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Keurig K15 vs. K55

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If you want a quick cup of hassle-free, push-button coffee to power you through your morning routine, then you’ve probably found yourself searching for a coffee machine that is fast and reliable. While there are tons of no-hassle, single-serving coffee pod machines out there, two stand out among the rest: the Keurig K15 and K55

Top-ranked by busy professionals like yourself, the Keurig K15 and K55 each have their reasons to stand out. After reading this article, you’ll know which machine is the best for you so that you can make a sound investment. 

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Keurig K15 Overview 

The Keurig K15 coffee maker is a nice addition to any kitchen, especially one low on space. The K15 is small, about 10.7 x 6.9 x 10.8 inches, which means it takes up very little counter space. Better yet, it’s small enough to take on the go. If you’re tired of waiting behind a line of coworkers to get your caffeine fix, you can bring your K15 to the office with you. It’s that simple.

The K15 comes in 7 different colors for coffee lovers who want a more personal touch added to their routine. It also comes with a 12-month warranty, which is a bonus if you want a machine you can regularly transport by bus or metro each morning. 

Features and Benefits

There are three different brewing sizes to suit any of your favorite mugs: 6 oz, 8 oz, and 10 oz. While the K15 is perfect for your first cup of the day before you head out, it isn’t intended for brewing multiple cups of coffee since its single-use miniature water tank needs to be refilled each time you brew. It features a removable tray, which makes cleaning the machine quick and easy. 


As with any Keurig machine, the K15 is compatible with Keurig Classic Pods, which means you’ll have access to hundreds of types of flavorful coffee from a range of different brands. 

What We Love About the K15

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Over 250 K-cup choices
  • Super quick and no hassle

Room for Improvement

  • Only compatible with the K-cup Classic Series
  • Can’t control the strength of the brew
  • The temperature of the brew can be unreliable
  • Not intended for multiple cups 

Keurig K55 Overview 

The K55 is the perfect all-in-one quick-brew machine. In addition to brewing your morning cup of hot coffee in less than sixty seconds, the K55 can also make tea, hot chocolate, and iced drinks. The K55’s versatility has made it a favorite among busy professionals who want an at-home coffee pod machine. 

The K55 measures 9.8 x 13.3 x 13 inches, meaning it doesn’t take up crucial counter space and can be stored in a cabinet when not in use. There are three different cup sizes for the K55: 6 oz, 8 oz, or 10 oz. Depending on your needs and which cup size you choose, you can strengthen or weaken your coffee. 

Features and Benefits

The K55 has a removable drip tray for when you want to fill up a travel mug and take your java to go. The machine has a built-in descaling function that can remove any mineral deposits that build up and impede machine function, so your device will always work like new.

With its auto-off feature, the K55 will automatically power itself down after two hours, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving the machine on while you’re away. Its two water filters are a great bonus if you don’t have access to filtered water and want your coffee to taste fresh every time you brew. The K55 is also equipped with a removable 48-oz water reservoir, which means you don’t have to refill the water every time you want a cup. 


The K55 is compatible with all brands of K-cups

What We Love About the K55

  • It takes less than sixty seconds to brew
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Versatile for coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and iced drinks
  • Removable 48-ounce water reservoir

Room for Improvement

  • Lack of temperature control makes brewing anything other than black tea sub-par
  • Restricted to only using K-cup pods

K15 and K55 Showdown 

Because the K15 and K55 are single-serve Keurig machines, they have many similarities, but their differences set them apart and make each machine more ideal for specific users. 


As previously mentioned, the K15 and K55 are both single-serve coffee pod machines. Because of this, they’re both fast machines with an easy-to-use three-button interface. Although the K55 is slightly faster at the job of brewing coffee than the K15, both options provide a speedier alternative to drip machines or french presses. 

Both the K15 and K55 are relatively clean coffee machines, too. The drip machines and french presses previously mentioned can be messy to use, but the pre-packaged nature of K-cups means no spilled coffee grounds, ever.

These machines also share some drawbacks. If you’re looking for control over certain factors that go into making your coffee, such as temperature or coffee strength, a single-serve machine might not be ideal for you. The temperature of the coffee can also be a little unreliable with either of these machines and may result in mediocre coffee.

What Stands Out

The K15 and K55 have several key differences that set them apart. 

Most notably, the K15 is smaller than the K55. Without its water reservoir, it weighs only one pound, making it ideal for an on-the-go machine that can brew you a cup virtually anywhere. The K55, on the other hand, is larger and heavier, weighing about 11 pounds. While it isn’t feasible to travel with the K55, it is still small enough to store in a cabinet to free up counter space. 

The K15 is budget-friendly at $99, but it has limited uses. It will make you a basic cup of coffee without any frills or much room for customization. For anyone whose morning routine usually involves rushing out the door, this can be a huge plus. (Not to mention, you can rush out the door with it). 

The K55 costs upwards of $150. With its higher price range, you get several more functions (makes coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and iced drinks), but the coffee brewed by the K55 is still no-frills, no hassle, and has little to no customization. 

Wrap up 

Whether you’re a student who’s always crunched for time or a busy professional who lives on the go, a Keurig single-serve coffee pod machine will take all the hassle out of getting you your caffeine fix fast. Keurig’s machines are easy to use: just press a single button, and your java will be brewing in no time. Because the coffee grounds come pre-packaged in K-cups, you’ll also spend less time cleaning up. 

For students, people with tighter living spaces, or the office worker who wants their coffee within arms-reach, we recommend the K15. The K15’s portability is one of its biggest selling points. It’s so light that you can slip it in a bag and take it on the metro, the bus, or your bike. The K15 is also budget-friendly, so you can set more money aside to test the 250+ K-cup brands and flavors to find your perfect brew.

For those who want a fast single-serve coffee machine at home and who tend to drink more than just coffee, the K55 is our recommendation. Its 48-ounce no-frills water reservoir keeps you from having to refill it every time you make yourself or your guests a cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. It’ll brew your cup of joe in less than 60 seconds, which is perfect for a fast-paced lifestyle. 

Happy Caffeinating!

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