one particular company or roaster and can fully explore what’s out there.

The MistoBox can be overwhelming, however, because of the sheer number of choices. They do have a concierge-style assistant to help you make your selections, though, to make the process easier.

Driftaway Coffee

If you’re single-origin obsessed and looking for a subscription model to honor that, Driftaway Coffee could be a suitable alternative. It uses only single-origin coffees from around the world, and each coffee is roasted in the company’s roasters.

It’s been listed in quite a few high profile places as one of the best subscription boxes on the market, and it provides the chance to taste unique flavor profiles. You’re limited by the company’s roasting, since it only offers its own bags. But the single origin is a unique type of subscription box.

Atlas Coffee

If you’re interested in flavor profiles from coffee around the world, Atlas offers a subscription box for taste and learning. It features a bag of coffee in a few different sizes and comes to your house every two weeks or a month.

Each delivery focuses on a different region of the world, giving you a flavor profile for a single-origin coffee in a roast type that you prefer. You get a postcard from that country, information about the brew, and tips for creating the best brew.

Taking the Plunge With Coffee Subscriptions

Coffee subscriptions are an excellent way to get great coffee delivered to your door and discover more about what makes that coffee a premium blend. Amora’s coffees are roasted by fifth-generation roasters and give you coffee flavors that are bold and complex.

The subscription model may not be the best option if you don’t go through a lot of coffee, but if you’re diligent about your account, you can skip around months and get coffee only when you need it. The story of the roasting process and the company’s dedication to good coffee make it a solid subscription choice if you’re exploring the world of coffee for the first time.

Amora Coffee Subscription - Mix And Match Your Flavors
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With the choice to mix and match with eight different flavors and roasts, Amora is the perfect cup of brew delivered right to your doorstep. Check out our full review of the Amora coffee subscription.

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