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Baratza Encore Grind Settings

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If you plan to spend a hefty amount on a large quality grinder like the Baratza Encore, you want to make sure that it has all the grind settings that you need. 

The Baratza Encore can provide you with a wide range of grind settings for your batch of beans. Whether you want an extra-coarse grind for cold brew, an extra-fine Turkish coffee grind, or something in between, the Baratza Encore is more than capable. 

To help you get the most out of your Baratza Encore, we’ll explain its grind settings and which setting is best for which type of coffee. 

40 Grind Settings and What to Do with Them All

The Baratza Encore has 40 different grind settings to satisfy your most precise grinding needs. 

The Baratza Encore can grind coffee in an adjustable range of 250-1200 microns. A micron is one-thousandth of a millimeter. Different coffee machines and filters require different-sized coffee particles. For example, the espresso grind particle is incredibly fine, while cowboy coffee grinds are closer to little pebbles in size!  

The Baratza Encore grind settings are labeled from 1 to 40 rather than by microns. Following is a guideline for grind setting ranges that are best for various machines. 

How Finely Should You Grind Coffee for Your Machine

  • Extra fine: Turkish coffee maker
  • Fine: Espresso, Moka pot, Aeropress (with 1-minute brewing)
  • Medium-fine: Pour-over, siphon, Aeropress (with 2-3 minute brewing)
  • Medium: Drip coffee makers, flat drip, K-cup, Aeropress (with 3+ minute brewing)
  • Medium-course: Chemex  
  • Course: French press, percolator, cupping
  • Extra course: Cold brew, cowboy coffee

Which Baratza Encore Grind Settings to Use for Which Coffee

1-3: Turkish Coffee

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The Baratza Encore can grind coffee into an extra-fine powder as small as 250 microns. While manual Turkish coffee grinders can grind coffee into 200-100 micron powder, a 250-micron grind still makes great Turkish coffee. 

4-9: Espresso

At a 200-400 micron grind range, espresso powder is a little more coarse than Turkish coffee. Because water passes through espresso quickly, you need a fine grind to allow the water to touch as much coffee surface area and extract as much flavor as possible.  

4-16: Moka Pot (Stovetop Espresso Maker)

Your Moka pot (or stovetop espresso makers) also needs a finely-ground coffee powder since the water pushes up through the pot so quickly. 

You will want to experiment with the grind settings to ensure that the coffee powder isn’t so fine that it ends up in your coffee or so coarse that it doesn’t have the strong flavor you want.

4-23: Aeropress

Deciding which grind size settings to use for an Aeropress is a little tricky. The grind level you need depends on how long you plan to brew the coffee. 

A shorter brew time requires a smaller grind than a longer brewing time. You need a perfect bean surface area to brew time ratio to prevent your coffee from brewing too strong or too weak: 

  • 1 minute – fine
  • 2-3 minutes – medium-fine
  • 3+ minutes – medium

11-29: Pour-Over, Siphon

Pour-over and siphon brewing require more time. Because the water will be in contact with the bean longer, a medium-fine grind provides just the right surface area.

Pour-overs and siphons vary in the amount of time that it takes for them to brew. If you find that the brew is too weak, go finer. If the brew is too strong, go courser. 

17-23: Drip Coffee Maker, Flat Drip, K-Cup

You’ll want a grind that’s right in the middle for drip coffee makers, flat drips, and refillable K-Cups. A medium grind between 17 and 23 is best. 

You can always play around with grind settings for coffee beans with weaker or stronger flavors than you like.  

24-29: Chemex

Chemex coffee extracts longer than machine drip grind coffee. Chemex filters also slow down the rate of extraction. You should use medium course grounds for a Chemex so that the longer brewing times don’t make the coffee too strong. 

31-36: Percolator, French Press, Cupping

Percolators, French Presses, and cupping all require a coarse grind setting similar to sea salt grains. In these coffee brewing methods, hot water remains in direct contact with the beans during the whole process, so a larger surface area prevents the brew from becoming too strong.

37-40: Cowboy, Cold Brew

Cowboy coffee and cold brew coffee both require an extra-coarse grind. Cowboy coffee takes a lot of time sitting in water over an open flame, while cold brew coffee just takes a lot of time. 

To prevent either from becoming too strong before they’re ready, you’ll want to use one of the most coarse grinds the Baratza Encore offers.

Final Thoughts

With 40 settings, the Baratza Encore helps you hone in on the grind coarseness range that tastes best with your favorite beans in whichever type of machine you prefer. 

If you’re a coffee nerd, having so many grind settings available also gives you a chance to branch out and try other coffee brewing methods and machines. 

Happy Caffeinating!

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