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Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper Review

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Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper Review

A pour-over coffee dripper is a great way to make barista-quality coffee and have fun doing it. This coffee maker style is basic, reliable, and offers you complete control over the brewing process. Although there are other great brew methods out there, let’s get this one down pat first! 

In this article, we will review the Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper. This Japanese-built ceramic coffee brewer can get you started in pour-over coffee for little investment, and its simple and smooth design will look at home in any kitchen.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

Most people are familiar with the drip coffee maker brewing method.  After all, the drip coffee maker is one of the most popular household kitchen appliances and has been around in modern form for decades. So what is a pour-over coffee dripper?

We have an in-depth guide about the differences between pour-over and drip coffee makers, so we will not rewrite that guide here. However, the biggest thing to keep in mind with a pour-over coffee dripper is that you are required to pour the boiling water into the filter physically.

It is having control over the pouring of the hot water that allows you to play with your coffee’s flavors. Baristas often prefer using pour-over coffee makers to allow a skilled worker to bring the best out of the grounds.

As a result, the Bee House pour-over does not offer the convenience you expect in an electric brewer. This is not the ideal coffee maker for those in a hurry who just want a quick cup of coffee. Although, the few extra minutes this takes may be worth it. We would suggest this more for the aficionado who wants to get more involved in the brewing process.

The Bee House Dripper will also require an external pot or mug, so you may want to consider such a vessel with its purchase if you do not already have a variety of mugs or a teapot.

You can purchase the Bee House pour-over coffee maker and other similar products for little money. This means you can experiment with this brewer while still keeping your current system. It may take a while to learn the art of making pour-over coffee anyway, so plan on transitioning in small steps. The pour-over method is definitely a technique we think is best to start learning when you have some extra time on your hands.

Brief Product Overview

The Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper is a ceramic single-piece pour-over coffee maker designed to perch securely above a mug or small pot. You insert a coffee filter, add your coffee, and pour boiling water through the grounds to use the device.

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There are no settings or complexities with the Bee House’s design. This does not mean it is simple to use, though. A great pour-over cup does require skill to prepare. You will want some practice rounds before claiming proficiency with this product. Once mastered, you can start saving money by skipping your coffee shop brew. 

ZERO JAPAN Ceramic Coffee Dripper for #2 or #4 paper filter - Drip Cone Brewer - White

Things We Like

Here are our favorite features of the Bee House:

  • Simple single-piece design
  • Muted form (matches any decor)
  • Works with a variety of different mugs and pots
  • Available in different sizes
  • Open base allows you to monitor the fill level of your pot.

Room for Improvement

While we like the Bee House, it is not without its flaws:

  • It does not work well with large-diameter mugs.
  • Even the “large” size is small by pour-over standards.
  • Significantly heavier than plastic-based competitors

Features and Benefits

Pour-over coffee drippers are relatively simple in their design. However, that does not mean that certain designs do not have their own unique features.

There are several features and benefits of the Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper that we will describe below. If you want to get into pour-over coffee making or are already an expert in the art, this section will help you decide if the Bee House is the right product for you.

Teapot Converter

The Bee House coffee dripper allows you to use your favorite teapot for brewing coffee. Since the dripper base is similar in size to many teapots, this device does a good job transforming your teapot into a carafe.

Ceramic teapots are excellent for hot beverages as they hold heat, are easy to clean and offer drip-free pouring. If you already have a teapot and want to try pour-over coffee, the Bee House will let you get into this brewing style without buying extra accessories.

ZERO JAPAN Ceramic Coffee Dripper for #2 or #4 paper filter - Drip Cone Brewer - White

Open Base

The open base design of the Bee House allows you to watch the coffee level rise in your pot as you pour. The advantage of this design is that you are less likely to overfill your mug or pot.

It takes time to become proficient with a pour-over coffee maker. As the water passes through the grounds and filter, the speed at which it enters the pot below can seem unpredictable. Having an open base helps you prevent messes and waste.

The open base also means that this coffee dripper will not allow steam and heat to become trapped in the pot and possibly release with force. The openings allow for even venting throughout the brewing process.

Simple and Muted Design

The Bee House’s simple design will be at home in any kitchen or office. Other manufacturers have chosen brighter colors and flashier stylings, but Bee House has kept this product muted in both tone and form.

This may or may not benefit some, but we think that if you are new to pour-over coffee, the simplest designs are best. It is unlikely anyone will find the Bee House’s styling too flashy or offensive so that you can focus on brewing.

Another advantage of the Bee House’s simple design is that it will match the style of most pots and mugs with which you use it. Bee House does offer some different colors of ceramic drippers as well.

Single-Piece Design

The single-piece design of the Bee House makes cleaning and caring for the product simple and easy. While pour-over coffee may seem like a hassle compared to the convenience of an electric dripper, the minimal maintenance and easy cleanup of a pour-over are hard to beat.

There are no parts of this coffee maker that are difficult to clean and no interacting components that can wear out and break. Maintenance is a breeze, which is a major advantage of a pour-over dripper.

We should note that the design of the Bee House does make it bulkier than other brewers. Some pour-overs can brew in similar quantities as the Bee House without taking up as much space, so if you are limited on storage, pay attention to this dripper’s dimensions.

ZERO JAPAN Ceramic Coffee Dripper for #2 or #4 paper filter - Drip Cone Brewer - White

Solid Construction

The Bee House is made from ceramic, which does mean that it is more fragile than a plastic or metal dripper. It also means you’ll have to be careful if you tend to have a shaky morning pour. However, ceramic will not affect the taste of your coffee as there are no concerns over the leaching of chemicals into your brew.

While it is ceramic, it is still heavy and solid. It will likely not survive a fall from the counter onto a concrete floor, but as ceramics go, it is a high-quality design.

If you treat the Bee House with the same care and attention as you do your other ceramic kitchenware, there is no reason why this device will not serve you for many years.

Interlocking Base

The Bee House base has tabs that allow it to sit securely on top of a variety of different pots and mugs. Since it is heavy and ceramic can be slippery, this interlocking design adds confidence to the brewing process.

The base is limited to smaller-sized receptacles, though. As mentioned in the list of cons above, this coffee brewer will not fit large-diameter mugs and coffee pots. Since many American cups are quite large, this dripper may not be a good universal brewing device.

The dripper mates well with cups that it does fit, so once you have the dripper, it will be worth it to find a pot or mug specifically for use with this coffee maker. You may not always be in the mood for pour-over, but you will want the right tools close at hand when you are.

Alternatives and Conclusion

We have given you a comprehensive Bee House Dripper review. This pour-over coffee maker has won our approval for its simple design and ease of maintenance.

Pour-over coffee makers are not for everyone. If any part of the pour-over process does not appeal to you, the Bee House will not be the right choice. We suggest you read through our pour-over versus drip coffee maker guide for products that may be better for your routine.

If you are looking for something that has a cheaper price than the Bee House, we suggest the LHS Metal Cone slow dripper. This alternative pour-over eliminates the need for a filter (a cost- and environment-saving feature), and its metal design makes it likely to survive rougher treatment.

Given the Bee House’s smaller-diameter base, you may also want to consider a pour-over that comes with its own carafe. A nice all-in-one unit worth checking out is the Cosori pour-over coffee maker with an 8-cup pot.

We have discussed Bee House products before, especially when talking about pour-over coffee, so head to our website for more information. They are a high-quality manufacturer, so we recommend checking out their product line when making your next purchase.

Happy Caffeinating!

Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper: A Fun Way to Brew a Pot or Cup
Bee House Ceramic Coffee Dripper Review

Master those coffee making skills for a better cup with this modern designed coffee dripper. Who says you can't pour coffee in style?

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