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Bunn My Cafe Review: A Small, Industrial Design Can Go a Long Way

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Bunn is a trusted coffee machine brand in a variety of different sectors and environments. You are likely to spot one of these industrial-looking products in cafeterias, restaurants, or other industrial kitchens. This concept applies to their single-serve coffee brewing product, the Bunn My Café.

This product is perfect for on-the-go coffee or tea drinkers because it is designed to serve one person. The layout of the product is simple and straightforward, but it will offer a few unique benefits that we will explore.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Coffee Brewer

You want your coffee maker to last you for a long time, so the buying decision is essential. There are many critical factors to consider, and it starts with how user-friendly the machine is. Time is necessary, so you need a tool that will not take too long to learn.

Each coffee maker has different buttons that determine the size, the start and end functions, and the coffee strength control. You want to ensure that your coffee machine gives you the ability to control the strength and darkness of your cup of coffee.

You also want a coffee maker that is easy to clean up. The drip tray should be simple to remove and wipe down when needed, and the water basin should have easy access to all areas for cleaning.

Another aspect to consider is the type of filters that come with your coffee maker. If you choose a product with paper filters, you will need to take time to dispose of each one after you brew. But they do offer various health benefits because they eliminate cholesterol.

Metal filters are permanent fixtures to the coffee machine, so you won’t need to worry about removing anything. But these types of cleaners will get dirty quickly, so you will need to pay attention and clean it consistently.

Brief Product Overview

Bunn My Cafe

The Bunn My Café is a simple, industrial-looking product that satisfies many of your coffee- and tea-drinking needs. The design is intelligent and minimalist, but you can brew a single-serving of k-cups, ground coffee, and tea bags or pods. You can also get the hot water going on the Bunn My Café.

The machine comes with four separate drawers, and these components offer different tea and coffee formats for your preference. These options include a cup drawer, pod drawer, water drawer, and ground coffee drawer.

The Bunn My Café promises its customers an efficient and easy brewing of any type of coffee or tea that they want. Aside from the drawers, the brewer comes with a drip tray and drip cover.

While you have flexibility over the type of drink, the product does not provide you control over the final temperature. Other competitors like the Keurig Vue V700 and the Cuisinart SS-700 do offer this, however.

And compared to the Bunn commercial grade model, this is an automatic brewer with flavor control. The other product is a pour-over with limited options.

We will explore the various features and benefits in-depth, but here are a few of the crucial things that we like about the Bunn My Café:

What We Like

  • It is versatile and offers options for K-cups, pods, ground coffee, and regular hot water
  • You can configure the strength of the coffee with the unique pulse button
  • The water reservoir holds the perfect amount of fresh water for one cup of coffee
  • The machine does an excellent job of pushing all the water through the machine, not wasting too many drops

What We Don’t Like

There is always room for improvement, however, so here is what we do to heighten the product functionality:

  • The noise is a little high, which could be bothersome if you are trying to focus
  • It will take a short amount of time to work the one-button operation of the product
  • There is no capability to control the temperature

Features and Benefits

The good certainly outweighs the bad with the Bunn My Café, and it offers you a useful and convenient option to get your coffee on the go in the morning. It competes favorably with its competitors, and it also has a few unique features that we want to highlight.

Bunn My Cafe

Simple Usability, Highlighted by Pulse Brewing

The straightforward 2-button interface provides the user with an easy brewing process, with little wasted time. There is the brew button and the pulse brew button, which gives you the two necessary functionalities to get the desired cup of coffee or tea.

When you plug in the Bunn My Café MCU, it will then automatically turn on and start to heat up. You do not need to worry about storing extra water in the minimalist reservoir. You will need just to fill your cup with water, dump it inside, and then you will be good to go.

You will know when your cup is ready because the single light will switch from red to green. The machine will let out a few higher-pitched sputters to make sure that all the water is extracted into your cup.

The unique component of the Bunn My Café is the pulse brew option. What this does is help you start and stop the water flow during the brewing process. The benefit for you as the drinker is that you have more control over the flavor of your coffee.

If you want to extra a bolder flavor, you can pause the brewing cycle in the middle so that the water absorbs more of the grounds or loose-leaf tea. If you want to think about pulse brewing in more simple terms, think of it as an extended contact time for steeping, like you already would for tea.

By pre-infusing the grounds of coffee with the hot water before the brewing process, there will be a heightened sense of flavor. And for a coffee brewer with such a simple design, this capability allows you to be more in control of your final drink.

Versatile Construction and Design

The design of the Bunn My Café is another way in which it separates itself. Its main claim to success is the brewing heads that can get slid in and out, like drawers. This product can solve many different needs at once, and it is still not a complex machine, which is a success.

The cup drawer is where the K-cup goes in. it is compatible with all different types of K-cups. Whether you desire a coffee, tea, or hot chocolate option, this tray has you covered. You can drink any kind of liquid without the stress of cleaning up the mess.

The second drawer is the ground coffee drawer, which holds up to 20 grams of any type of grounds. The versatility gets extended to this drawer because of its different storage capabilities. Not only can you brew coffee grounds that are coarse or fine, but you can also brew loose leaf tea in this drawer.

There is also the pod drawer, which also gives you coffee and tea brewing options. This drawer works with many different compostable coffee and tea bags. The size of this fixture is small, so it allows you to slide it out quickly, clean it by hand efficiently, or fit it into the dishwasher with its compact size.

The fourth drawer allows you to create hot water for a variety of different uses. This water drawer enables you to make hot water for oatmeal, instant coffee, gelatin, or baby bottle formula. When it comes to the design of the Bunn My Café, it considers all your brewing needs.

The water reservoir design gives you the option to brew a drink between 4 and 14 ounces. So, if you would like a small cup or a portable cup to go, there are many different routes that you can go to. There are water steps located in the pour-in bowl, which helps you truly measure how much liquid you want.

Convenient and Designed to Save You Time and Headaches

We all love making that perfect cup of coffee, but the cleanup process may not be our favorite thing. But the Bunn My Café provides you a product with a hassle-free cleanup process. There are not too many extra fixtures, so you will not spend additional time cleaning the spare parts.

The drip tray at the bottom is designed to catch all the drops from your brewed cup. We understand that you are happy to grab the finished product right away, so that is why the drip tray is there for you. it is easily removable and straightforward to wipe down.

While the parts of the My Bunn Café are dishwasher safe, you can also extend the life of the product by cleaning with your hands and a towel. You should make sure to clean the water reservoir, which should not add too much time because of its lower volume of space.

Pure convenience, however, comes with a variety of brewing options. You do not want to pigeonhole yourself into just brewing pods, K-cups, or coffee grounds. There will be days when you might wish your cup to be brewed a certain way, and each option offers its benefits.

When it comes to the warranty, Bunn My Café offers you a 2-year protection period, which is double the standard industry average. Anything can happen in the kitchen, so you want all your bases to be covered. Bunn also boasts an efficient customer service team to answer any of your requests.

Another beneficial aspect of the Bunn My Café is that it is a single-brew coffee machine. Sometimes when you overfill a machine with water, the liquid will eventually stop being fresh if it sits in there for too long. The single-cup design allows you to use the purest of water for your cup, with none to spare.

Alternatives to the Bunn My Cafe

As you can see, there is more to the Bunn My Café than the simple, industrial design that meets your eye at first. The biggest takeaway from its benefits is that it’s versatile and offers brewing options that encompass all your needs, including K-cups, pods, grounds, loose-leaf, and plain water.

Even though you do not have control over the final temperature, you certainly have authority over the flavor and boldness of your last drink. The pulse brewing option gives you an interactive tool to help the liquid and grounds come in contact for longer and give you the exact taste that you want.

Water usage and flow is also a key highlight for the Bunn My Café. Because this is a single brewing machine, the reservoir allows you to store the perfect amount of water, so that you can experience a fresh cup in the morning or evening.

And because the design is compact and simple, that makes the cleaning process easy and quick for you. The different removable trays are easy to slide out, clean by hand, or slip into the dishwasher for a cycle.

Even though the Bunn My Café is a reliable product, it is not meant for everyone. We want to make sure that your coffee needs are met, so you should always research other alternatives.

If you are looking for a more extensive selection of coffee in your brewer, such as cappuccino, then another product option that you could look at is the Mr. Coffee Espresso one-touch coffee maker. If you are a beginner and like the minimal buttons on the interface, this product allows you to achieve simplicity.

If you like this single-cup brewing process but are fully committed to K-cups, then the Keurig K7 Brewing System could be your best option. You still get all the different options with K-cups, but you don’t mess with the hassle of all the various trays and drawers.


Regardless of what product option you choose, you should always define your top priorities with your coffee making. If you genuinely enjoy the process, then you should splurge on an option that gives you different brewing, temperature, and flavor options.

If you are on a budget, then go for a product with a functional, compact design. The sky’s the limit when it comes to brewer options, and there will always be a particular match for you.

Bunn My Cafe Review: A Small, Industrial Design Can Go a Long Way
bunn my cafe

Single-serve coffee machines are the highest-ranking machines on the market that's useful for everyone. Check out our review of the Bunn My Cafe.

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