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Bean Box vs. MistoBox: Which Coffee Box Is Right for You?

Bean Box Coffee and MistoBox Coffee provide many different international coffees. Bean Box only selects the top-rated coffees from their local Seattle roasters, while MistoBox selects the top-rated beans from the entire country!

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We love a good coffee subscription box, especially one that comes with different options. You never know when you want to switch up what type of coffee beans you’re getting, even if you’re in the middle of a subscription.

Luckily, we’ve found two top contenders that give us options and informed and quality coffee – Bean Box and MistoBox!

Read on as we provide a side-by-side comparison of Bean Box vs MistoBox coffee and discuss why both are great options for your next coffee subscription service.

bean box vs mistobox

What is Bean Box Coffee?

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Think of us as your coffee sommelier. We sip thousands of coffees from the nation’s top roasters so you only get the very best.

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The Bean Box Coffee subscription box is not one to miss. They deliver you coffee from all around the world and make sure their bags of beans are freshly roasted at one of their top-rated, local Seattle roasters.

Bean Box offers whole bean and ground coffee according to your roast preference. You have the option to choose (and change whenever you want) between a subscription that delivers a selection of beans in light roast, medium roast, dark roast, espresso roast, or decaf.

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It’s important to mention that Bean Box also has many different options regarding its other boxes. They sell a Deluxe Coffee + Chocolate Tasting Box, which comes with eight different chocolates that pair together with corresponding coffees in 1.8-ounce bags.

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The World Coffee Tour Box includes 16 of the 1.8-ounce bags, all of which come from different regions of the world, as you can see in the info sheet that comes along with it.

The US Road Trip Coffee Tour Box delivers 16 of the 1.8-ounce bags, but these are focused on different regions in the US.

Finally, the Bean Box Sampler is a popular choice because it contains four of the 1.8-ounce bags, hand-crafted to your taste preferences.

What is MistoBox Coffee?

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  • Personalized coffee selections
  • Freshly-roasted whole bean and pre-ground options
  • Each 12 oz. bag makes ~24 cups of coffee
  • Delivered on your schedule straight to your door
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The MistoBox Coffee subscription box is an awesome choice, as it offers over 500+ coffee options to choose from. They also give you access to over 50 of the country’s most talented roasters, ensuring every bag is roasted to order.

MistoBox Coffee

After you take a short quiz to determine your coffee preferences, you are given suggestions and you can even communicate with a coffee curator to help you along.

Once you decide what you want, you can create a Brew Queue, which acts as a list of coffees that will eventually be sent to you in whatever order you choose.

How Are They Similar?

You might have noticed that Bean Box Coffee and MistoBox Coffee are alike in their large variety of coffees.

Both companies allow you to choose a coffee package that works well for you, as well as the ability to change it up whenever you please.

Another great thing about these subscription services is that you can always be sure you’re receiving a freshly roasted bag of coffee every time.

How Are They Different?

While both Bean Box Coffee and MistoBox Coffee guarantee a fresh roast, they have different ways they go about this.

As we mentioned before, Bean Box only uses the best product from their local Seattle roasters. However, MistoBox sources the best of the country’s roasters, which gives you a bigger variety.

It might be neat to note all of Bean Box’s different options regarding their boxes of coffee, but MistoBox also has several cool options. Once you subscribe to MistoBox, you have access to a Brew Queue, and a coffee curator, and you can choose between three subscription tiers.

If you are interested in the cost comparisons of the two subscriptions, keep reading!

Bean Box Coffee Pricing

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NOTE: Prices can and do change over time. Please refer to your favorite company’s website for up-to-date pricing. All prices quoted are as of this article’s publication.

With Bean Box Coffee, the price really depends on the box you get and the frequency at which you get it. If you choose the standard subscription, you can receive either one or two 12-ounce bags in any roast preference.

Either way, if you choose to get deliveries weekly, it will cost about $20. Every two weeks runs about $22, and every month comes in at $24. Most importantly, shipping is free with the standard subscription, and you can get a free tasting flight with your purchase!

Bean Box’s pricing for their other boxes also varies, as they hold a different value. The Deluxe Chocolate + Coffee Tasting box starts at $68.99, the World Coffee Tour Box costs $89.99, the US Road Trip Coffee Tour Box is priced at $69, and the Bean Box Sampler will run you $24.

MistoBox Coffee Pricing

MistoBox Coffee’s pricing depends on the tier you choose for your subscription.

The Basic tier, which simply provides you with good coffee, starts at $10.95 before shipping.

pouring MistoBox coffee into a wooden cup

The Deluxe tier, specified as exquisite coffee for coffee experts, costs $12.71, and the Exclusive tier, which contains very limited roasts, is $15.26.

Keep in mind that MistoBox prices are calculated before shipping, and every tier only ships in a 12-ounce bag.

Which Box Holds the Perfect Coffee For You?

Choosing between these two boxes is rather difficult since they both offer great deals and great coffee. We’ve put everything into a table for you to make it a bit easier!

Bean Box CoffeeMistoBox Coffee
RoastingFreshly roasted from top-rated, local Seattle roastersFreshly roasted from top-rated roasters around the country
CustomizationCan choose what type of coffee is sent, what you like, and change it upCan pick the exact coffee you want delivered and when
Additional PerksDifferent unique boxes apart from subscriptionBrew Queue, coffee curator communication, and different tiers
Size of BagOption of one or two 12-ounce bagsOne 12-ounce bag
Pricing$20-$24 plus free shipping and a tasting flight$11-$16

We hope we’ve made it a little bit easier for you to decide which coffee subscription box is best for your coffee lifestyle. Both Bean Box Coffee and MistoBox Coffee deliver quality ground or whole bean coffee, and we love the variety and education they offer!

Happy Caffeinating!

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