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20 Best Gifts For Coffee Snobs

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Let me guess! You’re reading this because you’ve got a true coffee snob on your gift list, and you have no idea what to buy them. 

There’s definitely a difference between someone who enjoys a cup of coffee (perhaps like you) and a coffee snob. 

Not sure if you’re buying a gift for an actual coffee snob? 

See if any of these sound like them: 

  1.  Bring their own pour-over coffee set to your house so they can have “good” coffee at family get-togethers. 
  2.  When you ask what kind of coffee they are having, expecting to hear something simple like “Starbucks,” you instead get a really long answer that includes words like “Shade-grown,” “Single origin,”  and “This amazing local roaster.” 
  3.  When they talk about making tasty coffee, you feel like they’re explaining a school science experiment. 

If you’re now realizing that the person on your list is simply a coffee enthusiast, not really a “snob” about their coffee, then you’ll want to check out our ultimate list of gifts for coffee lovers

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Picks for Best Gifts For Coffee Snobs

Gifts NOT To Buy Coffee Snobs

So we’ve established that our friend, the coffee snob, is REALLY serious about their coffee. 

The problem is that you want to buy them the ideal gift that they’ll really like and use, but you absolutely have no idea what that might be. 

The honest truth is that someone super-dedicated to their coffee game probably has all the equipment they need already. 

So if you go out and buy them a coffee grinder, a coffee scale, or, God-forbid, a drip coffee maker from Walmart, they’ll probably act like they like it. 

But they probably researched and hand-selected their own equipment, like a grinder, scale, and coffee maker of choice, long ago and are perfectly happy with it (or they would have bought themselves something new already). 

(Also, don’t buy them a Keurig unless you want to get a lecture.)

Quick Summary: Best Gifts For Coffee Snobs

  • World's Best Coffees
  • Fresh Roasted
  • Offers Amazing & Exotic Coffees
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rc-table__imageTrade Coffee
  • Gift Coffee Subscription
  • Specialty Coffee Flavors
  • Celebration Box
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rc-table__imageThe Pakt Coffee Kit
  • Barista-Quality Coffee In One Sleek, Portable Package
  • High-End, Safe Materials
  • Compact, Durable, Airline Carry-On Friendly
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Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Gooseneck Kettle - Pour-Over Coffee and Tea Pot, Stainless Steel, Quick Heating, Matte Black, 0.9 LiterStagg EKG Kettle
  • Pour-Over Coffee And Tea Pot
  • Stainless Steel
  • Quick Heating
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rc-table__imageBean Box Advent Calendar
  • Features A Tasting Flight Of Limited Edition Holiday Blends
  • Curated From The Nation's Top Roasters
  • 12 Expertly-Curated Coffee Surprises
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Fellow Carter Everywhere Travel Mug - Wide Mouth Vacuum-Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Tumbler with Ceramic Interior, Matte Black, 16 oz CupFELLOW CARTER TRAVEL MUG
  • Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee And Tea Tumbler
  • Ceramic Interior
  • Designed To Amplify Your Coffee Drinking Experience
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So… What Should I Buy A Coffee Snob? 

We’re going to give you 20 different ideas, but generally, I’d suggest you stick to 4 categories: 

Great Coffee

Skip the bags of Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, and other grocery store staples. And whatever you do, buy them whole bean (not ground) coffee.

Coffee enthusiasts like trying coffee from new roasters and new places of origin. We’re going to suggest a couple of our favorites below, but another last-minute suggestion is to Google search the best coffee roasters in your city and go pick up a couple of different bags of freshly roasted, local coffee (especially if they don’t live nearby). 

Stuff They’ve Never Seen

Again, everything in the coffee world that they know about and want, they already have. However, there are a lot of clever little coffee accessories, mugs, travel kits, and other beautiful stuff that they’ve (probably) never seen before, and they will likely be excited to check out something new. 

High-End Coffee Equipment

This is case by case, but sometimes there’s some fancy, higher-end stuff that they’d like, but they might not be able to afford it or don’t really want to spend THAT much on their coffee addiction.

If you’re feeling generous, we have a couple of suggestions for equipment that will probably be an upgrade to the things they are using currently. 

Gifts That Keep On Giving

We’ve written an entire guide to the  best coffee subscriptions, but as it sounds, you can essentially gift your loveable coffee snob six months or a year of really excellent coffee on autopilot. 

My suggestion would be to start the Atlas Coffee World Tour, which will send them a delicious coffee from a different country every month in beautiful packaging, with all the nerdy details they’ll love. 

You could even start a subscription now, get your first month free, and have it ship directly to them in the future, or just choose one of their gift options. 

Want to try it for FREE? Get 100% off your first bag of Atlas Coffee’s World Tour (just pay $4.95 shipping) and see what you think. Click here to get started. 

Atlas World Coffee Sampler

Atlas Coffee
Atlas Coffee

This World of Coffee sampler box includes 8, 1.8-ounce bags of specialty coffee from 8 different countries. Also a picturesque postcard from each country and tasting note cards for each roast.


Stop me if you’ve heard this before. The Atlas Coffee World Tour is super fun and is definitely coffee snob approved. If you don’t want to gift a subscription, try out this box with eight single-origin sample bags of coffee.

It comes complete with a postcard from each country and more details on the tasting notes, how to brew it, and what the farmer likes for breakfast. 

Ok, it doesn’t go that far – but I’m telling you 100% they’ll love this. 

Trade Coffee Gift Subscriptions

Trade Coffee
Trade Coffee

Elevate their mornings with a gift box or digital coffee subscription from Trade! Trade connects you with coffee from the nation’s top roasters — delivered to your door, on your schedule.


Trade is one of our top subscriptions as well, and they differ from Atlas Coffee Club because they curate coffees from local roasters around the US.

There are hundreds of coffees, and your gift recipient will be able to take their quiz to share what kind of coffee they like – so it’ll really get dialed into their preferences (rather than you accidentally buying them a kind of coffee they don’t like.) 

Bean Box Gifts

Bean Box Advent Calendar
Bean Box Advent Calendar

Wake up to twelve joyful mornings of holiday cheer in your mug: experience the only specialty coffee advent calendar curated from the nation’s top roasters.


Another coffee subscription company, Bean Box, is probably my favorite place to buy creative coffee gifts. I’m actually going to share a couple of ideas from Bean Box that are sure to please.

If it’s a Christmas gift you’re buying, check out the 12 Days Of Christmas Coffee box. If you’re looking for something less holiday-themed, the chocolate and coffee pairing box is a customer favorite because it pairs a variety of coffee samples with a complimentary piece of chocolate. 

The Pakt Coffee Kit

PAKT Travel Kit

Tired of terrible coffee while on the go? Look no further. The Pakt Coffee Kit is everything you need to make barista-quality coffee in one sleek, portable package. Use anywhere you have access to water and electricity.


They probably have everything in this kit for their at home setup, but I bet they don’t have such a clever and cohesive travel kit to take on a plane or a camping trip.

This set from Pakt is a beautiful, functional, and worthy replacement for what most coffee snobs have currently – which is a mishmash of coffee equipment stuffed in a suitcase. 

Stagg EKG Kettle

On Sale

The coffee snob in your life already owns a hot water kettle. Whether they use a Chemex, V60, or even a French Press to make coffee, they are heating water in some kind of kettle. Assuming their kettle is relatively basic, this amazing kettle from Fellow will blow them away.

It’s perfectly balanced, has a digital thermometer, and is dead simple to use. Plus, the look of it is super slick and almost like a piece of art that you want to keep displayed on your counter. 

Black Box

Black Box
Black Box - Angel's Cup

Every coffee in The Black Box is a mystery, until you taste its secrets. You’ll feel like a mad scientist, preparing these samples in your Chemex, French Press, or even a regular coffee pot. But the real fun comes when you taste them.


Another twist on buying them a fun gift box of coffee, the Angel’s Cup Black Box gives you a box of unlabeled coffees so you can try to guess which coffee flavor notes you’re tasting.

You can even compare tasting notes with the roaster, so it’s a fun experience if they want to test their palate sensitivity. 

Coffee Passport Journal

If they love keeping copious notes on all of the coffees they’ve tried, where they tried them, what they tasted like, and how the weather may have affected their coffee experience, get them this coffee journal. 

Coffee Pajamas

It’s kind of hard to screw this up.

Who doesn’t like comfy pajama pants?

These just happen to show off their love for comfort and coffee simultaneously. 

Camping Pour-Over Set

On Sale

If you want something a little more rugged and outdoorsy, this Stanley pour-over set has that rustic vibe to it while still letting them make excellent coffee while camping and roughing it in the wilderness. 

Melodrip Pour-Over Assistant


Coffee snobs get really worried about whether or not they are evenly saturating the ground coffee. If you notice their kettle hand trembling a bit when making a pour-over, they are probably worried they are overwatering some of the coffee grounds and missing others.

This handy little tool makes sure their coffee gets an even shower every time. They’ll love trying this thing out. 

Stylish Mug Warmer


Here’s an affordable gift that can be a conversation starter in the office. It has the style factor, plus it has three different temperature settings so they can keep their coffee as hot as they like it. 

Coffee Scoop Sealer


This is another budget-friendly idea that combines form and function. Coffee snobs generally store their quality coffee beans in an airtight container, but sometimes they buy too much coffee or just prefer to keep it stored in the original packaging.

This little guy will seal the bag and be their handy scoop all at the same time. 

Javy Coffee Concentrate


Another affordable option, this is essentially a sweet-looking bottle of concentrated coffee that lets them add a quick shot of java to whatever they want or do a little iced latte on the run if they don’t have time to make espresso. 

Home Coffee Roaster Machine


Generally, people buy their coffee already roasted, but some people want to learn and control the whole process and decide to buy green coffee beans and roast them at home.

Think your coffee snob would enjoy roasting their own beans?

This is what they need to do it. 


On Sale

You may want to find out if they already have this because a lot of coffee connoisseurs are nutty for their Aeropress. It’s great for travel and at-home use and lets you use manual pressure to make amazing coffee and a strong espresso-like brew.

If they DON’T have one already, they definitely know what it is, and they’ve probably always wanted to own one and just keep forgetting to buy it. 

Javapresse Manual Grinder


They definitely own a coffee grinder already, but I’m guessing it’s an electric burr grinder that sits on their countertop.

This is one of the more reliable, popular manual grinders that serves as a backup in a power outage or is slim enough to stick in a suitcase if they need a grinder on the go. 

Instant Coffee Chiller

On Sale

Imagine going from hot brewed coffee to chilled, ready-to-put-on-ice coffee in about 60 seconds. That’s what this chiller can do.

If they drink a lot of iced coffee, I think gifting this thing would be a sure hit. 

Coffee Sock Reusable Filters


Pour-over coffee is a super common brewing method for coffee enthusiasts. Typically, they use disposable paper filters with their pour-over brewer of choice (though some use a stainless steel mesh filter).

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly gift idea, buy them a set of these reusable organic cotton coffee filters and give them the gift of sustainability. 

Bodum Cold Brew Coffee Maker

On Sale

Everybody likes cold brew! Cold brew coffee can be made in a variety of ways, but we love this choice because it has a sleek look, and it’s made by Bodum – which is a respected brand name in the industry.

If the coffee snob in your life drinks cold brew coffee but doesn’t make their own, here’s another super affordable gift to get them. 

Fellow Carter Travel Mug


Doesn’t everybody have a Yeti or some kind of knock-off, double-walled stainless steel tumbler in their cabinet by now?

They are still great for keeping things hot and cold, but this Carter Travel Mug by Fellow is made specifically for coffee drinkers, with its thin lip (to avoid burning your tongue) and ceramic coating to avoid affecting the taste. 

As always…

Happy Caffeinating! 

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