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Atlas Coffee Club vs Driftaway Coffee: A Side-by-Side Look

Both Atlas Coffee Club and Driftaway Coffee offer high-quality single-origin beans that are freshly roasted. Driftaway allows you to choose a flavor profile you know you’ll love through a taste test, while Atlas lets you try a variety of flavors from a wide range of countries.

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It’s always fun to broaden our coffee horizons by trying new beans and flavors. What’s even more intriguing is getting to experience unique coffees from many different countries.

Luckily, this can be easily achieved through coffee subscription services!

This is why we love the Atlas Coffee Club and Driftaway Coffee subscription boxes. These two companies have their own take on the idea of coffee consumption, and we’re excited to share what makes them special.

atlas coffee club vs driftaway

What is Atlas Coffee Club?

Atlas Coffee Club Review
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coffee of the month club that curates amazing micro-lot coffees from around the world. Tanzania, Kenya, Colombia & beyond.

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We love to talk about Atlas Coffee Club’s subscription service because it’s such a fun experience!

Atlas imports its coffee from over 50 countries and only includes single-origin beans in the top one percent of coffee.

Atlas also makes its subscription engaging by providing postcards from the countries of origin, tasting notes, brewing tips, and an online coffee passport to keep track of everything you try.

Atlas Coffee Club Subscription

Atlas chooses what coffee beans to send you through a short quiz to determine your coffee and flavor preferences. Every month they’ll send you something different so you can try something new from every country!

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What is Driftaway Coffee?

Driftaway Coffee Review
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Five coffees from around the world, with tasting notes & origin hidden so you can taste without preconceptions!

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Driftaway Coffee is another coffee subscription service that we can’t get over.

They provide single-origin coffee from around the world and ensure that only the healthiest premium beans are delivered. Once they roast the beans themselves in their New York roastery, they are sent straight to your door!

aeropress and driftaway coffee bag

Best of all, you can decide the flavor profile you’ll get in your subscription through an authentic coffee tasting kit sent to you before anything else.

After that, beans will be sent to you according to your developed taste profile and can occasionally be switched up.

This service is so hands-on it makes getting your monthly coffee special.

How Are They Similar?

Atlas Coffee Club and Driftaway Coffee are nearly identical in their goal to support small farmers from many different countries and deliver their beans to the U.S.

They also strive to provide high-quality single-origin beans that are freshly roasted when they arrive at your door.

Through these coffee subscriptions, you can learn more about different countries’ coffee, their flavors, and their origins. Atlas Coffee Club and Driftaway Coffee develop your coffee-tasting palate so that you can figure out what you like and try things you never knew existed.

Both coffee subscription services review your coffee and flavor preferences to develop a delivery that works for you. You can also change how frequent your deliveries are with both companies.

How Are They Different?

While these two coffee subscriptions may have similar goals, the way they go about their process differs.

Atlas Coffee Club provides a short quiz when you sign up for their subscription. According to those answers, they will choose which beans to send to you without much customization on your end.

Atlas Coffee Club Review

However, with Driftaway Coffee, they determine your coffee preference through their Explorer Kit. This coffee tasting kit is sent to you before they send you full bags of beans.

In the kit, there are five different coffee samples: Fruity, Classic, Balanced, Bold, and Extra Bold. You can also get a cold brew subscription, which starts out with a kit of three samples: Bright, Balanced, and Bold.

After tasting them all, you can choose your favorites even though you won’t know the country of origin or tasting notes. Every delivery after that, you’ll get the same taste profile, but Driftaway will sometimes switch up the kinds of beans they send you.

Driftaway Coffee Review

Atlas Coffee Club and Driftaway Coffee also differ in roasting services. While both companies work to provide you with freshly roasted gourmet coffee beans, Driftaway chooses to roast its own beans in New York.

Atlas Coffee Club Pricing

Atlas Coffee Club

NOTE: Prices can and will change from time to time. Visit each coffee subscription’s website for the most up-to-date pricing.

You have three options with Atlas Coffee’s subscription service. A 6-ounce bag starts at $10, a 12-ounce bag of coffee is $16, and two 12-ounce bags for 24 ounces of coffee start at $32.

You can also change how frequent your deliveries are from every two weeks to every four weeks, but the coffee only changes once per month.

Driftaway Coffee Pricing

Driftaway Virtual Coffee Tasting Kit scaled

The Driftaway Coffee subscription service offers four different options to choose from. You can order an 8-ounce bag for $14.40, a 12-ounce bag for $17.10, a one-pound bag for $21.60, or a two-pound bag for $34.20.

You also get free shipping with Driftaway and can change the subscription frequency to either every one, two, or four weeks!

Get Internationally Sourced Beans Delivered to Your Door

Okay, now that we’ve given you the rundown on two of the best coffee subscription boxes out there, it’s up to you to decide which one is right for you.

To make it easier, we’ve provided a simplified table that lists some of the most important features of the two coffee subscription services.

Atlas Coffee ClubDriftaway Coffee
Single-origin or BlendSingle-originSingle-origin
Internationally sourcedYesYes
Customization FeatureShort quiz, but limited customizationExplorer Kit (coffee tasting kit) determines your preference
RoastingFreshly roastedFreshly roasted at Driftaway roastery in New York
Pricing$10-$32$15-$35 (free shipping)

Whether you choose Atlas Coffee Club or Driftaway Coffee to be your new coffee subscription service, we can promise that both will provide delicious coffee.

We’re excited to see companies providing a place for international, small farmers to sell their beans for all to try. We hope this helped you to pick your next coffee journey and that you find the coffee of your dreams!

Happy Caffeinating!

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